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Diary of a mystic January

Diary of a mystic January 21
Happy new year everyone! 
We start the new year in lock down! I have to say though I’m still enjoying the time at home and with the boys. They have so much school work the days just fly past! I’m learning loads about history which I hated at school now I love! 
This month all my work is remotely, readings and teachings are online. Including Psychic Sisters, I have decided to close my online psychic development group until we go back face to face, and I have formed a fabulous new VIP group. In this we look at different spiritual ways each week, so far some of what we have covered vision boards, astrology houses and planets. Tarot with astrology, Angels and Tarot, moon magic some wonderful mediations. Over the last year I created about 100 different tarot spreads for different occasions, we’ve been using these as their monthly tarot reading.  I also offer a one to one tuition within this, I’m loving the diversity of their choices to develop. I love it! It was the best decision to swap over from the psychic development to VIP at the mo! 
People often ask does it work the same online as to face to face readings, for most yes, I’ve never had anyone say it didn’t make sense or they couldn’t take it this way. But some people just love the whole mystic experience, which I do get and so it wont be for everyone but it certainly makes no difference to the reading itself. As I’m home schooling and spending time on other projects, I have a limit of just 10 readings per week for the time being. You can check out my availability on my website www.katemay.co.ukto book 
My new tarot course has been completed it is massive!  A whole new course including the reversed and links to angels, numerology and astrology plus a lovely work book. This will now be used in all my tarot courses. The current one sold out just before Christmas and we have 22 new students from America whom are all so lovely and super keen. This is actually my best course group to date! We are now looking at another date asap as more are keen to learn. I am so grateful for this opportunity from Mavis Pittilla and Jean Elsie 
Last month saw the launch of my cards – Mystic Messages – over a year in the making and now they are out for sale! You can purchase them on my website www.katemay.co.uk
I’ve had great feedback from them, lots have been sold including a bulk buy! I was super lucky to have the well known psychic medium TJ Higgs offer to buy some and showcase them on her radio show! I’m currently trying to get them on amazon 
While we are closed, im focusing on rebranding both my own website and colours and the Mystic Ricer Lounge, including a new name change – which by the time you read this, both would have been launched – Mystic Coffee Lounge – I’m loving the new logo and image look! I have been super lucky to have got the grants from the government for the shop, its helped massively so I am using some of the cash to good use for this brand re launch!
In December we were lucky to have the News down for a photo shoot right outside the shop  for small businesses – it wasn’t published as we went into lock down a few days later but will be when we are all open again. 
I am also using this tine to finish my online courses, spiritual life coaching, life coaching and business coaching. All of these I can add to my readings to give even more support to my clients.  
As I write this I have a few birthdays that I will be missing, a few friends and my brothers, like so many all having lock down birthdays. It is also Mr Flaaas birthday and I do have a little surprise up my sleeve! 

This month I was lucky to be in Spirit and Destiny magazine for February to win a free reading with me!
As it all goes at the mo im quite happy in my little bubble, I can’t say I miss too much to be honest, the obvious family and friends, hugs, but with a wedding to plan, if you saw my news or read last months diary of a mystic, I’m certainly not bored! 
Mystic Blessings 



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