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Diary of a Mystic September 2024

Diary of a Mystic September 2024

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And just like that we are in Autumn mode!

What happened to the Summer?

This Month, September, I had a lot planned in, 2 trips to Wales, plus a weekend in Barcelona.

Trying to get the work fun balance in order, the month kicked off with a little raving at a head kandi event with Karen from the lounge, and Deb one of my longest besties, If you know me, you know I love my dancing! What a fab night! Not overly busy but soooo hot! Combined that with my hot flushes I was literally melting as I boogied the night away. We did bump into a few old school mates though, always good to catch up on the dance floor, right!

The next morning, however, was not so much fun as I head off to my first Mind Body Spirit Fayre in a new venue, Basingstoke for the lovely Fenn. Luckily, I skipped all alcoholic drinks the night before, who needs drink when you can dance! And the right spirits didn’t disappoint with their beautiful connection’s throughput the day for all the clients I read for.

Now the next weekend was a complete nightmare! Where do I begin?

So Mr Flaaa and I were asked to do a retreat with someone who shall remain nameless but if you’re a regular on my page, it won’t take you long to figure it out!  

Right from the start she was a pain, so we should have known, and 20 people told me not to work with her, but I thought she can’t be that bad, then at another event another 30 said they would never work with her! In a nutshell, this woman is probably the worst person I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with, bar 1 other from a few years ago! It kind of started to go wrong at the introduction when she changes a few things that Col and I were not aware off, and then over several times butted in and talked over us as we tried to introduce ourselves, but that was expected as I kinda got the impression she liked to be centre stage.  Her first talk was so boring everyone complained, she bullied a student into staying in her class rather than going to the class she wanted by bribing her, despite this student paying and being aloud a choice, she manipulated every opportunity to get the lime light, she lied, she caused a divide by not including  us as the tutors into changes and texts she sent out to the group, she made a male student feel very uncomfortable by  flirting with him or trying too, then asking if he was single then pursing to say spirit were saying he would be settling down soon and they were showing her frilly knickers on his washing line! I mean, she was much older than him, imagine if that was an older male saying this to a younger woman in a car with just the two of them! Shocking behaviour. During a trance session she tried to shout her questions out, despite being told I would take hands up and forward 1 question at time, then she tried to shout out her question, I believe the paying students who wanted to ask questions should have had the first chance, she then started taking flash photography and videos, which we said were a no no at the start of the session! I mean come on. When we said do not post on social media she questioned why.

Er because you never asked permission and trance posts are more private. And the list goes on and on the most unprofessional, up her own arse vile bully person ever. Don’t be fooled that supposed spiritualist people are nice! On a funny note our chats together have been hilarious, a few have  showed me how she has tried to copy my tarot astrology work book that I had taken  along to the retreat and several people purchased the, as well as signing up to my tarot course, thinking she can do better, she produced this mess of a workbook that clearly she had tried to create since the course. If I say it looks like a 5-year-old has done it, that would be bad on the 5-year-old! Yes, I’m being a total bitch I know but this is my diary so I guess I’m aloud 

The rest of the group however was lovely, and we have since exchanged numbers and lots of chats, and will def be meeting up again, just us and them 😉

We also enjoyed visiting a stunning waterfall, Wales is full of them and I can’t get enough of seeing how magical they are.

Both Mr Flaaa and I had our doubts and cancelled once between us, but then carried on as we didn’t want to let people down. Part of me wishes we listened to our gut, but then we wouldn’t have made the lovely friends we did. And everything happens for a reason, I’m sure we have all learnt something here!

