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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Diary of a Mystic week 24


Its Paula’s day off and I am home alone in the Lounge today. Its quite busy but I have decided not t do readings today to have a break. A lovely guy pops in, he sits quietly at first, enjoying his cuppa then our Kev La asks if he is interested in the spiritual word, he no longer sits their quietly lol, turns out he is a medium himself, although not been working for a while, his knowledge is amazing and he knows quite a few old school mediums, turns out he had the same teacher I had 20 years ago!

I love it that people come in here and open up to talk about their path way and experiences, its great to share!


Back doing readings today and its all go go go!

I meet a guy who is unsure about his work direction, from the cards I can see he has recently changed his jobs and there is a strong potential he will be changing twice more in the next 6 months!

When I explain what I am picking up it fits as he has been offered a temp job only lasting till May.

Psychic development group tonight, I choose to do scrying! Each student pairs up and with a candle and mirror they start to see if they can notice any changes.


We have a meeting with our new Agent! They will be helping to manage us as the shop plus individually. Its all very exciting and between us we have some great ideas.

The work starts now on though with our web sites!

This evening we are off to Southampton to see our friend to a mediumship demonstration and talk. Its a great evening, we catch up with quite a few friends there and enjoy the whole night


Mr Flaaa finishes his job today! He comes in afterwards all relieved and almost stress free – we are defiantly back on track and all loved up again 🙂 Its been a crazy few weeks and some amazing opportunity’s have come up, at this stage I am so excited to share but I cant! Im under strict insructions to keep quiet but hopefully next week I can share all!

Tarot class tonight, we are looking at astrology and Tarot, 2 of my fave subjects!


As usual its a busy Friday, Today is super special as we have the amazing and well known Spiritual Medium Mavis Pittilla down for a mediumship demonstration and workshop. The evening is a sell out as expected, Mavis and my good friend Suzette do a wonderful demonstration and the evening is very much enjoyed by all. The evidence was amazing from both of them

Saturday &Sunday

Excited to be at the workshop that Suzette and I have organised with Mavis & Jean. Its full on but so good! I never wanted to do platform work but recently my mediumship has been getting stronger and since I have started doing tarot dems I feel I may be going down that path way! However I didn’t expect to be up this weekend! I thought I would just listen in, but Mavis has other ideas!

Everyone is lovely that has come along, and we all have a great time, learning so much and working together.

I love the fact that Mavis is so down to earth and real, no flannel and keeps it very simple but at the same time shows that there is so much to quality mediumship then most would know.

Its so easy for people to think they can be a medium by getting a few bits here and there, without depth and quality, or knowing the mechanics of mediumship. This workshop has gone through so much in such a short space of time. I can not wait to share this weekend and the knowledge with my development group, further more I am super excited by what was offered to me today!

I will hopefully be able to join Mavis s mentorship programme!

Once back home, the boys come back from their dads, I get very much back to being a mum, so my grounding his clear lol, ironing and cleaning and preparing school wear for the morning!

It is also Mr Flaaas birthday today – 58 years young! And still very much got it 🙂 While iv e been away, he too has been away, I have spoken to him several times a day and looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow




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