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Diary of a Mystic week 16


 Day off and a proper one at that! Not much planned other than Christmas shopping and tv catching up! I do pop into my aunts on the way and have a good catch up with her, my cousin and her baby. We used to all gather round there every weekend when my Nan and Gramps were alive,it hold happy memories. I shop far to much and have no idea how I manage to get it all home balancing the bags on my handle bars all the way from town to Cosham! A broom stick would have been much more sensible!


 Its Paula’s mum funeral today, so very sad. We close the shop for the morning, the service is lovely, but the best part was a beautiful poem read and wrote by Paula’s Daughter Hayley. The churchy people certainly had their eyebrows raised lol

  I occasionally get people coming up to me in the street or shops,recognise me from face book or from where Ive done them a reading previously, but ive never had it happen at a funeral- until now!

Its Tuesday so our psychic Development group is on, the guys are so good now, we have a fun exercise with drawings, before some great messages where given off.


 Its our Ladies night tonight – Ann summers, body shop and local crafts evening. The weather is terrible and there has been a major crash closing and blocking the roads nearby, so we don’t have many there,which means we have 2 options either go home or open up a bottle of wine or 3? guess which we chose!

Several hours later, a few rounds of snog, marry or avoid and 3bottles of wine, Sonia and I are left slightly worse the wear in the mystic River Lounge/pub! On a school night too – this wont go well in the morning but was a good laugh. I always think if it feels right do it if it doesn’t don’t, then if it goes wrong, at least it felt right at the time! This was one of those times for my motto!


Im not going to lie, I have felt better! Still it felt right at the time eh!

Had a lot of readings in today, luckily Paula was feeling more refreshed then I!

 By the evening im much more awake, ready to take on the tarot class.


Another busy day today, tarot share and full day of readings, people want to see what the new year has in store for them so the 12 month fore casts are being booked up quickly!

 Is lovely to see clients return, saying everything I told them last year has come about.

Its our Christmas night out, I have a party to read for first, so dash home after work , feed the kids then hope on my bike to do the readings. They go really well, I have read for them before several years ago, I hardly ever remember the people I read for, or at least I don t remember the readings. This is just as well and makes it all fresh for them and me! Its lovely to bring loved ones through for their families, especially when its birthdays and anniversary’s such as it was tonight

A couple of hours later, we meet up at the lounge, all dressed up for Chrimbo, we head out to a Karaoke bar, its great fun, we all have far too much to drink, kill some great songs on the stage and generally let our hair down. There is a complete flirt off with a couple of the girls, its very obvious who has partners and who don’t lol. Its way past midnight when we leave all worse the wear in the back of a taxi!


Woken up proper hanging today!

We decided to close the shop! Thats the beauty of owning your own shop and working self employed!

 I make it, just about, to Joshuas football match, its not often I can do this now, so when I get the chance I do. Although hungover in the cold and rain is not on my list of to dos!

As the day wears on, I feel worse and worse! Im not as young as I was!And it becomes very apparent each time I go out! Gone are the days of out partying most nights, much more in favor of cosy nights in the the fam!

My Friend Phil is down for the weekend, he moved to Ireland a few month back, im so looking forward to seeing him albeit hanging! We have a great catch up but I stick to tea!


No rest for the wicked! I have my annual open house today for Christmas.Ive been doing this ever since I moved in my home, so about 13 years now. Its a great time to catch up with friends and family, some we only see at Christmas time, share gifts and cards and just do what Christmas time is for. Ollie invited some of his friends over to join in the fun. I spend the morning preparing the nibbles and making sure the house is all neat and tidy, and wait for everyone to arrive!

 Several hours later and everyone has gone, been a great day as usual. When the kids were smaller, the house was over run with children playing,now its mainly adults while the kids stick to the bedrooms!




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