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Diary of a mystic November 2021

Diary of a mystic November 20121

Well we finally found a place to hold the wedding! Still got to sort the pagan part, but for mow the church is booked and the reception! How exciting! 2 down 1 to go then we can send invites and I can go dress shopping! I have a few ideas on the dresses I want, obviously princess style!

This has been a busy month trying to finish my online work ready for the new years launch! I’ve literally  given myself a headache and stress factors over it all but, as I rite this I’m well on the way to it finishing! Trust me to have 10 different things in the pipeline! Thanks to my back office helper jem!

I’m not sure if it was over work, man flu or thinking I was 21 again, but this month I have been a little unwell. It all started when my bestie, Deb called me one Saturday night saying get ready were picking you up in an hour to go raving! I’ve not been out out like that for about 20 years, it was. Bloody fabulous though! I love old rave music, djs and proper clubbing dancing. It finished at 4 am we left about 2am, I ready for bed at 1 am lol – took me a week to walk properly from my back! Oh the days of being young eh! Most of the guys had no hair, many of us we well into out late 40s plus and there was me dancing like a mad woman  one  minute then having to reach for my glasses the next, every time I wanted to check the time or read my phone messages! Can you imagine! It was ever so funny. I have to say though I’m glad phones were not around in the 90s!

I also started a mediumship course for me. Makes a change for me to be the student, I wanted to enhance a few of my readings and its been great but I could have done with it next month, however its been great and I’ve learnt lots. Although people love the tarot, im learning yo work on a one to one level more without them at first, then bringing them in second. Its fun learning new ways to help people

I changed my psychic open circle, to a 12 week course this month, its so much better, more order, structure and new blood to work on. It means we have gone back to the basics, but actually I think that’s important to revisit what we think we know, there’s always something else that pops up. It’s a gorge group, I’m super lucky, to be doing this. Do I believe in luck, yes! But I also believe in making things happen, I’m a dooer for sure, I manifest, create and then some!

Christmas is round the corner, you know me I love a shop! I’ve almost finished my shopping and wrapping! I have tried to but local and use less plastic this year, so far so good! Next year I want to be even more resourceful.

We have set up our moon meets again, and they hae been so lovely to share with others. I usually do my own thing in my own space, although I’ve been still doing this its also been great to share with others, my fave yule is next!

This month I attended  a new group of tarot buddies, for their tea and tarot meet up. What a lovely group of ladies. I think its super important to meet likeminded others, we each did tarot readings for one another over tea and cake! Perfect!

Slightly early but we had our works Christmas drinks and dinner this month, I kinda had a feeling there would be new lock down rules nearer the day, and with everyone super busy in dec it was easier. How lovely it was though to eat drink and be merry with good friends. This year has just flown by, just lovely to sit and chill with each other

As I’ve been working on back office things, I’ve not done as many readings this month a usual, but now were heading to the new year, people are booking in for their yearly forecast. I love doing y own here to see what is coming up, even though I know, I’m still surprised when it all happens throughout the months!

People ask me, do I do my own readings and do I sense my own family in spirit, and yes absolutely! Why wouldn’t I J This month I have really sensed my two nans around me, within the same week I saw 2 robins . For one of my nans this is a sure sign, but seeing 2 in the same week, I’ll take that! I do love a sign, I ve also had strong dreams with messages from one of my nans so I know she’s around giving me practical down to earth advice as she would have, through changes I’m making. I actually hate change, but somethings are really needed!


My fave reading this month has to be from a lovely lady who had never had a reading before and was super sceptical. Her life was in a right pickle, and the cards quickly showed all the changes she was making, some that were good, others that were going to need a re think. Through the cards I helped her choose different ways of doing things which would have a more favourable outcome. Within a week, one of the new changes had already started to pay off, I love that about the cards, that nothing is set in stone, you can choose different directions if things look dodgy! Personally this helped me save 1000s on a business deal last year! And in launches the tarot business suit! More on that next month

If you’ve been reading my diary’s for a while now you will know the progress on my son with his aphantasia, well there is no real progress, I have to say, the drs are shocking and the hospital worse! There seems to be no one that knows enough on the condition to actually get advice or help from One dr says don’t read google, another says do! it’s terrible , luckily it’s me that’s bothered not him. He is now doing his mocks, and I’m off o the papers to see if I can get this recognised somehow. There must be more people that have this without even knowing it! FYI – no visualisation in the mind. Watch this space, there’s nothing like a mum trying to get help for her son, especially a Taurus mum! On the plus side he really isn’t worried about it and has still got into his football academy for next year, where they have said he will get support unlike his school now.

Its proper chilly weather now, did I miss summer? I think so! It’s a great time though for me as I love to be snuggled up warm and cosy with Mr. Flaaa and the cats – in our over 45s evening wear of jammies and slippers , perfect!

Mystic Blessings

Kate May

 Modern Day Mystic




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