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Diary of a Mystic Week 3


Today is our last day in Bristol. It’s been great to chill with the family. Looking forward to seeing Mr Flaaa but not before we take the children to see Clifton Suspension Bridge. I’ve been  here several times as a child but bringing my own children here today has a wonderful feeling about it. We talk about the history of the bridge and how a lady tried to kill herself by jumping off. Amazingly, her skirt acted as a parachute and saved her. She went on to have 10 children!

The views are amazing. I love my photography and was able to get some cracking pictures


Back to work today! I rarely get nervous doing readings. Since I do so many each week, I can’t really afford to get nervous. However, today I had an appointment with someone that is in the public eye. Because of this, I knew a little about him. Luckily, I had absolute faith in my tarot cards and my psychic abilities. The reading went very well. I was recommended to him from another well known, regular client of mine. It’s always wonderful to be recommended so highly but this comes with added pressure! I trust my guides and cards and leave most of it up to them!

Tonight we have our psychic development group. I love this group! We have some newbies join us tonight and everyone one manages to stand up and give a message or an inspirational quote. I try and get them standing up and talking each week to build their confidence and it seems to work!


Very busy day at the Mystic River Lounge.Between myself and my partner in crime,Paula, we read for lots of walk ins. It’s so good to work with my best friend, my working wife and someone who shares the same passion and respect for spiritual work.

You’d think we’d be fighting over the walk ins but it’s the complete opposite. We have such a good banter between us. It makes everyday very fun and enjoyable. In secret, we call the Lounge ‘Mystic Towers’. If only I could write what happens behind the scenes – some very funny moments indeed. One day we’ll write a book on it!

I keep seeing white feathers wherever I go. I know this to be a sign from spirit that I’m on the right path and something good is coming.


Now, it may be known that I don’t always put my clients in the diary! This week is one of those weeks in which Mercury is not playing ball! I’ve no idea how I managed to pull this week off so far. So many lovely people that were booked in never appeared in my diary! Luckily, its all been fine. However,this week is ridiculous and I’m now getting a regular, certain look from the work wife!

The tarot cards and spirit never cease to amaze me.While reading for one lady, just one card had me picking up on Spain, France and Italy along with children and relationship choices. My knowledge of geography is off the scale. At school, I got four per cent and three per cent. Of that, three per cent was for trying! So, I’ve no idea how close or not these countries are. The client was able to confirm that her main challenge included all I saw. Her children live in Spain but they want to move to Italy. Her partner lives in France. Sometimes, I look at the cards and think, “I’ve no idea what this means.” But, it all makes sense to the client, which is the whole point!


Quieter day at the Mystic Lounge, which allowed us to catch up on the admin side of things. I’ve just had a new website created by my very good friend and fellow reader, Sophie Pittila. We call each other ‘soul sisters’. You know when you have that instant connection with someone? Well, Soph and I clicked from the word ‘go’.

It wasn’t until several months later that I discovered her mum was the famous medium, Mavis Pittila! Sophie didn’t let on her surname for awhile and when you meet someone, it’s not often you ask their full name.

I’ve met Mavis several times. Her knowledge and evidence of the spirit world is probably the best in the business. Although very humble, she’s so inspirational

Tonight I had a charity event booked that was wonderfully organised by a previous student of mine that is now a friend. She was raising money for the Rowans Hospice.

It’s at these events you meet some lovely souls. All have a story and a difficult journey but they share such strength


Although Mr Flaaa is working today, we decide to close the Lounge. Saturdays are hit and miss but after a busy week and work again tomorrow with a mind, body, spirit fayre, we agree we need a day off!

Wasn’t quite a day off though, school uniform shopping – oh the joys! But, we got there in the end and I even managed to get my nails done. When you’re working with your hands and the public, appearance is important. So, I try to get my nails done regularly. The girls at the salon are lovey and although they know what I do, they leave me to be pampered and quiet.

I have a rare night this evening. Bliss.

Mr Flaaa is off to a trance demonstration, leaving me home alone with the boys. It’s always good to see how others work and we often go to our local spiritualist churches or to others’ demonstrations.


Up bright and early today. We have our mind, body, spirit fayre in Hayling Island. Lots of lovely stalls including crystals, healers, readers, handmade crafts and more! There are free workshops and talks all day. Suddenly, I realise I’m one of the speakers! Organised as ever!.

My talk is on the Chakra Lotus. I Have about 20 people attend the talk. We go through how the emotional issues from now and the past affect and cause the present physical issues. Working through each Chakra, we can connect to these. It’s amazing how many people have past issues that affect and cause their illnesses today. We finish off with a lovely mediation. Out of all the courses I teach, this is by far my favourite. The information I give resonates with so many in the room, hopefully it will help them.

By the end of the day, I am completely knackered and head off to a roast dinner with the wife and Mr Flaaa.

It’s always great to see so many friends come to our fayres, our spiritual family.




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