Kate May Modern Day Mystic

May was a fabulous month! Not only my birthday but also back properly open in the Mystic Coffee Lounge, being able to get out and see people again and hugging! I’m not a natural hugger, I’m not one who says love you to strangers or people I’ve just met but it’s been glorious to have the option! 

At home we had our garden finished, ready for the summer months, I love it! A few months back I had a vision pf what I wanted, I’m really good at visualisations and its perfect

I like to celebrate my birthday over several days or weeks! The last 2 years I have not been able to do this, last year we were in full lock down and the year before was a strange one with my friendship group at the time and I just didn’t feel like celebrating it with them. But this year I’ve gone all out and saw as many beautiful souls as I could. It’s just been wonderful catching up with friends for coffee and cakes! 

Back at the start of the year I was lucky enough to be offered to teach my tarot course to a whole new Audience thanks to World renown Spiritual medium Mavis Pittilla and Jean Elsie. This month we are n full swing of a new beginners class and the next steps class, the students are fabulous and doing so well. I re wrote the whole course and it’s such a joy to be able to share it with so many across the world now. I am on my 4 th teaching session with the Spiritual Explorations, and setting new dates for more! What a privilege! I even had my own cards read by them and they were amazing! I would  recommend them all to you 

I’ve finished my UK one for now, another fab group of lush  ladies and will run all my tarot teachings through Spiritual Explorations for the forthcoming future 

Due to the work load and opening the Lounge again, I’ve decided to close the VIP group for a while and do what I had planned through my own face book group for free! Kate Mya Modern Day Mystic. 

With my Jem beam we fully launched the mystic and Holistic directory. Details are on www.mysticholistic.co.uk  A one stop shop for your mystic and holistic needs. It looks fab! Super excited to see where that goes. 

My next deck of tarot astrology cards are coming on nicely. I’ve been slow in doing them this time, I think I’m too used to the lock down lazy vibe – With this in mind I have only gone back to the lounge part time but its super busy so working part time hours for full time pay is the way forward J

Having this extra day has meant I can take the kids out more in the half terms, and holidays  we had a fab day a Thorpe park, taking their girl friends. With the way of the world at the mo, We are not planning an abroad trip this year but lots of weekends away. I plan to visit Wales, Scotland and Cornwell at the very least. 

I was back at Psychic Sisters in London this month. I saw a client who had so many questions, my usual spread of the celtic cross just wouldn’t have done it well enough, so using different spreads we were able to nail each question and really help her on her way. I don’t like to have the responsibility of their actions that’s their free will but the tarot cards can offer so many answers and give guidance to life’s challenges. Being able to adapt the reading to suit each client is super important 

In the Mystic Coffee lounge, we have been inundated with people booking up, mostly through recommendations or returning clients , this is the best way! I do find it hard not to become friends with my clients or students. When I worked as retail  manager back in the day, my boss wouldn’t allow us to mix with the staff, obviously I did and was pulled up many a times but my answer was it was just her opinion not a real rule! Needless to say we didn’t get on! 

Last year I started a  spiritual life coaching course, I’m still working on it but have found a way to use the tarot cards, blending them with life coaching – Tarot life coaching – it really helps to give clients more insight as to their blocks and how best they can live their best life! 

So we also had the eurovision this month, poor UK where do they get them from! We had fun at a friends fancy dress party, they hold it each year, was great to see faces we’ve not seen in a while!

In our house, I’ve always seen spirit, usually an old man I believe to be my granddad and a young boy I believe to be my son from my first miscarriage. Recently the house seems full of them! I mentioned this to Mr. Flaaa when I saw a child in the kitchen and he said casually, oh yeah theirs loads I see them all the time! Now if you had told me I would be living with this a few years back I would have wanted to move out, but the home energy is fabulous and I’m not scared at all. In fact things seem so settled and I’m sure they feel happy just hanging out there. 

I’ve been concerned for my mum who’s been in a lot of pain with one thing and another for a long time now, I truly believe self-help works and natural remedies support healing and pain relief – My cake man at the lounge has offered us some Magic cakes to try! Watch this space lol 

 I may need something for my youngest, he’s boarder line ADHT I’m sure, this was even more apparent when I took him to Thorpe park and he just couldn’t sit still, like spaghetti arms. It was noticed a while back so I’ve been monitoring him with the school. I’m not putting him on the usual meds, I will work through the natural route. So far those we’ve managed it but it’s about being aware more than anything. He does love his crystals,  they seem to be supporting him, Soothing ones such as Amazonite help, Amethyst helps to calm  down, and reduces stress and irritability. Fluorite supports brain activities

So all in all life is pretty fab at the mo!

The Sun has just started to come out after a long wet May, my garden is sun bathing ready so  the spirits will have the house to roam freely in!