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Diary of a Mystic November

Diary of a Mystic November

November kicked off with my 2024 Diary launch! 2 months of solid work and edits paid off!

I am super chuffed with the results, considering I am not tecky this has come out really cool!

I thought of the idea while at the Tarot conference in October. I wanted to create a diary that was based on different tarot dates, spreads with themed months and occasions, manifestation magic and of course a traditional diary. As I got started, I added the numerology for 2024, how you can find your personnel numbers, your personnel Tarot card plus, a little extra Tarot magic! It is now available on amazon under Tarot Diary Kate May!

Before starting on any more products, I’ve been finishing up this year’s bundles! Again, available on Amazon, I have reworked the Tarot Journal adding more information and journaling pages.

After doing a few talks this month on “how to manifest with the Tarot” I’ve come up with a new deck idea for 2024 so watch this space! I mean I’m still waiting on my Astro Tarot deck to be published! I have a new printer involved now so fingers crossed!

Technology has been good this month, no mercury retrogrades until next month, so allowing me to do readings from my home to a group of lovely people at a retreat in the Cotswolds. It was a new way of doing it for me, but worked very well, with great feedback!

Spirit certainly knows how to use technology. During a zoom reading this month, I had a lovely connection with a spirit communicator, one of the things she said, my client wasn’t sure about, then at that direct moment, a thumbs up bubble appeared on the screen! A sure yes sign! I know it’s a new google thing, but to appear right at that moment and the first time I’d seen to was super exciting!

This month socially I’ve had a few good evenings out out! First was our mystic Mandy’s birthday, we have been doing quiz nights lately and so went along as a big 12-man team! We still didn’t win lol, although we did have to be split into 2 groups! I’m not sure we would have won anyway to be fair lol.

My next social was the first of my Christmas get togethers. This bunch of ladies, I’ve known for almost 20 years now. We met at a toddler group when my son was 1, and all became great friends, making special memories as the children grew. The funny thing was spirit wanted me there! I was never going to go to that group, my midwife had recommended me, and I said no because I felt I didn’t need it as we had plenty of baby friends already. Then a friend of mine asked me to take her daughter, so I agreed saying I would only go that once, Well I bloody loved it! She never went back but I ended up going every week and becoming firm friends with the ladies there. After several weeks, one on the ladies running it, Alison, asked me if I wanted to take my therapy couch to the group and do treatments on the mums while they all looked after the children, (before the days of health and safety kicking in), I bought in my flyers which said I was reiki trained, which Alison also was. This led to a conversation about spiritual things and our joint love of cards. Alison asked me to bring in my tarot cards, and within no time at all, the mums were booking us for home readings that went from monthly to weekly. And the rest as. They say is history! So, I feel I was always meant to go to the group, not just to start of my Tarot career but also for the solid friendships I made.  

If your meant to be somewhere, spirit will find a way of making it happen!

My last social this month, which ended on a spiritual high was our yearly manor nightclub reunion. Its always in bournmouth, we’ve been going a few years now, this time, however a few of our old gang met us there. Now back in the 90’s we were out every week and one of the clubs to be at was the The Manor. We had a great group of that would go, around 15 of us sometimes all of us, sometimes part of the group. So this years Manor reunion was a bit more special bringing some of the group together including my little bro! On the way back, were chatting in the car about the good old days, sadly some of that group has passed, so naturally we got reining about them, now one of our friends, Mark, has made contact many many times, through many different mediums, he an excellent communicator. Danny another friend that is sadly no longer here has never made contact with me, I know he has to his mum and sister, but never to me, in life he preferred to as little as possible, and often said he couldn’t be arsed about this or that so, in our conversation on this particular evening we joked and said how were not surprised not connected lol. The next morning, Col who actually wasn’t there the night before, so had no idea of our conversation, and I went to see his mum, in bournmouth, now she is also a medium, although not a working one now days, she opened the door and said do any of you know a Daniel? He has been with me all morning!

So even when you think they are not ther, they are!




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