Diary of a Mystic week 22


London Baby – I am working with my friend Anne today, its a great day, busy as usual. The streets are a lot quieter compared to when I was last there at Christmas.

I miss the train by minutes and so have to wait around in Victoria for the next one. Luckily I have a good magazine and some chocolate. Im almost too comfy and nearly miss the next train! A quick run for it and I am on!

My Cleaner comes today and I am so pleased! Feels like ages, I love coming home to a sparkly house


I am still aching from my gym work out last week, so I am thinking of having another few days rest! Plus I am super tired from the traveling yesterday and all the readings of late.

We have a very exciting call today and look set to have an agent! She is meeting us next week and I cant wait to discuss all our exciting ideas. The group tonight is great, I split them up and have one set healing and one set practicing fledglings. They are all super fab and make me feel so proud.


Now in all the years I have been doing tarot, I have never had it where I can not read for someone, until today! I have read fpr this client before . A couple of times, but today nothing is making sense to her. Luckily I have mystic Paula to pass her on too, but she can not read for either, again this has never happened to Paula. While we are not sure why for certain, there can be many factors, but we are honest enough to say this to her and obviously don’t charge her.

It certainly has put me in an odd place, and I am wondering if we have been over doing it lately.

Hot bath and relaxing evening later

Thursday After a good night sleep, I am feeling more alive today. Just as well as its another busy day!

I am so wanting to share some other news with you all but I cant! Not just yet!

My class tonight is postponed,as a few are off so I get to spend the evening catching up on emails, web sites and online readings


Another Fab Friday, very busy today, buys coffee morning and tarot share as well as lot of reading booked in, I do love Fridays

Mr Flaaa and I have been having a few tense weeks. We had a wobble over Christmas and new year, as couples, do, but its left me feeling super insecure! So I am trying proper hard to get things back on track.

He has a reading booked tomorrow with a different psychic, one that doesn’t know him or I or the work we do.

He has also handed his notice in. His job is not fulfilling him enough and with an operation coming up soon he has decide to leave rather than be off long term sick.


While im busy doing readings at the lounge, Mr Flaaa goes for his reading. Its my weekend with the boys so I finish early enough to take them to lunch. Col meets us there and he seems so much more settled. His reading has clearly helped and I can not wait to get home and listen to it.

Bingo – Eyes down for a full house – Tonight we head off to bingo, we don’t win but its good to get out together.


Family day or that’s the plan – Its freezing, josh has football, we go and watch him play, unfortunately they lose and he’s so upset. I plan to do some fun things with them this afternoon however instead we are stuck in the car while it broke down for 2 hours! In that time though Josh manages to chill out.

By the time we get home all I have time for is the weekly shopping before I cook a full roasty. Still at least im not working today!

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