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Diary of a mystic December/January

I totally thought I had done a diary of the mystic for December, but turns out I didn’t!

So here is December and Januarys!

December seems like ages ago now but a lot happened, a few changes at the lounge saw Ange who did the therapies, leave and a whole bunch of new guys come in. I don’t know why I’ve never had staff before! This is so much easier lol

The start of January is an anniversary of my dear old friend Mark that died almost 20 years ago now. We were like brother and sister, and had many crazy happy times together. Mark was the first death that really hit me, I couldn’t believe that I would never see him again as I knew him and my faith was thrown, I literally stopped believing in the spirit world for a couple of weeks while the shock sank in.

Mark has since gone on to make many many communications through churches, demonstrations and dreams. The first time was to my “sister Kellie” at our local spiritualist church, she called me straight away to tell me the message, the following week I went, and that was our new Saturday night out out! Sadly Kellie passed a few years ago, a few days after her passing I went to that very same Church and Kellie came through to the medium with a beautiful evidential message that was just spot on. I’m glad my faith restored!

Funny thing is, that same church, Vivash turned out to be my Mr Flaaas old church too, he was president there back in the day!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without visiting a few light shows and Christmas markets. I do love the hustle and bustle of Christmas time and got to visit a gorge light show with the kids and Mr Flaaa. Sadly the kids didn’t seem as impressed as me, so next year I said I will spend the money on a spa for one instead! I enjoyed it though. My boys are growing up!

I’ve not done a fayre for ever with lock downs, so I jumped at the chance to do a Christmas gift one with the stock form the lounge, It went really well, was strange not doing reading but I made a lot of new contacts who are now coming to visit the shop – you gotta be in it to win it, right?

I was saddened to hear that Truly Scrumptious passed. I thought she was so beautiful when I was little, I adored Chitty Chitty bang bang, and loved watching it with my Oliie this Christmas. I named my first beauty  business after her – Truly Fabulous the fab part after Ab Fab, my first tarot business was then called Truly Tarot!

I love Christmas with all the trimmings, one thing I love most is to give a gift that makes me super excited to give! This year it was photo blankets. As my parents get older they need wrapping up more! So I bought them each one filled with memories from over the years to be wrapped up in! My aunt lives away and due to covid she hasn’t been down for 2 Christmases, and before that she missed it as she had cancer. So I got her one, with a message that even when she is far away we can still be around her!

 I know I’m super soft and sentimental underneath!

There was a lot of anticipation over xmas about if we were to have another lock down, or not. In my bones I was sure we would because I kept feeling I would have 2 weeks off, as I never take time off unless for a summer holiday, I thought it must have been this. Well we never had a lock down, but I did have to have 2 weeks over all over chrimbo and new year as I got tonsillitis. Yep, that’s right, everyone else gets covid, nope not me I gotta be different right! Even mr Flaaa tested positive although had no biggy symptoms. I was super poorly though in bed for a week.

As January came in and I recovered it’s been a month of birthday celebrations for my man and finishing work projects, training the new staff and getting back to whatever normal is! Oh and hen weekend organising!

My man was the big 60 this month! We had a lovely party for him, don’t mind saying it was stress arranging, and I tried my hardest to leave it to him too! But it was worth it. No masks, hugs, drinks more drinks, shots and dancing! Well I tied to dance, just as I got over my tonsillitis, I have now put my back out! It’s been an ongoing issue since I was a child, but every now and again it goes and this time it’s gone good and proper. I am on super duper pain killers though and under a chiropractor so as the month goes on, I’m seeing improvements. Being self employed, you don’t get time to be in pain really, the show must go on!

January has to be the busiest month of all for readings, everyone wants to know what the new year will bring, what directions should they go for and what needs t be left behind. I love it, seeing regulars from a year ago who say everything I said had come about! Excuse my ego while I lap that up a little!

Last year, I didn’t put on many events at the lounge due to the restrictions and being busy with my courses, this year I’ve already booked the entire year out! So many exciting workshops, talks and demonstrations, but I’ve yet to date, had a chance to update the lounges website and share it all.

My new reversed tarot course began this month. I can’t believe that this time last year I had just started to work with Mavis Piitilla and Jean Else on my upright tarot course, now a year later, 6 beginners courses later, 2 intermediate courses later and now I’m teaching the reversed! I love how many friends I’ve met through doing this, all over the world – As soon as I can travel I will do!

With the help of my Jem beam, my learn online tarot course is right there! It will be launched on a special magical manifestation date real soon. With these two latest projects complete, I can start to focus more on the wedding plans!

The hen weekend is now getting nearer, its looking like a trip abroad with the gals! Woo hoo! As I’ve not been jabbed, I have to be told where I can and can’t go at the mo lol

So there you go! The year is in full swing, I can’t believe we are in February now! Looks like this year is going to be action packed!

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x




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