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Diary of a Mystic week 10


A new week – new moon tomorrow – I love a new moon full of wishes and excitement!

The new moon this month is in Libra – time to work on relationships, love,peace,and balancing within friend,family and work relationships (see my separate blog on the new moon in Libra for more details).

I’m back off to London today for another day of readings at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges. I’m so lucky and totally in love with life right now!

Not such a busy day today but I still meet some awesome people.

The two hour train journey there and back is put to best use! I managed to get my two new blogs completed as well as one of my new oracle card sets. I also came up with an amazeballs idea for a second card deck! I have a super busy schedule from now till Christmas, so I’m totally making the most of any free time on trains right now to create my new visions! How exciting!


Ah, back at the Lounge.  I’ve missed being here the last couple of days. How mad is that? I have the decorations ready for Halloween! How can we have a mystic shop and not go large on Halloween? I’d never be a true witch if I didn’t celebrate this fabulous time of year. I have my day time psychic development group today with lovely ladies that are doing very well.

I celebrate the Sabbats and when I can, I go to a lovely pagan group each month to meet, see a talk or celebrate with rituals and ceremony.

Great group this evening.We have a few new people join, so it gives the regulars fresh blood to work with.


Busy day at the Mystic Lounge, I see a lady who gets great comfort in some baby news I see coming very soon. I’m a predictive psychic. I see what’s coming up for many and I know when I’m right or when it’s just a possibility. And, this news feels very accurate. I often get messages from or bump into clients that tell me that what I predicted has come true. Even though  they couldn’t see it at the time, I clearly did. I don’t often remember readings, as it’s not my stuff to hold. However, once my mind has been jogged, I occasionally do recall parts of the reading.

Tonight, I’m off to see Tony Stockwell in Eastleigh with my friend Lia. I’ve never seen him before but have heard great things! I’m not disappointed. I love that he’s very down to earth and starts the evening off by saying that some of the messages will be great, some will be amazing and some could be better because that’s how it goes at these demonstrations. It certainly relaxes the pressure, leading to a great evening of evidentual mediumship and good humour. I would definitely go and see him again.


Another busy day at the Lounge. If someone had said to me a year ago that I’d be running my own coffee shop and psychic development centre in a year’s time, I wouldn’t have believed it! My original plan was to have a little healing place where I could take my circle and do my own readings outside of home, rather than continuing to pay different community centres. What followed was all out of the blue! After several unexpected changes, I was running an unplanned  coffee shop and psychic centre with Paula and within a few more months, the Cosham shop came up. It was such a good deal that we had to grab it. Soon, we found ourselves painting and decorating a new shop! We are now a few months on and it was the best decision ever! However, I would never have taken on a shop of any kind or thought I could  run one if I’d thought about it properly! Obviously spirit and the universe knew the bigger plan 🙂 Thank God!


Tonight, Paula and I have our first demonstration together. As per usual, we’ve not planned how the evening will go and will trust!

We had a busy day, as most Fridays are. So, didn’t get a chance to discuss the evening. It’s a quick turnaround from finishing shop, doing the kids dinner and then back to the shop.

I honestly thought we’d only get a few people but we filled the place (not too hard as it’s not too large…lol)! In the end, we had to close the doors, as we couldn’t get anymore people in!

The event goes really well and we get around to everyone with a message. Paula and I work so well together at the shop. After doing our live feed readings on social media, we knew we would work well together at a demonstration. We added a twist to it, making it slightly different from the usual mediumship demonstrations. This worked very well and the feedback was amazing. Some said it was the best demonstration they’d ever been too! To view parts of this, see my Youtube chanell, Kate May Modern Day Mystic


No rest for the wicked. We have our autumn open day today in the Lounge with our new events programme and winter menu. Everyone goes home with a goody bag and their faces painted!

This evening I have another friends 40th party – Masquerade Ball. I love dress up parties, especially the glamorous ones! Mr. Flaaa, on the other hand, is less impressed. However, he still joins in and looks super hot!

Was a great evening. I caught up with a few friends, had a boogie and didn’t get too wasted! Always a bonus!


Big Family day today. I’ve worked so hard recently and I really want to take the kids out and have some fun! We grab one of Colin’s grandsons, Callum, and head out to a cooked breakfast followed by a swim. Afterwards, we watch a movie together. Later, we wait for my nephew to arrive and take all four boys to Flip Out. All worn out, we have a chilled evening with another family movie.




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