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Diary of a Mystic March

Diary of a Mystic March

Diary of a mystic March –

What March Mystical madness happened this month?

Back at the end of December and over new year, if you read my diary’s you would have remembered that I had a bad spell of tonsillitis, I was in bed for over a week with a temperature and all the shaky symptoms.

Mr. Flaaa was downstairs self isolating with covid, although luckily he had no symptoms but we were in separate rooms for a week! Strangely no one in our house has been vaxed, and no one else caught it! I’m saying nothing more there! So after a week or so I was back up and running,

Well as we came into February, I still didn’t feel right, and as the days went on I got worse and worse and after several 111 calls and crappy drs later I was admitted to hospital with a bad case of tonsillitis and dehydration. On one of the calls the medics asked my age and I literally forgot! So they took me in and got my plugged and taped up, filled me with what I needed and the next day I was aloud home. Now me being me, I was desperately looking forward to the annual psychic weekend in Eastbourne with spirit quest, a fun filled psychic weekend, and both Mr. Flaaa and I were due to work.

So off we set, and half way there I realised I had forgotten my meds so as the hours went by, I got worse and worse again and looked proper shocking, I can tell you! We came home the next day, and I spent another 2 weeks laid up recovering.

So that was most of February for me, with march being a month of catching up on delayed or missed work projects, you won’t believe how much work I can make for myself!

 What I was super grateful for was the most amazing friends that helped with the lounge including my lovely work wifey Jemma who always saves the day and Fabulous angel staff gal, Megan.

Now Megan came in a few weeks prior to the shop asking for a volunteer post. I was only thinking 2 days before I would like  another person that would like to work for free – as you do lol – and in walks Megan.

We have been so busy that within a few week I was able to offer her a proper job! And now she is the best! Jemma also found her way into my life through the mystic coffee lounge, attending a networking meet up here, then working as our therapist before becoming my A team support gal!

Wishes and thoughts do come true! We had a little juggle of staffing this month and now everything seems to be in perfect place, and I’m super lucky with all my new team, especially the younger ones who know how to do all these tik tok stuff! I literally hand over my phone to them to create magic! So if you’re on TIKTOK do make e sure you follow me, right!

March has mainly consisted in catching up with postponed readings and writing my courses. Strangely , as we came to the end of the astrological year in Pisces, was when my back log started to clear, my courses become complete and I get a chance to be back in the present ready for Aries season. I did manage to sneak a day off though for my friends 50th, and enjoy quite a few cocktails which has given me some hen night ideas!

 I have not been in the present for the whole of this year, but now I feel so much more clearer, and I have a chance to get on with some wedding plans! I’ve also closed my psychic development circle for a few months. I’ve been running it for 5 years now and its time for a little break! I will be back but probably not until after the summer months, for now, I’ve got a wedding to plan!

 My friends can not believe I have let everything so late, Mr Flaaa is stressing and I’m like, ill sort it tomorrow! Well tomorrow is coming and that’s my next action plan. We have made a few steps to be honest, the hall and church are booked, the music and décor is booked, and that’s about it

I did manage to attend a new Mind body Spirit Fayre this march, it was lovely to see people and meet new faces, these fayres are always like a family, We also had our twice yearly fayre at Lyndhurst was as usual a hit! I was a bit wary as there are soooo many fayres popping up now, it can effect some, even the most established ones, but I didn’t need to fear as all was fabulously busy!

I wasn’t the only one in need of some healing this month, my fur baby Zeus had a huge dangly lump removed. Hes super old at 17 and they were not sure he would survive the anaesthetic, but he did and he’s bouncing back to his old self now! Phew!

I started to get back into my readings again this month, and one of the lovely connection I had was from a family who had lost their dear dad last year. My strength is clairvoyance , and I was seeing a beautiful open plan room with the help of their dad in the spirit world, it turned out they had just had the house renovated to open plan! Dad knew and was pleased to share this with them. It’s always lovely to connect family’s together.

This March we saw one of my fave times of year celebrated with the spring equinox and Ostara  The spring pagan festival. We met at my shop, before celebrating in the grassy park across the road. This along with the Aries energy, and new moon brings in a real fresh start for a new beginnings, new ideas and new chapters all round. I love a fresh start, and this time of year brings hope and renewed energy not just to us humans, but also mother nature. More information can be found in my blogs

As March comes to an end, I’m excited to be more focused on the present and sharing with you next time, two new projects I’ve been working on! How exciting. 🙂




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