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Diary of a Mystic September

Diary of Modern day Mystic Follow me on my journey!

What a beautiful September we had!

In the last week of the Summer holidays I took the boys to Poole Splash Water park, it was so much fun! The flumes were amazing – I totally embraced my inner child screaming down them

I had a lovely surprise at the start, when my fav mag Spirit & Destiny dropped through the door and I was in it!

Back in May the magazine ran an article on me and how I left my marriage on a tarot card! If you’ve been following me you would know that May was extremely emotional for me with break ups and stuff The day I did the interview, I had mentioned my lovely Col and my best friend but had to call them back twice to remove them!

I had done an article many years ago for another magazine, went to London for a photo shoot and was very excited , however when it was published, the article had changed so much it was no where near the correct information but because I had a photo there, it looked correct!

So I was a bit concerned at how they would change things but the editor was fab and apart from the fact it said I drove, when I don’t, it was pretty accurate so I was a little bit chuffed with that!

This month it has been super busy in the Mystic River lounge, again more new faces and a return of some id lost contact with.

The workshops and new events kicked off with the most amazing sound bath by the Lovely Samantha Britton. Relaxing to the sound and vibrations of music, gongs and pan music sent me off to all sorts of amazing places and fully charged my batteries.

Along with my friend Anne, I attended Gordon Smiths demonstration of mediumship. He really is one of the best. I get a message from my nan about the situation I am in with the shop. He also agreed to do an interview for my new E magazine – Mystic Rebel – and some more news which I will share next time!

I have so many readings booked in this month its just crazy, a couple that stick out include a reading for a lady who’s grandma had recently passed, usually as I am working I can often feel the spirit person start to blend with my energy and make a link but throughout this session I was more aware that actually I felt nothing. At the end of the cards I asked if there was anything else she wanted to see, to which she said did her Grandma come through or is it to early? My understanding is that there is no time in spirit, therefor too early would not make a difference. When my nan passed on my mums side, she came through to my child minder who was a medium, within 5 hours! Yet my other nan, took 18 months because she was busy enjoying herself.

After a few minutes of nothing, I started to feel the build up and spoke about a particular outfit that would have been of importance to the lady in spirit, she showed my an item being placed in her hand, but I couldn’t quite get what that was, I know my mentor would have wanted that detail! She communicated well though and went on to make reference to a special cushion and dates. All of this was validated – the item in the hand was a flower placed in her palm in the coffin, the outfit was what she had word at the granddaughters wedding and it had been what she was put in for her funeral, the cushion had her sent on it and her partner had said for it not to be washed. This was a lovely connection for my client, and I was so glad she let me read for her.

Throughout the whole of the month, I have been seeing hearts, seeing them in everything form puddles or pictures to stone on pavements, in shapes you name it. I get a lovely feeling im on the right track and am well protected with love right now. I am massive believer in signs and symbols that spirit try and show us.

Back in the day I was a big weekender kinda girl, now though I love a Saturday night in with Mr. Flaaa or with our friends just chilling. There is however 2 parties this month and they happen to be on the same night! So we head off to the first one, catch up with lots of friends then leave early enough to make the second one. While im doing fine, Mr Flaaa is not, Ive never seen him drunk! Never. He is celebrating though, having got a new job so no more helping at the mystic River Lounge with me! The next day, while im bright and sparkly, he is very much not. I give him no sympathy 😉

This marks the first introduction to Jemma. Jemma is the Lounges new therapist. It so strange how things work. For a while now I have been trying to get another reader in but it never quite worked, Jemma pops along to our net working meet up, shares with us that she has quit her 9-5 hospitality job to become a therapist and is looking for a job! So The Flaaa is out and Jem Jems is in! A short time later and shes got on really well. The regulars love her and she has clients already, funny how things work out eh!




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