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Diary of a Mystic Week 11


A day off to recover from our weekends. We close the Lounge on Mondays. I head over to see my mum for a few hours before picking the kids up from school. Suzzette and I try to do a few live readings from The Mystic & The Medium but the signal her end isn’t great. We get through a few but have to work on that! We do have some wonderful interviews lined up though, kick-starting with the lovely David Wells.

It’s only a week away that we’re off to America! All of a sudden, it’s come very close! Looking forward to seeing Col’s cousins and relaxing for a week while the boys are with their dad for the half-term


Quieter day in the Lounge today. We have a few readings each and our regulars pop in but on the whole, it’s a bit more chilled. Last week, I did a reading for a lady and told her a pregnancy would be there very soon. She messaged me today with an image of her pregnancy stick! Positive! So pleased for her!

We hear news on the new royal baby pregnancy today also – I’m predicting a girl!

Great group this evening. I love it when they all connect so well that they get a good buzz from what they get for each other.


Busier today at the Lounge. Paula gives an hour long meditation every Wednesday at 12pm. Everyone who attends always comes out chilled. I wish I could sit in it but I’m left to do the food! We’ve started our new autumn menu, so we’re now serving hot chilli and jacket spuds, cooked breakfasts and homemade curry! It’s all going down very well with the customers and I’ve not poisoned anyone so far!

Tonight, there’s a few of us off to see friends. Paul and Derek Acorah are doing a mediumship demonstration in Fareham. It ends up being quite a social event and we bump into quite a few people we know there!


Word must be out about our yummy new menu because we’re super busy with food orders today.

I meet a lady who has just started her own business and wants to see how it’s all going. She’s amazed when I say how many people are involved and what the dynamics are. I’m able to confirm what she’s feeling but can also give her the guidance she needs to overcome or best any challenges. That’s the thing with tarot, it should make sense to the client. I don’t believe the client should be so unaware of their current situation. Once I get their trust with what I know from the heart of their situation, the prediction is more open to trust.

I have my own reading with a friend today, fingers crossed it all works as good as said! We both pick up a vibe of change in November /December that could be a bit of a challenge but the rest of the year looks favourable.

A dear friend comes over this evening. He really wants to help Mr Flaaa get his mojo back in mediumship. Slowly, Col is working towards it. He’s the most amazing medium and is wasted when not working!


London, Baby! I’m in Selfridges today with the Psychic Sisters. What a fabulous day! Jayne Wallace and the girls are so welcoming. It’s a lovely place to work. I’m really busy today. I think I see about nine people. I meet someone who recently lost their dog and I was able to bring them great comfort with the doggie’s name and description. I love my work!

I’ve worked my way round the store now. Being so big, I never thought I would. However, it’s quite easy as long as I stick to the same escalators!

I’m ready to crash when I get home later this evening.


We have a workshop on today with the most amazing trance healer – Stephen Smith.

The whole day is amazing and we all learn so much. We have another full house and lots of new people too.

Stephen gives Paula a little reading and all is well with the Mystic Lounge!

Busy evening! We have a fayre tomorrow and our car has broken down! So, I get my fab daddy to nip me over and do the food shopping for Col’s kitchen.

We also have to book things for our trip to America on Monday! We still need to sort our hire car and taxi!





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