Diary of a Mystic

So we’ve been in lockdown for a month now! Ive been working from home keeping busy with online readings and updating my websites and work projects.

For me this is a mixed time of feeling super blessed that I have have my boys and my man with me, I live next door to my dad so can see him daily,  we’ve been face timing my mum and Aunty and have lots of great catch up with friends through zoom! Who knew so much could be done through Zoom! The walks we have had have been amazing, the weather has been beautiful and I am  super lucky to have a garden. Ive really enjoyed spending quality time with the boys and in my garden – getting my green fingers working again! We have visited new areas to walk in that have the most stunning scenery, right on my door stop that I normally wouldn’t go too. I think this time has really shown me how luck I am.The sun has been such a welcome joy, I love relaxing in the garden with my magazines and cuppa!

The flip side is though is the news! Ive  choose to not watch it as much or social media. I like to have an up date but really too much is really too much for me to cope with!

Right from day one I set out a routine with the boys for home schooling, which we have stuck too and is working, both them and me need a routine, even in this strange times.

Over the month, we have found ourselves in a new normal way of living, Col is still working full time so the weekends still feel like weekends. The kids and I have had some amazing conversations, and have bonded closer than ever before. Life was really just so busy and this time off I can see that clearer now. That said – as those know me, I’m still a workaholic so  I’ve been busy working behind the scenes with ideas I had bubbling away for months! I have created around 100 new tarot spreads that are based around particular themes such as birthday spreads, full moon and new moon in each astrological sign, Spreads for each Sabots and different celebrations as well as traditional ones such as relationships, work, money etc.

There was a point where I took on too much(surprise surprise) and had 5 different ideas all starting at once, but with a few unmotivated days, hard for me to deal with I realised I had been again putting too much pressure on myself. My book has taken a back seat while I got distracted however the spreads will end up in it so although diverted, it will all come together.

Emotionally things have been strange, I defiantly feel more emotional than usual, more sensitive to things I’m seeing or reading about but on the other side Im more content than ever.

Back a few months ago the readings I was doing had more challenges in most, now though as we come to the  last week of April, there is a more positive theme , so I’m hoping we all carry on following the guide lines  and will see a shift in the virus spreading and can look to the future with more hope.

As far as the shop goes, from day one I wasn’t concerned, I just had a feeling it would be fine.  So far so good! I’ve orders a few new bits for it, its bit more glam for when we return! Im not looking to re open properly until September. It may be part time in June if safe, but I’m not rushing back  to put all our fabulous customers at risk. It is a social coffee shop, there no way we can social distance in it. So I will continue to work on the phone or email, Skype etc for readings and we will see what happens over the next couple of months – best be safe than sorry!

Stay Safe friends xx

Mystic Blessings

Kate May xx