Diary of a Mystic week 19

Monday week 19

Christmas eve! The boys want to go to the cinema, so thats our day date planned! We saw the Grinch, can not beat a xmas movie on xmas eve!

As the day moves on, we are all getting excited for the big day! The kids get Santa mice pie, and Rudolph carrot out ready and go to bed relatively easy, and so do Mr Flaaa and I

I sneakily creep into the boys bedrooms and fill their stockings. On our first Christmas together, I bought Mr.Flaaa a west ham stocking, so I fill that with goodies too.


Its Christmas day! – I had a terrible night sleep and wake at 4! I get up at 4.45 and do the ironing and a few laptop bits including my Yule, Christmas, winter Solstice Blog. At 6.30 I go back to bed, everyone still sound oh.

The kids wake around 8, not to bad really, and we get up a bit later. Stockings opened and the excitement of Christmas is beginning in the Bowman/Flaaa house hold.

My dad, Aunty, Cousin, nephwe, brother and sister in law all arive by 1030 and the first part of unwrapping begins, I get some lovely jewellery from Flaaa, the boys get loads!

The second part is I my dad, next door. I get lots of new tarot and astrology cards!

The third part is at my mums, we take a drive up to hers and enjoy more pressies and yummy food. Its the first time ive ever had xmas dinner at my mums and its the first time in 8 years, since my step dad passed, that she has cooked at Christmas. Its a lovely day and we leave with oddles of more gifts. We are so full, it is bed time before we start to feel normal again lol


Boxing day, This morning we pop down the beach and arcades for a few hours fresh air! We do this every boxing day morning, preparing us for dinner at ours from my dads. He cooks it, brings it into ours and we eat it – a fair swap of energies! I love Boxing day food, cols meats and pickles, yummy!

Im proper lazing it this holiday break, falling asleep in the afternoons, waking to eat chocolate, drinking tea and repeat!

This eve we play charades, a classic xmas game for the family. Its so funny watching everyone act things out, Ollie is so good at getting them right, he has my psychic powers, mine are still on holiday!

Tomorrow the kids are going to their dads for the weekend so ill be back at the Lounge working. We said I would do this week and Paula would do next week as we thought it wouldn’t be busy, however thanks to the News paper write up, we have had so many people wanting to book readings!

Thursday Back in the lounge and ive taken the decs down, cleaned the cupboards out, been shopping for fresh food, swapped the xmas music over and put the new menu board up ready. Its very busy and great to see people coming back in, we have lots of bookings for readings in the new year, so many new customers as well as our regulars.

In the eve, I have my Tarot course, I choose to carry it on through the holidays because its a 10 week course and would go on forever if we broke it up. Plus I have more plans after its finished.


Tarot Share coffee morning today and we have lots of new cards on show. I had 4 decks or new oracle cards and a palmist deck. Derek, one of our regulars also brings in some new one as does our Kev La, another customer/friend who is now part of the furniture I love seeing new cards!

I do a couple of readings for some new ladies who saw our interview in the paper! In the reading for one of them, a lady connects, after other members of the family had passed, first off she says no the lady, but I am so sure and get more information for her, saying this isn’t a family member but …. then the penny drops and she says oh yes! She can take her! The messages and description make full sense and they leave happy saying they will be telling their friends! This reading was particularly special because an important private message was delivered and accepted from her dad who had passed.

This evening we are off to Paula daughter surprise 30th birthday party, i am unsure weather to go for boots or shoes and after a public vote on face book, choose the boots! I change usual drink of rose wine for double vodkas! Several of these later and I am more then merry! Fast forward a few hours and I am smashed! Throwing up is pretty normal for me after a night out but I still get surprised when I am over the toilet head down! Was a great night though!


Hung over is not the word! After a bacon baguette up Cosham , I spend the rest of the day on the sofa watching crap on the tele, drinking tea and eating chocolates! Not the most productive of days but I did manage a ride out to get my nails done!

The evening is like the day, laid out of the sofa, eating curry with Flaaa – Tomorrow I will move!


After a lovely lay in, we hit a cafe for breakfast then join the gym! I used to go regularly but haven’t been properly for a year now, so I have singed up with the village gym and have a swim, sauna and the hottest steam ever!

With the boys still at their dads and no hangover in sight, its a perfect day to clean and sort everything, starting with my wardrobes! Several hours later and the house is all sparkly again.

Darren calls and asks to have the boys an extra night, which means I can chill out and watch trash. Mr Flaaa is at his brothers watching football and having a poker night. My chilled night in lasts 2 mins, when I see a post from my friend Lucy, saying she is in tonight home alone, as her boys are with their dad. Perfect opportunity to catch up with her, so within another 2 minutes we have arranged a pub date! I aim to sick to single vodkas though 🙂

What a brilliant evening! So I don’t completely stick to the single shots of vodka, but I keep it in check! Its been such a busy year, I have really missed catching up with friends like this, we agree to make it a monthly do! Pinky Promise!