My next strange but amazing experience came from my lovely friend Sue, some of you may know I suffer from tonsilitis quite a bit, spiritually speaking its usually from when I don’t express myself, as a Taurus I tent to keep things bottled up, hard to imagine after that last story I know!Sue reached out and offered her hypnotherapy and past life regression to see if we could get to the bottom of it.Well, during the session, I was taken to a fire where I inhaled the smoke and died, my whole street and home was on fire, in London and many died although I think my family survived except me.So, during this session, Sue started to work with the Angels and clear any past life issues I may have been holding onto. I’m not kidding you but half way through the session I started to cough and felt my chest get wheezier and wheezier. After the session where more came out including aspects to this life’s experiences, my chest was super tight.Mr Flaaa picked me up and we went to the lake, it was a beautiful sunny day, so we grabbed an ice cream to chill, but I couldn’t stop coughing.This went on for about 10 more days! Literally from nothing to full on breathing and coughing issues! Normally I would end up on steroids, however I was told by spirit to try a different inhaler.  This I did and it all cleared up! Time will tell if my tonsilitis has been cured but I can’t deny this experience definitely felt like it shift4ed something. And Sue is so wonderful at her job, I trust her completely, so was very open to eh angelic reiki that finished the treatment.

Halfway through September, and I was booked to do a Tarot Workshop for my friend’s fabulous shop – Gaia health store. I love love love teaching and sharing my knowledge on tarot to others. This was a magical day.

I cannot wait to get my Astro Tarot deck published, all my teachings will eb so much easier for my students! When people come into my shop, Mystic Coffee Lounge in Portsmouth, and they ask what the best Tarot cards are, I’m like miiiiiine but they are not ready yet!

As I write this, they are with the publishers and I’m awaiting my sample deck any day now!

Somehow I created a Tarot Diary 2024 within this month too, I’ve no idea how I squeezed it in, but the idea I had around it, transformed with the help of canva! It’s packed with not just the years diary pages, but also tarot tips, taro spreads for each week, season, month and more. I love using Tarot for manifesting, so I’ve included weekly messages, what each daily tarot card is, and how to manifest or work best with that energy. I got the idea while finishing the angel numbers and numerology course, I started last month, That course was just fab, loved learning from Angel man Radleigh Valentine on that one! Once l have masted a system out, I’ll be sharing how you can use the numbers to manifest and guide you soon!

I also managed to finish and get printed my tarot course book, it sold out pretty quick so another order is on the way! It literally has all my tarot course information in it. And its huge! At the mo is only available for those who have completed or are doing my current Tarot course.

Wales couldn’t keep me away for long, I had booked another weekend at the gorge Hafan Y coyed but this time with Spiritual medium TJ Higgs. What a lush group!

I absolutely loved weekend, as I was a full on student, and felt like I was pushed out of my comfort zone, which turned out to be rather comfy! Turns out I quite like platform work! And being blindfolded! But I kinda new that bit anyway!

One of the best things about the weekend was the trance demonstration that was done. What an amazing experience, prob one of the top 3 trance demonstration I’ve ever seen.

So this is a tease for you, more deets will come later, but there will be some super exciting events coming up that TJ has invited myself and Mr Flaaa to be involved with! Honestly, I feel so blessed at so many wonderful opportunities I’ve ever throughout my mystic life!

The boys went back to School and College this month, I love having them hang out at home, but its also just as lush getting them back into a routine. Not so much Josh, he is 17 almost 18, so pretty much does his own thing, but my wild child Ollie really needs a routine, even if he doesn’t think so!

I booked a little weekend getaway at the end of the month, just because I can really! My mum was feeling a bit down, Mr Flaaa was already booked for a trance weekend in Weymouth, which by the way went down a storm! Hes sooo good at that! And hot, I just need to add that!

So off we went to Barcelona for some last-minute sun before I allow Autumn to begin in my life! Wasn’t quite the weekend I had planned, the pool and the room were a lot smaller than the photos gave credit too, however the weather was lush and that’s what I wanted, so we made the most of the smaller luxury’s, to be honest I think I’ve been spoiled in Morocco and Egypt this year, but it did give me some space and time with my boys and mummy! Let’s also add, to make the holiday more fun that cannabis is legal in Barcelona! So, Josh had his first joint! I think it will be his last for a while too if I’m honest! Now I’m not one to condemn this of course, but I figured he will try it at some point as most of us do, and I would rather he did it with me on his first time so I can check in!

 He doesn’t smoke, barley drinks, and is a super health fitness freak so I’m not concerned it will go further, although I did suggest Amsterdam for our next holiday!

And just like, another month is over, and the Autumn vibes are slowly creeping in! Halloween next! One of my Faves

Mystic Blessings

Kate May




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