Each month I write with what I have been up to on my mystical path way!

How quick is this year going by already! I Can’t believe we are in April already. I do love this time of year though, the spring vibes, the positive lift in the air, the warmer weather. it’s a far cry from last year when we heading into the unknown lock down, now we are heading out of it! 

The last couple of months have not been too exciting for obvious reasons apart from, my new tarot course presented by the fabulous spiritual medium Mavis Pittilla. The first one sold out pretty quick and even if I do say so myself was pretty fabulous, I absolutely loved the group that joined, this promoted a second beginners course and a new next step course plus an advanced course. The second beginners course sold out within a week, and the next step has gone live this month filling up just as quick. I feel super blessed. I know that many people and businesses have struggled this last year, but I am so grateful for all the government financial help (although seriously unimpressed with the nurses potential pay rise offer) I’ve received and that my little shop Mystic Coffee lounge as its been newly named, is doing fabulous with the crystals and new stock flying off the shelves! 

I’m not going to lie, I’ve found this time off to be bloody marvellous on a personnel level, I’ve made the most of every second re branding, buying stock, creating new tarot flash cards, crystal cards and Chakra cards! I’ve also started to have my second deck of cards designed, there is a sneaky look at one of them here! I’ve also caught up on all my reality tv and net flix series! 

On a serious note we have our jem jem slowly coming back to life after her covid hospital  scare. I don’t mind admitting it really was a scary time and could have gone either way at one point. But she bounced back and is back doing what she does best, keeping me in check and being organised. I’ve been so organised lately she will be super proud of me, I’ve even deleted all my old emails, texts, photos you name it! 

Its so good to have here back on form, as Chief wedding planner them spread sheets wont type themselves! 

So the wedding is to be postponed until next year, Col thinks we can do it this Summer but I wanna go to Ibiza for my hen night & the Maldives for our honey moon  so I’m thinking next year with the travel plans the way they are, next year will be easier, fingers crossed. My bling ring is yet to arrive however I did get a call today confirming the new size (it had to be made smaller, little miss dinky fingers here) and that it will be here next week! Col has his own plans of when I can actually have it though, I cant work out if he’s being super romantic or super annoying!

I love de cluttering and changing things at home, much to the annoyance of some but I’m almost there now after a year of decorating the whole house it’s just the garden left which I’m getting done at the end of this month. If you know me you know I love my plants and garden and this little reverb I can’t wait to share with you! Chelsea flower show here I come! 

I had my house Feng shui last year, now I want the garden done!

So mystical news, it’s all been zoom zoom zoom or phone phone phone readings and teachings. This month we were back to face to face readings from April 12TH, however for me it will be from April 20th

I was lucky enough to have been featured again in February take a breaks fate & Fortune magazine, a lucky reader won a reading with me!

Take a Break

I’ve been running my VIP group for several months now, all through lock down, but from May the vibe is changing! From Mystic VIP to VIP Mystic Members lounge! I’m super excited  for the new things im bringing you – more deets coming soon! 

Last month I attended an online tarot conference , it was fabulous to be with tarot tribe people all day learning new spreads, new ways of doing things and quite surprising myself of what I do actually know! But it was great fun and I connected with lots of lovely tarot vibe people 

March was my mums 70thbirthday, we had planned London with high tea but instead had cake in her garden.

Now both boys are back at School, there’s no more mystic school mummy from me, no going to lie I was hard at the beginning to get a routine and I was trying to finish writing the tarot course at the same time, but after a couple of days we soon got into a new normal and I actually did miss them for about 30 minutes! Long enough to clean their rooms anyway 

 I have some more fabulous announcements in next month’s diary of a mystic including the new mystic and holistic directory, the new VIP members lounge and some more samples of my new astrology tarot deck! The next diary of a Mystic should be out in about a week’s time for April as I’m super late getting this one out! Who would have thought I’d be so busy with the shop being half closed! 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 

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