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Diary of a mystic October

Diary of a mystic October

As I write this, we are heading into another lock down! This time though, for me  it doesn’t feel quite as restricting as the last one, although the darker wet evenings make it feel worse. Im hoping it’s shorter than last time, not least because we don’t have the sun now but also because with the festivities around the corner, it would be such a shame to miss them. I have spoken to a few clients  who live in Australia and America,  and sadly some are still in lockdown,  while some are coming out of 5/6 months of it.  As my mum used to say, there is always someone worst off. 

The month of October was a good one though. Since the last lock down, I have been super busy with readings and having my cards published,  I’m still waiting on delivery of them. I was hoping to be able to share them by now. But I guess mars retrograde has postponed the action of that!

One of the good things about events being canceled for me, is that i get to watch the boys at football more now. My evenings were taken up with classes or parties, but now these have been moved to online i can juggle motherhood a lot easier.While I have been there, I have noticed how much  the sun sets have been this month, truly  amazing!

Col and i celebrated our 5th anniversary this month! Even though we have broken up a few times, we didn’t really separate so  im still counting this our 5 year anniversary lol. He spoiled me with  a huge bunch  of flowers, and the perfect worded cards. 

The shop part of the Mystic River Lounge has grown and really taken off, so as we go into this 2nd lockdown, I have ordered lots more fabulous stock of crystals, and gifts, it is being added to the social media sites and so far we have already sold lots! In this strange times as a business owner and a Taurus, being resourceful is a must! 

Its been a whole year that my Jem Jem joined the Lounge! What an asset she has been. Super organised, she really has got me in order, spread sheets are her middle name! Not only has she been wonderful to the shop, she has also become a fabulous friend. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t let work come over play when we came back in July, but guess what! Its been so busy it really has been amazing but this lockdown we are determined to get organised enough to enjoy some play nights! We have had some fun though doing our daily lives and now jem is also getting  recognised in the highstreet!

We had half term this month, the boys are at an age now where they can start helping me around the home. We have had some life skill setting tasks going on, i must say its lovely having a little help now! Your welcome future daughter or so in laws!

At the beginning of the month we had a gathering for our friend Sandi Naylor. Sadly Sandi passed, Sandi was a regular stall holder at our fairs and a friend, there wasn’t a funeral so we had a remembrance afternoon for her at the lounge. 

I had a few days doing readings for the Psychic Sisters this month in London. It was so quiet on the streets and the trains. Nothing like it was before Lockdown in March. Was lovey to be there though. 

I suffer from S.A.D. and October is the month it creeps in, I’m also aware of the planet influences. The readings this last month have a similar vibe of break through moments. The planetary aspects certainly influence this, and by the end of the month I am feeling more uplifted and have an excited feeling again.

On a personnel level, my decree nisi has come through! Yippee! The divorce should be done and dusted by Christmas. Hopefully i’ll be able to get out and celebrate that! 

I had a super fun day at go karting with the children and friends, now those that know me know I can just about ride my bike, so driving is not me, however Col did say after wards that he thought I could cope with an automatic driving test, despite crashing into his car and almost sending him flying lol 

We couldn’t celebrate Samhain or Halloween like we usually do this year, normally I take the children round the estate, which is always decorated in such a fabulous, way , people really do put a lot of effort into it. This year however, we stayed tucked up in doors with sweets and a scary movie. I spent most of the night with my face buried in a cushion to be honest! 

I was invited to do a question and answer show on tarot and astrology this month for my friend, fellow medium Keith Charles, It was super fun and very different to the interviews  I have done over the years. As an ex cop, he uses his experience as  investigator to grill me! But it was done in a very positive way, when I listened  back I was quite pleased with my blunt honest answers. I have been asked to go back in January. 

My own shows the mystic and the medium and loose mystics have taken a back seat for a while, we have bought loose mystics back but have decided to do it monthly. There are so many shows now I like to do things differently. The mystic and the medium will be back soon with a new format. 

Jemma and I have created a new business directory called The Mystic and Holistic directory. I get asked so many times if I know a past life therapist, a councilor, or this or that person, so rather than keep forgetting to message people where they can find them, I thought id create a website directory where they can all be found in one place. We have some amazing people already signed up including an astrologer, Feng Shui, Sound bath healing, Crystal healing and so much more! Im hoping this will go live next month. A few years back I ran a similar directory, then call truly spiritual promotions, I think my idea was a few years too early as I had so much hassle setting it up, and now this has slotted in so easy! l

For a long time I would force ideas and they wouldn’t work straight way, when I started developing, I started to feel what would work and what would work later, I remember feeling that with this idea but may ego and  being impatient got the better of it. Now days I listen more to my intuition, or I ask Col who is remarkably intuitive. I also obviously consult my tarot cards. This month I was offered an opportunity for a new shop, I was super excited and almost ran away with it, but the cards warned me of danger and heart ache from it, so I didn’t take it and am sticking to out little space where we are for the moment

I have been noticing angel numbers almost several times a day this month. This isn’t something I am  usually seeing so I know there is something going on where I will be guided through. On my daily lives in my group, I share this, and so do many others! 11 is the number I am  seeing the most off, when I look at the time is 11 past, or 11 appears randomly in places. 44 and 33 also appear. The number 11 to me means, spiritual enlightenment, or an awakening. 33 to me means communication and 44 to me means that support and encouragement are around now 

I have also been having the craziest of dreams lately, as have many of my clients! I trained myself to lucid dream, and change events in them, not that I’m a control freak! This is great but does leave me very tired. My reams are so miss matched but when I go back over them I can usually work out their messages. I know both my Nan have been around lately. I treat of a yellow rose bush and saw it in my Nan garden last night 

One of the readings that stands out for me this month was a zoom reading, People often ask are phone or zoom readings just as good as face to face, I can say I have never had someone complain about them, nor find they don’t work. I have also had readings myself on zoom and Skype with very accurate results. This particular reading bought up his situation to a tee, he couldn’t believe how I could know such things in jus a few cards! When I work with the cards, I’m not just  using the meanings, I am  working on many vibrational levels, I’m reading the persons energy, the psychic layer, I’m connecting to my spirit guide and of course your loved ones.

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 




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