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Diary of a Mystic January – March

Diary of a mystic

January February March 2023!

What a year already!

Usually, for the past few years, I get to do this at the end of each month, but this is the first of the year!

January was choco a full as per usual with everyone wanting their yearly readings, what does 2023 hold?

I could see from my own yearly forecast April would be a month of change and now I’m near to it I can see how!

I started the year with strep A. My son kindly passed it on to me. Not a great start however, so far that’s been the only hiccup! And menopause! OMG the menopause. that’s another game altogether. If you follow my tik tok, you would have seen how that had blown up and gone viral with my menopause and dr posts!

6 months into HRT, and what a game changer. I feel like my old well young self! I can run up the stairs, I have had no joint pain and I can remember things!

I decided this year, to not start anything new but to finish my long-standing projects, including a new healing course and palmistry course. As were now at the end of March, I’ve completed the palmistry one and it was amazing. I’ve been practising on clients and friends, so if you pop into the lounge for a cuppa, you could end up with getting your palm read too!

A major project, I wanted to get completed was my Tarot Astrology workbook. In February, with the help of my VA Jem Jem, we launched it onto amazon! This was such a great feeling after many weeks trying to upload it! I started it during lock down, along with some other projects that will also be finished this year – it’s almost as if the universe has some karmic endings happening! Oh, wait a minute it does! In my readings, I’m seeing huge lifestyle shifts for so many, thanks to the new planetary line up, this year is a transformation one!

My Astro Tarot cards and book are almost complete! This has taken over my life! But I only have 14 pages left to write and then I’ll get them published! Another project I started in lock down.

It’s not been all work no play, in February, Mr Flaaa and I went to Weston Super mare with spirit quest, our psychic family. This year was soo good! We did work doing a few workshops each, mine were on tarot and astrology obviously, plus a chakra meditation and an afternoon of readings, and Mr Flaaa held his on trance mediumship, and guides and helpers.

The rest of the weekend was full of fun and connecting with other spirits!

This month I was asked by the lovely Fenn, who has just launched an app – soul infinity – to be part of the team with my weekly tarot predictions for each zodiac sign – you can see this if you subscribe and download the  soul infinity app

Last year, I posted about our local Spiritual Church asking Col to be president, well almost a year later and we have decided to pull away from it. There has been a few politics but mainly the building needs so much work doing it, it could take months and months. Both our work has gotton busier, so when pushed we made the choice to step back and concentrate on our own stuff for the time being – at least until the person organising the work can get some order lol

As one door closes another always opens, and as if by magic, another place has been offered to us to hold larger spiritual events than we can at the lounge, in the same area. Watch this space!

As we came into March, I was booked on for two fabulous days, one as a retreat which was fabulous and the other at inspirations living group speakers’ day. Again, another thing I wanted to make sure I did more of this year was to get out and about and attend other events instead of putting them on all the time. These were great days and the speakers one in particular was a real eye opener, in so many ways.

So in the last few weeks, I have mad another huge change and put the mystic coffee lounge shop part up for sublet. I have been running it or winging it for the last 5 years, we recently got a 5 start for our food and hygiene level, so I feel it was the right time to sidestep away and let someone else be part of the magic. In May, I will welcome Karen into the lounge as new manager. I will eb responsible for the crystal shop area d the psychic healing areas and Karen will run the food and drinks as her own business. We will be having a re-launch party and welcoming her proper, Im sure she will fit in perfectly to our mystic mad place here! The name and vibe will stay the same, but she will have a new menu including vegan and brining in the bubble tea and ice cream milkshakes!

For the minute that’s the last of my changes! What I didn’t realise when I thought about subletting it, was that the week was in the new moon, and this new moon in Aries happens twice, with the next towards the end of April – when Karen will be here shadowing us! What does this mean I hear you say? Well things that start on the first new moon, come about for the second new moon if it is all meant to be! Perfect alignment! I couldn’t have planned that if I had tried! Did I mention winging it earlier? Welcome to my life!

So, as we start April, the weather we hope will start to improve, I’ve more plans to get out and socialise starting without honeymoon in a few weeks! And that my friends will be shared in the next month’s diary of a mystic




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