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Diary of a Mystic December 2022

Diary of a mystic December

December was a fun month, not only with Christmas my fave time of year but also, because I had a lush trip to Poland! Its not somewhere that I had ever thought about going and basically said yes for the crack of going somewhere with the girls, but it turned out to be bloody amazing! Such a beautiful place I would highly recommend it to everyone!

We went to the Christmas markets which were fabulous with so many different stalls, we had a very interesting and moving trip to Auschwitz. You can’t say you had a good day there really, but im glad I went, in the tick snow it was even more still and cold. I did go into both camps and the gas chambers. It was an unreal experience and very emotional. Something that will stay with me forever. I read a book while there about the tattooist, who was forced to do the numbers the people, it made it even more real reading his story while seeing where he would have worked and met others ect. The scale is unimaginable. Walking in the footsteps of those there was the strangest feeling ever – people ask should it be still there and yes, the people want it there to show the history and why this can never happen again. Did I pick up on anything? No, nothing zero energy there. It was -9 and snowing hard. Emotions were high but it was my thoughts that I was being led by nothing spirit wise at all, not even in the gas chambers, like it literally had all gone and was just empty, void of anything.

On another day trip in Poland, we went to Zakopane, another beautiful place, we took a cable. Car into the mountains, visited more Christmas markets and saw stunning scenery we were so lucky to have the snow everything was picturesque. Here we booked into a some hot springs,  here is the scene – hot springs outside a swimming pool, snow falling, massage jets all around, a bar in the middle of the pools, a sauna and Christmas tress covered in snow surrounding us in the night sky, the magic we felt as the snow hit our faces but our bodies being warm was incredible, we spent 2.5 hours there and it was just one of the best experiences ever. Poland was truly a fabulous holiday and magical moments were made with a great group of friends, I felt very lucky in so many ways – plus to top it we had a 5 * spa hotel that served prosecco for breakfast! I say no more!

The start of December was a bit quieter in the lounge, perfect time to go away! So I was able to crack on with my booklet for the new deck and create some new menus as well as catch up on Christmas shopping. It was soooo cold at the start of December, I’m not surprised people were not out and about more.

We took the kids to London to see the stranger things experience, if you have seen the series, you will know its strange! And yes, I screamed head off in a virtual room – Col just looked at me to say really! While we were there, we went along to see the Christmas lights in oxford street and Lester square. I used to see these all the time working in Selfridges for Psychic Sisters, so it lush to see all again.

I have been sitting in a private circle for many months now and were gearing up for platform practice, so im super excited to start that again in January. My mediumship within my one-to-one readings has really changed over the time, while I have my own development group, its great being in somewhere I don’t have to teach anything! The spirit world amazes me at what they give as evidence, I had a contact from somebody who may not have been too nice on the earth plane, he showed me a butterfly and said he had changed and could now see the error of his ways, evolving just like butterfly’s do. This was such welcomed news for the recipient they couldn’t wait to pass the message on

I work using my Clairvoyance meaning I see things clearly played out in my mind, clairaudience meaning I hear, usually names and month and sentience, I feel the experience. I also work with symbols, So I will be drawn to things in a room that will have an influence. Most of this is done Subjectively but occasionally objectively

Using the cards for predictions, insight and guidance and the spirit world for contact information.

I’ve also been working on my website this month, jazzing it up. It’s almost there! Just a few tweaks but I’m loving the new layout and theme you can check it out here www.katemay.co.uk and let me know your thoughts!

Christmas was lovely, when I got back from Poland, my eldest had strep A and was really poorly , they wanted to put him in hospital but there was no room! My brother and aunty then got covid so we were not sure until last minute what our plans were, but just in the nick of time, everyone got well and it was magical, spending Christmas day at my mums for dinner then boxing day at my dad’s. I just love the Christmas holiday period, and spending time at home with the family. Unfortunately, I got to spend a bit more time than usual as I also got it with Strep A by the end of the year so after spending new year with friends I was laid up for another week! As I write this however, I’m back to good health and in the mystic coffee lounge ready for 2023!

Id like to say a huge  Thankyou to all you lovely people for your love and support through 2022 which was truly magical and full of growth xx

Mystic Blessings

Kate xx




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