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Diary of a Mystic November

Remember remember November!

This month I was rather social! must be the Sagittarius energy that came flooding in after the deep emotions of Scorpio, to be fair im not super emotional, and I di like to have fun! At the beginning of November it was all about the Raves! Im a real 90’s chic, so whenever an old school rave night pop’s up, im all for it. The only down side was I choose to wear heels! That my friends im def past doing! Coming out afterwards all I could here was woman complaining about their knees and backs lol. The first night was at our local guildhall, nice and early finish to break us in gently. A few of us ravers rocked up to the guild hall for the biz classics night. The second night later in the month was a later finish and in bournemouth the old fire station for the manor reunion. Now if you were a pompey 90s raver, you would have known the manor, if not then you missed out! Back then we didn’t have phones (thank goodness) to capture the evenings, we had it in our heats. We dressed up but really it was about the music. We followed the top DJ’s, like I now follow the top Mediums. Everyone was high and loving life! Now I do this in a more natural way of course! But it was a great vibe and time back then, and this manor reunion was no exception of banging tunes and friendly faces. I took previous note and wore trainers to rock my way through the night

Sadly my body can not keep up with my ideas, im not going to lie, my knees and back have had better days! Still if you’ve been watching my TIKTOKS you will know that my HRT is now working and its keeping me almost young again! For me and Mr flaaa wink wink:) its been a game changer! Its funny how live grown up with the same friends, dating together, clubbing together moving in with our first boyfriends, getting married, divorced, re married, having our families and now going through menopause together! I was 19 when I met my bestie Deb – Maidens mother and now crones lol

To say thankful to my lovely bridesmaid donna, I booked us a lice in wonderland experience, in old Portsmouth. I had no idea really what we were to to so we went along anyway and after we had spent nearly an hour downloading the app and figuring out what we were meant to do we got the hang of it. Obviously we had a stop in the pub half way through, for medicinal purposes only of course – our hands needed warming up 😉 We named our selves the late starters and hats exactly what we were properly coming last! Basically it was like the old pokemon so through the app we had to move around different areas of old Portsmouth along with about 100 others, and answer Alice in wonderland themes questions to receive virtual prizes. Although chilly it was good fun, and actually really nice to spend time with my friends and seeing the sites, including where my great grandad used to have his home and stables. When he passed, my nan inherited his money, as her mum his daughter, had died many years before. In them days an unmarried woman was not really aloud her own bank account, however after some persuading to her dad, she was aloud it and later bought the house that I now live in! £350 in 1932 What a bargain! So much so, that she bought 2! Her house and next door, where I grew up and where my dad lives.

Bonfire night with the fire works has mixed reviews due to the loud bangs and noises, which we know the animals don’t like. My furry friends didn’t seem as. bothered this year though. Im not going to lie, I do love fire works! I love the memories from when I was little, the atmosphere at the displays and all the sparkles. I do however think the council organised ones are better, this helps those with animals know when they need to keep an eye on them. This year, as always I went along to our local organised one. Its literally 5 mins walk from us so super handy!

I love a Christmas market! My first this year was Winchester market with my mummy! we love a shop and always have a fab day mooching drinking tea, having lunch mooching more , and drinking more tea! We spent most of tech day in Winchester shops then headed off to tech Christmas market once it had started to get a bit darker and we could see the lights. I love the lights! The market was busy and just how you would imagine it! I bought some cute fairy’s as you would expect!

We had our last fayre of the year this month. Ive been putting these on with mr Flaaa for about 8 years now. You get to have a fayre family and make so many friends. I love reading for people at the fares, some ask kif its too noisy but actually you just zone out and the energy is always great.

Ive been sitting in a mediumship circle since the Summer, and im really starting to notice a differnce within my readings bringing more and more spirit conatct forward. I feel so lucky and privaliged to be able to help connect people with their loved ones.




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