Diary of a Mystic July

Diary of a Mystic July 

This is a little later than usual as its been a crazy few weeks! 

So on a personnel level I have had some huge changes! Mental heath around my son has become apparent, so that’s been my main focus obviously, but we are on it now and have things put in place including a new football team and football academy for when he finishes school. Luckily for me he did open up, lockdown had got to him as well as a few other pressures. Im super open with my children, I think being that way has lead them to be that way with me. Although sometimes I think I am too open lol 

My relationship also ended this month! When you work, believe and trust in spirit, as I do, you know that  all is as it should be. You have to practice what you preach. So for me I am owning my own shit! It actually makes things a lot easier to just surrender and go with the flow. Ive decided planning  doesn’t always work for me among a few other things lol. Im not quite ready to be out dating again yet. but I’m am aware Im 45 not 105 , so not quite ready to hang up my lips yet!

To assist me on this changes, I have had some lovely feathers appear out of no where,  as it is one of my signs I know I am all good and on the right track. There is something very liberating going on around me right now. My wonderful friends have also stepped up as friends do, but I am so ever grateful that I have them in my life and as I write this, I still have pulled muscle pain from laughing so much last week on a night out out! 

Work wise though its busier than ever! We opened at the July, and its been wonderful to see so many of our regular customers and more! 

Everyone has had their own personnel journey from the lock down and some are still very wary of what’s going to be the new normal, but here we are super lucky to be back in business and thriving! Next week we join the 50% off food and drink offer! I have to say a huge thank you to my Jem Jem, she really is a star! Without her I know I would be panicking all over the show about getting all cover prep in place but she is on it like a car bonnet! We have recently started doing morning lives from the Mystic River Lounge group on face book, its so much fun, we do have a giggle – a perfect way to start the day!

We are in full mask wearing vibe now, I was lucky to have some fab friends send me some that they had made – I gotta have a calm or cure looking one right!

I have been blessed to have been fully booked most of this last month and as we come into August its looking the same. I am really looking forward  to get into my spiritual life coaching for clients and seeing where that will lead too plus some magazine work . 

Recently I have been asked to do several interviews on my life story of how I came into the spiritual work as such, its been lovely sharing my experiences and journey.  If you missed any of them, they are on my you tube channel and my web site – Kate May modern day mystic – or wwww.katemay.co.uk 

Now back in January, February, there were similar patterns in the general readings, these were of stress and panic, then there was a pattern in may and June which was more calmer but now im seeing a change again coming up in the next few months. I dont think this will be as before but I also dont think we are completely out of the woods yet!

During the last few weeks I’ve been having some more mediumship training with the fabulous Gordon Smith. I just love learning more. This has bought about a different direction in some of my readings. 

I read for a lovely gentleman who’s wife had past, she came in so quick and strong with the most amazing evidence for her grieving husband, his mood lifted and you could see the peace in his face. Thats what this is all about. It also puts a lot of things into perspective. 

Ive been banging on about my new oracle cards for so long now, and as I write this, I am finalising them all this evening! Then its off to the printers. With everything going on my book has been on hold, writers block! But I am feeling the new moon in virgo coming up will pull me back onto focus with that. 

The full moon in Aquarius, with all the other planetary aspects going on now is certainly giving people lots to change and think about. Have you also noticed that your vibrations is different? Are you feeling more motivated than usual or having big shifts come your way? The New moon in Leo has certainly lifted the vibe and created some playful and personnel growth energy though! Ive really enjoyed some me time down the beach and getting to find a new normal

I am still working from home with Psychic sisters, but should be back in the Selfridges store soon. Cant say im looking forward to the train journey, but I am looking forward to seeing the girls again and mooching round the shops

I had so many people asking about my psychic development class and when we will be back, I decided to open it as an ollie one using Zoom rooms. Im so not a teckyperson but with the help of my fabulous Jem Jem, who by the way, through lockdown managed to create a brand new business as a virtual assistant and has now over 15 clients under her belt! We managed to work it! I have 13 new lovely ladies who now join us weekly. I just cant believe how easy it was to set up once I got through the mental block of it all! 

I had a bit of a hospital scare this month, all for nothing though, I had a lump pop up very painful but just as quick as it hoped up, so it went! All gowned up and laid out on the table to be told ohh its gone – would you like to go home!

What a strange year this has been! But we are 6 month in now and what ever happens next, we must remember  its all ok, and part of a bigger plan that we have on some level agreed too. Sadly my friend passed a few weeks ago, and my friends Dad too. This just highlights how short life really os! There has  been many wonderful new beginnings happen too though,  including the birth of a baby girl for my good friend and a new pregnancy for another. The world continues x 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 


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