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Diary of a Mystic – March

Diary of a Mystic March 2020

As I write this months diary, we are in lockdown.

The start of the month we just start to hear whats going on around the world, and people are starting to panic buy a shit load of toilet rolls and pasta! We have our New Forest Fayre in Lyndhurst, and looking back, we didn’t really realise how serious it would get. There were whispers of talk but most were caring on a normal. We were busy and it was lovely to run this fair again and see everyone. Due to the mental health stories that have been about lately, we choose to have the charity  raffle for that.

The night before the fayre, I have a charity ball with jet Jem for our friends charity making memories . I don’t learn! We agreed to leave by 11 at the latest, trouble is we were having such a great night, and the drinks were super cheap so before you know it, its 12.45 am! We needed up being one of the last there!

I got to London to work at the psychic Sisters, as usual but there is more word that we may go into lockdown . The streets and tubes are quieter, the store is down on takings but we are still doing readings and healings. We have been asked if we would like to work from home for a while, if we don’t want to travel on the trains. Im thinking yes, this would probably be best.

We have one last night out for another fundraising event, its a packed event with a spiritual Fayre in the day and a full mediumship demonstration in the evening. We didn’t realise it at the time, but it is to be the last event in a while

I was thinking back on the readings I have  been doing lately and I have seen quite a few nurses. on reflection, I remember there being more than usual with repeated patterns in their readings, saying there will be more work coming and new ways with that. Each one said no they couldn’t see it as they were retired and wanting to slow down. Now I know what I was referring too.The tarot cards with the psychic can be used for predictions but there is so much more involved than that. I prefer to use the cards as a navigation tool, too help people through their challenges or choices, to give them the message of the card.

Half way through the month, I closed the coffee shop, mystic river lounge. I choose to do it just as everything was getting more serious. The next day we would be told to anyway. The schools are closed, so is the coffees shops and within a week the regular shops are too. People are still shopping though!

At our home though, we are making the best of it. Im actually enjoying being at home. it reminds me of when the boys were babies and I was a stay at home mum. We still pop out to a quiet place for an hour a day for their football and exercise, and I have a loose home school routine in place for their sanity as well as mine. Ive been able  to get the garden done, something thats been bugging me for ages! Its lovely to get to see the spring flowers come up, Im certainly appreciating the little things more now. I have caught up with some DIY, well when I say we I mean Col has 🙂 For ages I have been rushing around and asking for an extra day and now I have got plenty! I have a lot of things I am wanting to do but funny enough Ive spent the last 10 days lazying it up! Anyway Im on it more now and have some structure going on. I have started doing lots of live chit chats with people all over the world through social media which is fantastic. I am grateful that my work can be done from home, readings over the phone and online have become the norm now. Im also in a position to finish writting my tarot book and get my new oracle cards complete

As the month comes to an end, its changed so much from the start. The world has changed. The mood changes for many daily. Im a  positive person and still  feeling upbeat, despite now knowing several that have got the virus and 2 passing of it. There has to be something good coming from this. Im hopeful in the next month we will see decreases of the virus spreading and taking lives. That we will continue to come together as a community and make the most out of these life changing times.










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