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Diary of a mystic week 14


I have the day off! And so does Joshua. I promised him a trip up to London shopping, so off we go!Mum comes with us too. Its super busy and we lose mum several times! This is not uncommon and should have been expected really!Starting to panic, as the evening was getting on and the day light had gone, I am imagining all sorts, only to find her having her make up done by someone offering free treatments as she walked by!Its a long day but well worth it!


 Been extra busy in the lounge today, so many walkins – its great that word is starting to get out there more! A lady came in and was able to get confirmation that her late dad was in spirit and had managed to communicate very easily for her. He showed me he was in the police force and had lost a brother whom he had met up with in spirit. He gave me several dates that was also confirmed by her. We had another lady come in, who was stuck in her life in all sorts of direction with love, work and moving forward. With the help of the Tarot cards, I gave her the direction she needs to get moving with things, and she leaves so much more happier and more in control of her life.

 Its super cold now and we have a small group for the development circle, but great results.I ask them to all stand and give messages as a mini fledgling evening, they are super fab and give great evidence


 The winter has definitely set in now. We are all wrapped up and cosy at work though,the heating on seems to be drawing people in from outside in the cold. Our winter menu is in full swing with Tacos and Chilli Jackets.

 This evening I have a large Tarot Party to do. Its quite far out and as I don’t drive, I train it. Im met by a lovely group of ladies who are all excited to see whats going on and who’s going to connect with them. The evening goes really well, and they are all super pleased with their readings.A father connects to his daughter and tells her he knows of the forthcoming wedding that has only just been announced to the family this week and of the baby news that is still a secret! I love my work!


 Quieter day in the lounge today – must be that cold weather- I wouldn’t go out if I really didn’t need too. Its a great time to get the diary up to date though and all the admin bits.

 Tonight I have a new Tarot course starting. Tarot is my passion so not only am I super lucky to be doing readings every day, I also get to share my knowledge so others can do the same!

 Im preparing my full moon alter and notes tonight ready for tomorrows full moon in Gemini.See my separate blog on that!


 Sad day today – Paulas mum has passed away. We start off the morning chatting about how poorly she is after a visit yesterday from the family, but to get a phone call at work, Paula is completely shocked and obviously devastated. We are so Lucky to have amazing friends, Sonia steps into help with the Coffee shop as I have readings booked in, we cancel what we can but some we had no numbers for, so I see them. Everyone is very understanding and really pulls together to support and help where they can. The Full Moon Ritual is off tonight as well. This makes for a lovely quiet evening with Mr Flaaa and the boys. Im very reflective of how lucky I am with both parents still alive and well and my little family around around me now.


 We have a law of attraction workshop today with the lovely Michell, and an hour laughter yoga! While this was on I was busy with a client in the other room and all we could hear was ooddles of laughter! Made everyone feel great. They all leave with wonderful vision boards ready for new year!

 Michelle talks about the power of the Secret and the law of attraction- how you can manifest your life with visions and changing your outlook. Im a huge believer in this and have managed to change many things on this belief.

Energy attracts Energy– Like attracts like – when you have positive outlook you really do see the cup half full, I am sure the crappy stuff still happens, but now I handle it a way that makes it easier. You only have to look at your friends social media posts (which I try not too if I am honest, unless its a funky picture image I like) some will be full of doom and gloom, nothing is going right for them, everyone’s out to get them, but what are they doing? They are feeding it! Its not as easy as it sounds, but making small positive steps to changing your mindset will work for the better. We cant be 100% happy bunnies and it wouldn’t be healthy, we are human after all, but its about balance and in general I believe. Read the secret – try it for a month see how you go! What have you got to lose eh?


 Family day today. After a filling breakfast out, we have a few hours chilling them we head off to Mummy Flaaas in Bournemouth. She is moving soon, but wants to know when and when, also a medium, she asks Col and I to tune in to our psychic power for guidance. Between the 3 if we get bugger all lol. Stuck, So maybe that’s it she’s stuck!

We leave after an hour or so and take the kids down to the centre to meet up with friends and see the Christmas Lights. I have been friends with these guys for years now, I used to live near them but met them through another friend who was their step sister. We fell pregnant at a similar time and got closer when the children came along. That was 13 years ago!Many holidays together, drunken nights, tears and laughter, here weare enjoying the Christmas cheer. The lights are beautiful and really festival. We finish with a few rounds in the arcades. Ho HoHo




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