Diary of a Mystic week 15


London baby! Off to Selfridges today to work my magic. I have a wonderful gift of tissues this morning, with a bit of a nose in need of a dab, I head off to the station for my train to London, to work, I forgot my tissues! This makes me panic in a funny way, same as having no water on me does, I know it sounds strange, anyway when I get There I notice a pack of tissues (clean ?)are left on the bench! Thanking my angels and Spirit guides I head off London

I absolutely love it there! The journey is great for catching up on laptop admin work and a chance to plan my next week and months ventures. Jayne is super lovely and very welcoming, as is all the other girls. The Christmas buzz is starting to reach London now and every where is packed with glitter!

 Its a busy day, there are 4 of us in today, the Psychic Sisters dept has lots of fabulous new stock in, some beautiful Amethyst and Jade crystal. I meet people from all over the world here, they all seem happy and take my name to book me again on their next visit!


While Paula is off from her mum passing, we have our friend Sonia in the shop this week to help.

Its busy today despite the rainy cold weather. We have a few old friends pop in for a look around and catch up, which is lovely. I meet a lady for reading and her aunt in spirit connects with her, I talk about the feathers and she instantly knows what im talking about. These are sure signs of spirits along with Robins, and butterflies. Words and music will connect too – always worth listening out to answers in a song when you have a question. I tell her this and say there must be a musical connection here and it turns out she is a singer in a band!

 I cancel the group tonight because of the high winds and rain- no one wants to come out in this! Even if it is for magic!

Instead I have a chilled eve with the fam catching up on im a celebrity and admin work!


 Rainy, cold day here at the lounge, we are very quiet, as is the rest of the high street. Tonight’s Christmas light switch on is postponed also. I have a few email and phone readings to do, so a good day for that!People think they have to be in the room with you for a reading but its just as easy to do it on the phone or computer.


 Ive sent off my own design of tarot cards today to the publishers!Fingers crossed they like the ideas, and will take them on to be published!

I have also been lucky enough to have had an article published in an online magazine – Psychic Insight – its about how I got into this magical spiritual world! When I look back and think of how it all started, it is amazing really, even with a year so much as happened,things I never dreamt possible! Most of it has happened without any real planning, to be honest if I had planned it im sure I would have talked myself out of it, Sometimes its best to trust the universe and go with the flow!


Tarot share always brings in a busy crowd, so after a couple of quiet daysits nice to see the lounge busy again.

The children are with their dad this weekend, im desperate to put thetree up but promised them id wait till Sunday when they are home.

I have an online reading with a lady in Dubai this evening, I have read for her and her friends for a couple of years now, but it always amazes me how accurate the cards are with them there and me here!


We have our monthly mediumship demonstration at the lounge, tonight its with Medium Daren Higgins. We have a great evening and he is very accurate with details and names – my friend Mark comes through, he often does. He passed several year back, and always comes through with his name and details of his passing first. I hang on until I hear his name mentioned, then I know its him and I speak up to take the contact. Too many people are message grabbers in my opinion, some I know are desperate for a message, some just like the attention and make anything fit! This doesn’t do the medium or spirit any favors. My Friend Kellie, now in Spirit , took me to my first churches, she used to say – just say yes to anything and they will eventually hit on something lol – her hand was always going up!

Ive had some cracking messages over the years, there really is some wonderful mediums out there. When I first met Mr Flaaa, he gave me a reading and bought my grandad through, it was so good and he was spot on with the description, and message, now though he wont do me a reading for obvious reasons! Such a shame!


 We are up early for breakfast out then off to church, Val Williams is serving the Portsmouth Temple today, its a lovely Service and Colin gets a great message from his Grandad via Val. 

For the first time this year, Im attending spiritual fayre that ive not organised.  Its great to be on the other side for a change, I get to do a few readings and mingle with the other stall holders with no stress! A lady comes up to me and tells me she follows me on Instagram – I feel famous for a second lol

When the boys come home, the tree goes up, as I recently re decorated the front room col ours, the tree has to match! Ive got new rose gold baubles and tinsel, im a bit of a pain when it comes to the Christmas tree, I like it all matching and symmetrical! Mr Flaaa drapes a few gold pieces of tinsel and I can see he is so pleased with his effort, as soon as he is out the room, I rearrange, he either doesn’t notice or is to polite to say on his return!