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Diary of a Mystic week 20

New years eve! The boys come back to me today after the weekend at their dads, so we hot the shops! OMG Im knackered! I thought girls could shop! Joshua is at that age, where he likes all the designer clothes now, so we join many queues along with a 100 other 13 year olds for far too expensive shit! Ollie on the other hand is happy with gadgets and the simpler clothing range, but is so cute wanting to get joshs approval and buy things that look the same.

While im out I decide to swing by the nose piercing shop and enquirer. Wanted it done for a while now, so in I go. The lady explains it wont hurt, less painful then the top of the ear bla bla bla – I experience the complete opposite! Fook me it really hurt! Its on u tube now lol Was it worth it? I think so! Unfortunately I choose a nose stud that doesn’t sit flat so it looks like a black head! I have to wait 6 weeks before I can change it.

So nothing planned this evening, to be honest im so tired its been a manic year, we choose to stay in and see the new year in as just the 4 of us. The boys are over joyed that they can stay up till midnight. We do have party poppers and as the clock strikes 12 we hit the front garden with our pjs, slippers, coats and party poppers!

When I was little, we used to stay at my Nan’s ( the house I now live in) and we would stay up with her, while my parents partied somewhere, at midnight we would get the pits and pans out, open the front t door to let the new year in and the back door to let the old year out, then with her glass of sherry, my brother her and I would toast the new year in.


New year new start and all that!

Lovely chilled morning, no hangover and no mess to clear up – great! We decide to go to the cinema to see Aquaman. Colin’s Grandson Callum comes over and the 5 of us hit Gunwhalf for the movie. I forgot my nose piecing and accidentally take my glasses off almost ripping the thing out! F.F.S ouch and f… ouch! Not sure how long this will last!

What an amazing film! Made me jump in a few places, kids were ok though and Colin is hard core! Once back its quite late so we veg out!


Day with friends today. Colin is back at work, Mystic river lounge is open, but Paula is working this week as I don’t think we will be too busy with readings for us both to be in. I do however pop over to the shop to fill the fridge and cupboards and we already have 2 ladies waiting for a reading by 10am!

My friend Donna pops over with her boys. I met Donna years back before we had children though her sister in law, Laura, who I went to school with. Her husband was my dj at my wedding and a few years later we were almost neighbours. Before I was a reader, I was a beauty therapist an would do treatment parties on her and her friends. We fell pregnant at a similar time and started going to baby clubs together where we got a lot closer, fast forward 10 years and the kids have grown up together, we have had numerous family holidays, both with my ex husband and Colin.

We have a great catch up and take the kids over the woods. Her husband Darren owns Somerville Stone, a successful stone mason business.

Paula calls and says the shop was manic! 7 readings came in and she had to get a customer who is now a friend to jump behind the counter and serve! The news article has swamped us, so I decide to go in tomorrow instead of having it off.


Super busy day! Loads of new people and loads of readings! Sometimes, even the most experienced of readers kick themselves within a reading.

I have a guy come in and as im reading his cards, I feel spirit coming close of one of his grandparents, this is confirmed with the evidence I give. A second grandparent also connects, again confirmed, then I feel his mum coming through, its quite common for 1 or 2 other relatives to come through first, then the one the client really wants to connect with get the green light to come through. Throughout the reading he talks about a particular country that would have memories there, but because It felt too obvious to say, I ask for something else and am shown a piece of information that I say, the guy says yes he used to go to this particular country all the time! Grrr If only I had trusted more and followed what I first got! Lesson learnt! Its good fort the client to get this evidence but also I love it too!

After a busy day, we are buzzing from all the great feedback and new customers we have met.

This evening I have my tarot class, we’ve moved on quite quickly and now into the suits. The guys do so well and are much more confident at reading for each other now.


Another busy in the lounge, and some exciting news that I can not share just yet! Paula has some great feed back form her readings as well and the new clients in today all say they will return wither friends! Now our nick name for the place is mystic Towers after some of the crazy stuff that happens, today is no different and I knock over a whole tub of drinking chocolate and almost swipe off the card display when my pocket hocks onto the end! I am sure no one noticed!

So not all the conversations are spiritual in the shop, some are just too funny to write, and when the busy period quietens down we fall about with funny stories that have a intimate nature!

Too busy for our loose mystics today but we will be back next Friday with it.

This evening, my Ollie boo is away at his friends for a sleep over so with just myself Mr Flaaa and Josh we have a curry and watch the inbetweeners! So funny!


I have a good friend that I have been asking to manage me for ages now, and she is hopefully in a position to do this! Along with the Mystic Rivet Lounge, our spiritual coffee shop and development center, I am also involved in the Loose Mystics where we hold our live readings and interviews and my own personnel work, of which I have many plans up my magic mystical sleeve! She has some fantastic ideas so heres hoping we can all work together

Swim and sauna later, all chilled out now to start on my next lot of new moon vlogs and blogs!


Its our final week with the old shop, so we have to clear the last bits out, you know whats its like, we have had 6 months and now have 3 days! After a hearty breakfast out, we nip down and gather the bits leaving it all clear and ready to move on! New moon today,in Capricorn which is in my first house astrology wise, so I am feeling very motivated to get work things completed.

Mr Flaaa is also feeling the moons effect, and has started to de clutter his special corner and fix his Bike!

We have signed up with 2 charity’s this year through the lounge , one of them is Portsmouth helping hands for the homeless. Its super cold now so they are collecting for coats and warm item, between us and my dad we have collected a huge amount today, clearing the house at the same time! Even my dear old Nan’s scarf was found, she would love that fact that its helping others keep warm long after she has passed over.




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