Diary of a Mystic week 23


I am still aching from my gym work out last week, so Im thinking of having another few days rest! Plus I am super tired from the traveling yesterday and all the readings of late.

We have a very exciting call today and look set to have an agent! She is meeting us next week and I cant wait to discuss all our exciting ideas.

Hot bath and relaxing evening later



While im busy doing readings at the lounge, Mr Flaaa goes for his reading. Its my weekend with the boys so I finish early enough to take them to lunch. Col meets us there and he seems so much more settled. His reading has clearly helped and I can not wait to get home and listen to it.

Bingo – Eyes down for a full house – Tonight we head off to bingo, we don’t win but its good to get out together.


Family day or thats the plan – Its freezing, josh has football, we go and watch him play, unfortunately they lose and he’s so upset. I plan to do some fun things with them this afternoon however instead we are stuck in the car while it broke down for 2 hours! In that time though Josh manages to chill out.

By the time we get home all I have time for is the weekly shopping before I cook a full roasty. Still at least im not working today!

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