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Diary of a Mystic – May

Diary of a mystic – May

What a manic month! So, the wedding plans have been well under way, but the hiccups, OMG! You wouldn’t believe the hassle we have been having! I’m never organising anything during mercury retrograde again!

The month started off with my many hen weekends. First off was a lush spa weekend with my girlies. I do love a spa and food! Typical Taurus right! My food for desert was interesting, let’s say, with the cheese looking like it had been half eaten! Complete with fun games blow up men, banners and balloons, we must have looked a right sight!My next hen weekend was cocktails and food! I must be the only bride that puts on weight before the big day! Another fun day, with great friends, tasting way too many cocktails while enjoying Mexico yummies The last hen nights were milder with a few drinks at mine and my local. By the time the last one came along, my stress levels were maxed out with the dj cancelling the eve before the wedding! Luckily, we managed to find a better one, phew! Like in said never ever ever ever, am I organising anything else!

May was also my birthday, I usually go extra-large but with all the hen nights and wedding plans, my birthday has taken a back seat, spending the day with my mum and Mr Flaaaa at a garden centre and having a day out on the water– another true Taurus pleasure!

At the lounge, we have a full month with readings and the coffee shop buzzing, every month I think we’ve had a good one, and it just gets busier and better each time!

With the jubilee celebrations happening at the same weekend, I couldn’t resist getting a cardboard queen and letting our customers have a picture with her.

Joining the lounge, we have a lovely new lady, Kirsty, she will be doing our treatments and new shamanic work, I’m really looking forward tp someone new with some fabulous talents coming in and sharing our magic together.

Its easy to get stuck in a rut, so having someone new in to bounce ideas around will be a good

This year, I wanted to tick off a few things that I’ve been dying to do for ever, Chelsea flower show was one of those things, and it didn’t disappoint – I even created a fun tarot spread for it, which you can see on my website, pone thing that i dint think about was the huge huge crowds! It was mega busy, but I loved it! Tick!

I wanted to take the last week of May off as I finally prepped for my big day, and my last reading was very memorable! Sometimes the cards tell you things won’t work out and somehow, I got to deliver that! This reading it was clear that. Not only would the romance not work but also, she was going to end up in some serious police trouble! I was even seeing a prison cell! Being clairvoyant is both a blessing and a curse at times, right!

So, I let them down gently, but they wouldn’t take it, and insisted that they wanted to stay and work things out with the guy, so I had to be blunt and direct with my answers after that. A few days later, she called and said, “Kate you were sooo right, I got into trouble with the police after a fight on a night out and he dumped me the next day!” I get it why people don’t want to hear what I have to say sometimes, but when they ask me questions, I can’t lie! I’m a terrible Lier anyway, let alone with the cards Infront of me, plus what I see is what I see

While being kept busy with the wedding plans, I have been finishing my E tarot course. I can say it is now complete! It is now in the checking phase. Once that has been done and the amendments have been added it will go live! Woop woop. Jemma has been super patient working behind the scenes with it, but we are super excited to get it out there!

You know I love a project so once this is wrapped up, so watch this space!

Mystic blessings

Kate May x




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