Diary of a Mystic October

Diary of a mystic October

Well, what a busy fabulous month!

Jemma has settled in really well at the lounge. I notice how fabulous she is when I’m away in Manchester training with the amazing Mavis Pittilla, and forget to post the daily info on the business page. Without prompting Jemma knew to post and advertise the lounge being open on Mondays now. This is a breath of fresh air!

The start of the month is kicked off by our New Forest Mind Body Spirit Fayre. I wasn’t sure how this would go because we moved it back to our original place and Jackie wasn’t with us. But it went fab! And we’ve booked it already for next spring.

With some friends and Mr. Flaaa, we saw the medium Tony Stockwell, once there it was like a mini social, seeing lots of our other friends there also. I have to say he was on form this evening! I was very impressed and very moved with a lot of his contacts. I do love a good dem!


I took a weekend off to visit my good friends Phil & Nick and their children who, are some of my fave people in the world! They moved to the IOW a while back so it’s lovely visiting them although my fear of heights overtook me when we were stanfding on the edge of the cliff tops!

With friends Lyn & Paul, we have teamed up and created a new online Magazine called Mystic Rebel – This month saw the launch of it. The feedback has been amazing, so much work has gone into it, we are all really pleases how its come out. It is a quarterly magazine so we will be working on the next issue due out in January soon. In it, I have an article on the Tarot fools journey in my own style and a Q&A section that was open on the facebook page (Mystic Rebel)

The very next day I fly to Manchester for my mentorship weekend with Mavis Pitilla and the group. The flight was the quickest I’ve been on and so much better than the train, I do have to give a spare suitcase to Lucy in the car who is also there, we had a party eve planned for Mavis’s 80th and my shoes simply wouldn’t fit in my hand luggage!

The weekend was as expected amazing. I missed the last one and can see such a difference in everyone’s development. We learn so much, mavis is such an inspirational woman, I’m super lucky to be on this journey. The party was fab! So lovely to see everyone in a different mode! The group we have is extra special, so lovely and everyone really gets on well. On one of the evenings, there is a charity demonstration with several from the group plus Mavis, they all give an incredible dem and we have a fab evening. On my return, I’m determined to not shit a brick when I stand up and work next time!

I’ve wanted to do palmistry forever, I know a little but this moth I enroll in a workshop and learn loads! It’s amazing what all the lines add up too, plus using astrology and intuition it gives a good insight into a person’s character plus possible future events.

As the month comes to an end, I set off once again for another party weekend. This time in London with the Psychic Sisters lot. What a night! It takes us 6 hours to get there, arriving 2 hours late after getting lost, wrong directions and walking all over London in heels! Once there though, we have a ball – its a burlesque evening, the girls are stunning and the music with the entertainment amazing, The club is dressed in Halloween theme but with a sext twist! The food is a bit questionable but its such a great evening anyhow. The next day we mooch around canary wharf before heading home. I’m home barely 10 minutes before I’m off out again to do a tarot party.

Its no surprise I’m feeling totally knackered for the next few days, but you gotta be in it to win it!

This month marks 4 years that Mr. Flaaa and I got together! I remember the nightso well 🙂 he may have broken my heart twice in that time, but he fixed it again after.

So this month is Samhain, Halloween. Josh is far too old now for pumpkin picking, apparently, so we take my Ollie Boo and his friend to the pumpkin patch.

One of my fav celebrations and where we think of those gone before us and what they have sacrificed to allow us to be here now. We think of the happy times and as the veil is said to be at its thinnest, the energies are high and exciting!

The people I have been doing readings for all seem to be having the same theme this month, many changes and big choices to do with new lives, and living conditions but no idea where to start! I think the influence of the new Celtic year has something to do with that!

I’ve had a few more cards created for my new oracle deck, they look amazing. I should hurry them up really but perfection takes time.

Another project underway this month is our events with the fabulous Gordon Smith, with my friend Anne, we have created Hummingbird Fayres & Events. Next year we have Gordon down Portsmouth for a demonstration of mediumship and a workshop on how to improve your mediumship – super excited for this,  we know it will be a fab night

I end the month with a day’s reading party, watching Mr. Flaaa do an amazing trance demonstration with his mate Nigel at the lounge and another palmistry workshop. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, I really do feel like I’m living the dream!

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