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Diary of a Mystic Week 4


Last days of the holidays! I take the boys and my nephew to Rock Up! It’s a climbing activity centre in Whitley. They use plenty of energy, quite literally climbing the walls.We meet my mummy and end up back at hers for lunch before my brother picks us all up.

The plus side of of being self employed is that I’m able to be flexible and have fun days out when I want.

Still seeing the white feathers in random places or falling in front of me – Thank you angels x


The Kids are back to school!

Now, I love my boys. They’re my world. However, I also love my work. Honestly, trying to split the two during the holidays has been a struggle. Normally, I take the six weeks off to do things with them. Being self employed, this has been easy up to now! Having the Mystic River Lounge, I  cant just shut the coffee shop for weeks. Next time, we’ll have staff. However, being so newly opened, this wasn’t an option and the guilt of working is incredible.

It’s all done now, and normality returns.

You could be forgiven for thinking, “Why did you open a coffee shop then?” The truth is we didn’t plan it like it turned out. Although it has worked out exactly as it should, there was a time of adjustment needed. This resulted in myself and Paula running the coffee shop as well as the psychic and development centre.

When you work with spirit, you have to take the good with the not so good. When challenges appear, it’s important for us as working mediums to look at the bigger picture and go with what is happening. God and the universe knew very well what they were doing and we had to go through some things to come into the place we are now.

We read the cards and knew what was happening but it still didn’t make it comfortable. It certainly made it easier to know it was all going to be worth it.

So here we are making bacon baguettes, doing readings and selling crystals! We love it and truth be told, we probably wouldn’t change how we got here too much. 

Having the children back at school certainly sees myself and Paula feeling more relaxed this week.


We start back with our live readings today at the Lounge, I love doing these! Each morning at 10am I have a live card of the day feed via my face book group and page. Each week we do one from the Mystic Lounge – doing live readings using our clairvoyance and the cards for people who connect through the social media groups. We work so well together, Paula and I. Both of us enjoy the banter with each other but we also have our serious sides when needed for clients.

Today also brought some exciting news via an email from a TV Station. I’ve been asked to go to London to do a reality show on mystics and divination, in particular tarot! Obviously, I say yes. Got to be in it to win it eh?

Tonight saw the start of my new six-week psychic development class starting and what a fab evening it was. I really can’t wait to see where the students go. Teaching is one of my passions. I could talk all day long on spiritual shit!


Another busy day in the Lounge. We really do need more chairs!

We have another unit, which has been empty since we relocated to Cosham. It’s dead money rent wise, so we have come up with the idea of opening a second hand children’s’ shop – not selling children, that could be frowned upon, but selling second hand kids’ clothes, books and toys. My loft is bursting with bits from the boys, so it’s a win win. I just need someone to man it!

Tonight I have my tarot class.It’s almost the end of this 10 week course. I even get a reading from one of the students tonight, which is spookily accurate!

The white feathers are still appearing. Something must be brewing nicely!


Feeling so blessed to have our place today . A lady comes in very distressed. she asks for a reading and Paula takes her in our private reading room. A short while later, Paula comes back in saying the lady is so upset that she needs some healing. Obviously, on this occasion, we agree no charge should be given. Another healer friend happened to be in the shop as a customer at the time. Who says there’s no such thing as coincidence? Her and Paula are able to spend more time with the lady while I manage the coffee shop. When the lady leaves, after a couple of hours, she’s so grateful and looks so much better. To be able to offer this service here, to have a space to do this for someone who walks in off the street, is so wonderfully magical. This is healing where it matters most. I love my life

This evening is completely different. It’s my best friend’s 40th fancy dress party! We met when she was 16 and I was 19, so have many many tales to tell!

I go as a saloon girl, although I look more like a hooker. Mr Flaaa goes as a cowboy but would rather be an Indian, tis the theme!

It was a great night. I saw lots of friends I hadn’t seen for awhile and enjoyed celebrating with Deb.

And yes, I had way to many glasses of wine. Yes, I danced with our friends. Yes, I was in the bathroom at 4am wishing I’d left several hours before I actually did!


Up way too early today! Don’t mind saying that I’ve felt better!

Road trip to Wimbledon Spiritualist Church this weekend.

I have a tarot workshop booked in today and Mr Flaaa has a trance demonstration and workshop tomorrow.

Can’t believe I am hungover in church! Luckily, it doesn’t last long. It must be the magic of the tarot! The workshop goes really well and I have love every minute of it! Such wonderful people here. It’s always lovely to meet new people and have great feedback. I’m sure no one noticed me flushing out the alcohol with 10 gallons of water throughout!

Mr Flaaa’s trance demonstration was awesome. I’m not just saying it but he really is one of the best trance mediums around. The evening feed back is just as amazing.

Our room for the night is welcoming and we crash almost immediately! I said almost 🙂


Out for breakie before the Sunday service and Cols workshop. Taking the Sunday service was Ian. We met Ian back in March at a psychic weekend event that we all worked at in Weston-super-Mare, so it was nice to see him again. You meet so many different people in this world and it’s always lovely to catch back up at other events.

I choose to sit out of it and do some work on the websites, however the feedback made me wish I had sat in! I get to chat with the people running the church and meet their friends. It was lovely to see the church busy with healings and Ian’s teachings are so good. Everyone leaves in awe after a wonderful day.

After tea and cake ( a must at churches), we head home back to Portsmouth still buzzing and with no hang overs!




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