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Diary of a Mystic September

Diary of a Mystic

Welcome to my diary of a mystic blog for September.

Another month is over, I remember my dad saying as you get older the years go quicker, and they really do!

The boys returned to school, great to get them back after so many months off. They were a little anxious to start with, especially my Ollie as he had started senior school. It didn’t take long though to settle in and by the second day both were back to their usual selves. Im really fortunate they are both doing well at school and continued their study during in the lock down, I’m sure this has helped them settle back in to a new routine quickly enough. The mental health issues I had with my eldest a few months back, seem to be managed really well. Getting him into a new football team has helped hugely as well as his good group of friends. I will be always aware that he does have this, but I think, getting it out in the open between us really helped nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

As a single mum who works full time, Its always a juggle trying to work when they are at home, so being back at school helps in more than one way! I am fortunate my dad lives next door to help, and to be honest they are really good boys so they don’t cause me much stress! plus we are in a good position that they get what they need and we do have great holidays and time to enjoy things, Thanks to the changes of Covid, I have been able to move my evening classes to zoom, this is so much better as I am at home most nights now, can’t say I miss going back out in the rain!

We are really lucky that we do enjoy weekends away a fair bit together and with friends too, and had some lovely evenings this month down our local Fayre playing crazy golf and the arcades.

I had a lovely weekend away with my man this month. We went to Bournemouth quey for the weekend. Its not too far but I have never been there! So lovely having time together and even enjoyed a boat trip around the harbour followed by a spot of shopping and dinner. Weather was amazing, a far cry from how it is now! Making an extra effort in relationships is super important, and for us we are doing so much more new things that we just wouldn’t have done before!

I have been fully booked for another month for readings. It has been great how the work has been coming in, lots are from recommendations, which is always nice to hear. There seems to be a theme of out closures and new beginnings for so many people. The planetary aspects have been really tough but now there is less retrogrades and a more balancing out is coming. There is also a strong influence of finding ourselves. So many self healing and self love is becoming more and more important now. We have been talking quite a bit on our lives in the morning about self love. You must love yourself first before you can expect others to love you.

With self love on our agenda, I had an amazing weekend away with friends at a caravan park this month. We didn’t plan on doing much just some girl bonding and card readings plus a little bit of wine! Although not together of course! It was just what we all needed, lovely company and a gorgeous place for retreats. With such a hectic schedule, this is perfect to re charge. I feel super lucky with the friends I have in my life, and I know we all have each others back, true girl code friendship.

We bought a huge amount of new stock in the Mystic river Lounge this month, its already selling so fast, I had to put in another quick order today! I love our shop its the perfect place for everything!

I have started working for psychic.co.uk on Sunday evenings 6-7 doing live readings. I feel super blessed to eb working with these guys, they have some fantastic mediums and are about to launch a new project that im really excited to be part off! with this space or join their page for more info. With getting a balance in all things, i have turned down 2 opportunities this month. I usually say yes to everything, so this was quite empowering for me. It was the right choice and Im not looking back!

The weather is turning now, and although we’ve had a beautiful summer, you can really feel the autumn change. I love getting all tucked up early in the colder weather. You won’t find me out out much now until spring! I find this a great time to write, read and catch up on behind the scenes things. My website is currently having a revamp, especially now as I am involved with some new projects. Im still decorating a few things at home its almost perfect! I love coming home to my new angel themed living room and gold sparkly dining room.

This month I had the shop and my home Feng shuied. Its something I have been interested in forever, I have  already put so many things into place but to actually have someone come over and do it was the best day ever! Gillian from the energy Wheel, really knew her stuff. So much work was put into it before she had even arrived, and she is still working with me to perfect everything, I would defiantly say it has paid off, and with the final few stages being put into place im super excited to see how it works even more! I would love to study it and offer it professionally, its quite an expensive course but now my money area is looking tip top – who knows! Mystic makeover here I come!

There is a strange vibe of maybe a second lockdown coming, I have always said that in October there will be a second something, but not quite to the degree as before, time will tell but I won’t be surprised, to be honest if we don’t have a lock down , I will be taking a week off work anyway to re charge!

All our events are going online now. I was hoping to bring. Few back face to face but reality is its safer online at the moment and with zoom it works really really well. Like I said I am enjoying working from home with this so, I will be adding more events over the next few months.

Next month I am back in London, all being well with the fab psychic sisters I have been working from home since march so I am really looking forward to seeing the girls again and seeing London again! By the time I get there they will be putting up the Christmas decorations lol.

I always trust that the journey I am on is the right one, the events of the past few months have proved to me that less stress and more faith really helps situations and that everything has its purpose and reason.

Mystic Blessings

Kate May




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