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Diary of a Mystic July & August

Diary of Mystic – July and August

And just like that the Summer is over! Did it ever begin?

I made it my mission to pack as much as I could in despite the weather!

July started with a magical week at the beautiful retreat hafan y coed in Wales,  with the wonderful spiritual medium Billy Cook. I knew it would be fun, I mean a week with Billy, how could it not, right! The week was fabulous, the venue is stunning and Jemma, the hostess makes you feel super welcome, and feeds very well!

Although I went on my own, I did recognise a few familiar faces and by the end of week we all great bosom buddies! That’s one of the best things about these week or weekend retreats. The workshops are a bonus! I learnt loads, this week, from Billy and the other guys there, also had the pleasure of being able to try out some platform practice on the student dem night! Who would have thought!

The following week, I went off to Cornwall, for the healing weekend. The weather, again let us down but the event did not, and people came to trowel through the mud and have healing or readings and watch all the dems. I was lucky enough to again, be asked to do another dem, this time with my magic cards though, so the pressure was off! Who knew I loved the mike so much!

After this weekend and the week before, I was hit again by tonsillitis, there seems to be a pattern here! So I was off to bed for a week.

Once recovered, I had a lovely evening out, celebrating my good friends mandy’s masters degree. Was great to get back out form the sick house and to celebrate her achievements.

My next night out, was for my friends spiritual centre in Southampton, My first actual, whole night to myself doing a Tarot demonstration. Everyone got a message, even if we did go over a little!

July was my Aunts 70th. On my mums 70th I took her the Ritz in London for afternoon tea, so on my aunts we took her the theatre, that’s her thing, as an ex actress! We had a behind the scenes tour, with a couple of actors before afternoon tea and champagne.

Since it was Leo season, I had a few nights out with friends including a messy night with Karen from the lounge, not going to lie, we got so messy, they wouldn’t let us in to another bar! There exact words were “we watched you ladies walk down the road and your too drunk to come in”

How rude! Even when we tried a second time with a disguise, it didn’t work lol

As the shop goes, it has been a great few months, getting Karen on board was the best thing! August has been super busy, with just a few odd days here and there, quieter, she is building up the place as her own nicely, a fresh menu and her charm, people just love her! We’ve got a whole new customer vibe there, with still our lovely regulars. Johnny boy our healer, has been in and out of hospital, currently back in. Please continue to send healing his way.

I missed good wood ladies day at the races, as I was sick with tonsillitis, so I was determined to go to fontwell ladies evening races, its the dressing up I love! Karen had the first winner and was £130 up, I broke even for the night, and mandy was the sore loser. But it was a great afternoon, the horses were beautiful, and only a few running in each race, but the best bit was seeing all the fashions! I ordered a few hats to choose from,  but went with cerise pink to match my nails and shoes, with a navy and white pokeroot dress. Lush! As it goes, Fontwell is a lovely course, and the rain almost stayed off!

I have really enjoyed this summer’s chill vibe, I cancelled a lot of my courses, and classes and just took it easy with the readings, I’ll look forward to starting up my new beginners tarot course in September, but I have enjoyed a break for a few months I’m not going to lie!

We added a new addition to ur Flaaa family this summer, meet Luna the barded dragon! She doesntdo much to be honest, but everyone loves her!

The last weekend in August, I did something I have never even thought about. Doggie Tarot readings. This was a booked event, in London’s kings cross for international dog day. I don’t actually have a dog, I’m more a kitty kinda girl, but I know people love their dogs. This event was huge! Very well attended, and although strange at first, with the little dogs sat there having their cards read, it was very well received! Strangely but magically, I gave a message to a lady who’s dog was having trouble with car journeys. What I was seeing and picking up, was that he wanted to be more secure, I saw a doggie car seat, and I dint even know that was a thing lol, and a blanket from home, to wrap him up in. I didn’t think he liked the vibration of the car. Anyway, an hour later she saw my friend doing animal communications and she picked up exactly the same! She actually said, have you spoken to the lady down stairs? Of course we hadn’t seen each other, too busy reading! But that just shows the power and intellect of animals being able to communicate with us.

This summer, I struggled with the children not wanting to do anything with me. Usually we have at least a few days away or out and about, but this year, they wanted to just see their friends. I did manage one day on the tracks though with a days go karting! Turns out I have road rage! I went slow the first time around, but the second go, I was like a woman possessed on catching her man! Unfortunately, that man crashed into me while I was stationary and gave me some serious bruising! Although it wasn’t his fault, someone had crashed into him which spun him into me! I shouted to the guys in charge, hey who’s in number 13 he just went straight into me, have a word, and then I realised who it was and sheepishly said, oh don’t worry, I think it was my husband!

And just like that it’s the end of the summer holidays, the moon is full in Pisces, which brings us completion to our dreams and down to earth for a bump!

As a super moon, this is a great time for manifestations, so make your wishes now!

(See my full moon blog for more information!)




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