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Diary of a Mystic October

Diary of a Mystic October

What a marvellous month!

For years I have wanted to go to the UK Tarot conference, in London, and this month I made it! I was not disappointed. It was awesome! I only knew 1 person there and hadn’t seen her for ever! But I met some lovely new faces, the talks were interesting, we got a huge free goody bag full of Tarot treats and had plenty of fun practical work over the weekend.

I love London anyhow, and well, a whole weekend dedicated to Tarot, what more could a girl wish for!

It was strange for me at first not knowing anyone, I’m so used to going to mediumship weekends and knowing pretty much everyone, this was quite different. All the big Tarot names were there and I knew none of them! I’m also used to so much mediumship talks, and this was all Tarot Tarot Tarot!

Once recovered from this fab trip, I was soon off to another magical place, Glastonbury with friends, Polly and Jane. Another mystical day visiting the crystal shops, the chalice well, and having a lovely meditation in the goddess temple. I’m literally living my best life right now!

No sooner was I back from this and we were off to Reading to see the amazing James Van Prague and Gordon Smith at the yearly reading mediumship weekend. This is not only fabulous due to the mediums but also the people I’ve met there over the years. It’s a special bond when you mix the spirits!

My lovely friend Amanda is about to have her book the Psychic Psychologist, published by hay house! Go pre order on amazon, She is one amaze gall

Both James and Gordon were spectacular, I have to say, I’m very honoured and lucky to have seen so many first-class mediums over the years. The evidence the fun and the learning all connects to what being spiritual is all about.

On my own personnel journey for mediumship, I have not had a chance to get back to the Church for platform practice, however, I’ve been having wonderful connections through my one to ones, so all is not wasted!

So the lounge has taken another turn and is just smashing it, what ever magic Karen has bought, its working! Without a doubt, something special bought us two together, out of not knowing each other we know know almost everything! We do try and mix business with fun and get a few nights out together, although its been super busy, we did manage a dunked night down the town, them poor people at the kebab shop! Im not saying im well known but I usually have at least 1 person come up to me on a night our that either has had a reading or recognises me from social media, This particular night I had 2, the first one i was relatively soba, but the 2nd one, oh dear! I did apologise but it may have been too late lol, what can I say, you can take the girl girl out of pompey but….

My Tarot Diary for 2024 is almost there! Thanks to the gorge Jemma my VA, spending tirelessly nights trying to upload the damn thing! Honestly, she is the best!

This Diary, I’m super excited about! It has pages of Tarot information, monthly themes Tarot Spreads, How to work out your personnel Tarot card and yearly card using numerology and the Tarot, how to manifest with Tarot cards, adding your monthly and yearly goals, as well as the main daily diary.  Not going to lie, It has taken over my life creating it but will be well worth it! Mr Flaaa has never had it so quiet 

And As for My Astro Tarot cards, we have been back and forth so many times with the edits, but… watch this space!

Every October I love to see what the new year brings, and this is when I do my 12-month Tarot forecast – last years one for this August I drew the tower, 3 of swords, king of swords and the strength card. Not a month I was looking forward too, right at the end of August, Mr Flaaa an aquarian, King of Swords had a severe motor bike crash, where he broke several bones as you can imagine! Hence the tower, 3 of swords and strength card! This year’s spread is a lit lighter but just a fascinating!

Call me nosey but I do like to see what’s occurring now! Luckily, he’s ok, and off bikes now!

If you are just as intrigued katemysticmay@gmail.com,  we will alos look at the 12 Astrology houses st=system, delving deep into all different areas for your year ahead.

I posted this month about starting back up my weekly psychic development group, currently I’m teaching the beginners tarot course. Where once I would have run two or three at a time, I now choose to just run one or two. So in the new year, the Psychic development weekly class will resume, along with a new Astrology course. To join, simply subscribe to my email listings on my website www.katemay.co.uk

As for my personnel life, I decided to take my son out of school and home school him.  He is in year 10 and seems to be clashing with so many teachers, he’s not actually learning much at all! So we have had our meetings and with a revised school time table, mummy and google are doing well as his new school teachers! For some school just doesn’t fit, since September this year, he’s really not enjoyed, as a mummy, I’m not having that! Plus obviously I draw the tarot cards and they confirmed with the chariot, queen of cups and magician this would work out just fine!

If in doubt always check ya cards right!

Mystic Blessings

Kate May




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