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Diary of a Mystic June

Diary of a mystic June!

I got married! What a month! After soooo many re arrangements, leading up to the wedding, I did a tik tok on it then went viral lol. The night before the wedding we had the dj cancel and in the morning our hand fasting had to change! But we got it all sorted and everything on the actual day was absolutely perfect. It was such a fabulous day and evening, couldn’t ask for anything more. The photos have come out magical and really captured how much fun we had. We had a westham theme, my choice! The spiritual service at Bitterne spiritualist Church was taken by the amazing Ashleigh Oliver, just perfect, then the hand fasting, down the road at the green, was taken by my good friend Dawn, who ironically introduced us together. I had friends read out the quarters, Mnady read out a lovely native ameican blessing and we had Cols Sister also read out a blessing in the Church. And now were all married off and I am officially Mrs Flaaa!

This month has been quieter at the lounge, as every June strangely the weather has been gorge though, so I can’t blame people for hitting the sun more than the shops! I took the chance to go off to turkey with my husband and the boys! If I thought it was hot in the UK, in Turkey it was double that!

Obviously the last 3 years there has not been much travel, so it was so lush to be able to travel easily with no restrictions again. We made the most of it with scuba diving, water sports, para sending, boat trips and just having a ball relaxing laughing and spending quality family time fun. Making proper good memories and had the best of times, even celebrating Ollies 13th birthday out there with a day of water sports fun and cake!

When you go away, it gives you a chance to rethink things and change a few options, well it does me. For. A few years I’ve been looking out for a therapist for the lounge, a few have come and gone but I just couldn’t get that vibe I was after, while I was away it dawned on me that I might be that vibe! I’m fully qualified in Reiki Massage and reflexology and barley advertise it. Right at the start of my self-employed journey I was a beauty therapist doing beauty treatments, reiki healing, reflexology, massage nails ect. I went along to a baby group with my son and got chatting to other mums, including the group leader. Turned out she was also a reiki healer and a medium, when I said I had tarot cards she offered for me to bring them in and with her angel cards ect we could do mini readings for the mums as practice, and I could also do treatments while the kids played. As time went on, more and more people asked for readings and soon I literally didn’t know if I would be spray tanning people or reading for them as they knocked, so something had to give and I choose to give up the beauty side and work on the psychic side, which obviously has paid off.  Now though, with the children growing up, I have a good balance in my life, and it feels right to be able to offer a few treatments to clients now, not just friends and family!

I have been having some amazing dreams lately, and this month has shown me some amazing messages that validate my journey and what’s going on around me. I’ve always trusted the process of change, even though I hate change! I know it’s all for a reason and we just don’t always see the bigger picture, my shop, Mystic Coffee Lounge is 4 years old next month, well 5 if you include the old building, over those 4 years, the first was fun at first then traumatic with changes I could feel bubbling away although never to that extent when they did happen. But the lesson was a good one! The following year was about rebuilding the lounge and my business with great opportunities coming in including working abroad and with well-known mediums, my oracle card deck being published and working with the famous Psychic Sisters team. Over the last few years, I have worked super hard in building a great place here, but the best part is the friendships I have made. I’m having those dreams again, so I’m aware something new is occurring! I’m just not sure yet what?But I’m trusting the process, as its always worked out for the better so far!

My Tarot E course is almost ready for launch and will be ready mid-July, my team bestie Jem has worked with me with the most patience ever to create it, I can’t thank her enough!

So as June comes to an end, I’m enjoying the sun but starting to feel more focused on work goals again, must be that Capricorn full moon!




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