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Diary of a Mystic May 2019

Diary of a Mystic May

Follow me on my journey as a Modern Day Mystic!

I start the Month with a day off! Although not a complete day off as I have a party booking – Im away with the fairies and end up at the wrong address! Doesn’t take me too long to find the correct address luckily. I love the way spirit work, I am reading for a group of friends and 1 I know, or I thought I did, I am aware, I already know about a certain family member which does make it slightly harder, or so I think, Other family members that have passed over connect and ones I knew nothing about which gives great evidence to her and myself.

I have quite a few online readings this month, they are mostly from different parts of the world, the language barrier is a little challenging on some but we get through it. Its slightly harder for me to keep the spirit link when I am trying to be conscious at the same time of the language, but its good experience.

I still have a fuzzy head, this has been going on some months now, along with double vision, after a eye test, it looks like I need new glasses, but it doesn’t seem to feel right. I am still thinking its a emotional problem that manifesting itself into a psychical one – something im not seeing!

Arthur Findley College has ts open day this month, so a few of us from my psychic development group and Colin drive up for the day. I have a reading with someone their and she talks to me about my guide – Over the years several different people have said to me they can see a Gaisher girl over shadow me, I I have not really paid much attention, however in this reading today – she confirms there is in fact a Gaisher girl who is a guide and needs to be acknowledged!

While at the college we bump into lots of people we know, including some of the ladies I met durring the weekend away on the mediumship weekend in Manchester. Its a small spiritual world really!

Colin had a trance demonstration at the lounge this month and it was incredible, the questions that he answered in trance by Samual were very good. Everyone enjoyed the evening, we are working in a project from this so watch this space!

It is May, and on the traditional may day Bank holiday at our local C.O.E. Church, they hold a large fate, So with Mandy, who brings in our stock at the Lounge, we have a stall advertising the shop and selling stock. Its a great day, the morris dancers are there, we see loads of people we know and I get to tell everyone we meet about the shop! Being a bank holiday though means the kids are off, Josh goes out with his friends and Ollie hoes to the cinema with Colin. I cant help but feel like I am all work work work , its really hard trying to get a balance lately.

This is my birthday month, this year I don’t feel in the mood to do much, not really been feeling it this year and I don’t plan anything with friends which is a first for me! My mum comes down to the shop on my actual day and we have cake, its also a friends in the same week  so we share the day!

I do have a weekend away planned with Col though and slip away for a few days in the Spanish sun! Another friend of mine has her birthday too and is going to the same  place, so naturally we arrange to meet up for and evening of drinkies! While we  have a lovely time in Alcudia, not doing much just chilling by the pool, my  head is stil very much a ball of  fuzz  and its been really hard to think straight for ages now, the break is good and much needed still.

May is my fav month for many reasons, one being its  Beltane, my favorite part of the year. We have a lovely ceremony at the Lounge making good wishes and enjoying the start of summer and fertile things with our pagan group. Not sure teh neighnours approved of our singing – but we dont care!

As we didn’t go out for my birthday, we decide to have a few drinks in the shop one evening with a few of us.  Although I dont drink much, we all have an amazing night, one of the best ever! We danced on the breakfast bar, sang songs went live with it, did funny impersonations of each other, just the best night and with all the stresses of late, its much needed.

My dizzy spells got so much worse that I woke up with terrible vertigo, after a emergency appointment I am put on tablets for a vertigo virus. Im not a massive tablet taking person, but at this moement id take anything! Within a week they help and as the more  weeks go on my fuzzy head that ive had forever seems to be clearing- yippee!

I don’t do many Mind Body Spirit Fayres now but I do like to do the one in Warsash. I have been doing this one for several years now and its always super busy. There are some fabulous stalls here and from the very start im choc a block! I see a lady ive not seen for a few years, its lovely to have her come back for a reading – and its great she confirms all that I said to her previoys has come about

We gained a new fur baby! His name is Loki – God of Michief! hes soooo adorable and weve all fallen in love with him alraedy! – Colin drove to Canterbury to collect him and he was worth every mile!

Now the last part of May is some what of a mess!

On a Tuesday my business partner tells that me she has found another unit to work in as she can not concentrate on doing her own bits while working in the lounge, I understand and to be honest she made it quite clear on several occasions she is not happy working here and hates the coffee shop part, so its good for her that she can be happy else where. She asks if I would ask Colin to come into the shop – he agrees.

Unfortunately the next day Colin and I break up, I am not going to go into the ins and outs here but to say it feels right. As the week continues everything is fine, Colin agrees to continue working there until I find someone else, My business partner, almost ex is happy planning her new unit and I am just trying to work through the changes, strangely as the week unfolds my fuzzy head seems to clear and I am motivated to clear out rooms at home and have a clearer head about work ideas. 4 days pass and all is well between us. Now I am not going into details right here but lets just say events take an unexpected twist and from out of no where, once departed from the business, I have suddenly been accused of all sorts along with Colin. Now for legal reasons thats as much as I will say here, but as this is a diary of a mystic, its whats happening.

In a week I feel like I have lost 2 of my best friends, I wont lie its hard and very emotional, I do take 2 weeks off readings because I don’t feel I am in the right head space to do them. Being a spiritualist, I need to practice what I preach and so I just surrender to all this change knowing deep inside, the universe has a bigger plan for us all.

So as I come to the end of May its all a blur! However the friends I do have, have been amazing, I just still can not believe how you think you know someone, and they turn over night into someone else!





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