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Diary of a Mystic Week 5


Psychic Sisters, here I come! Super excited today. I drop the boys off at school, grab the train and head over to London, Oxford Street, to Selfridges. It’s huge! There’s an excited air as I walk across the departments, not knowing where I’m going but secretly smiling at how lucky I feel. I end up back outside and having to use the staff entrance. OMG! The staff have its own entrance!

Luckily I’m on a later shift, so I can get my bearings. Fortunately, my friend Anne is already there working. She’s been a Psychic Sister for over a year and knows the ropes well. I’m made to feel very welcome and have a client straight away. Ten clients later and I’m finished for the day! I’m pleasantly surprised at how busy it is and grateful for how lovely everyone is.

As I get the train back, it’s very late and I’m cream crackered but very happy that today went well. I’m booked to do three more dates next month.


Back to reality! Its a manic day at the Mystic Lounge. Lots of clients plus a networking meet up I’ve started. I think it’s really important to support other self employed businesses. I’ve arranged a coffee meet up here at the Lounge each month. Self employed people in any field can come and share ideas, support tactics and generally help each other. This is our second meet and so far so good! A couple of years back, I tried a few things that didn’t really work out. Now, I’m doing those same things again and they’re all falling into place. I knew they were good ideas. I was just in the wrong time zone! Today’s meet up has already helped me with a few things I’m trying to do.

It’s important not to give up, listen within and wait for the right timing.

My Tuesday night psychic development circle goes very well. Every week, my students surprise themselves with what they get! I love it!

The white feathers are still appearing all around the shop! It turns out we have pigeons nesting above us! This might account for some of the feathers but not all!


Our live readings are a great success today. We remember to angle the camera better, showing off our best sides! We both have some new opportunities offered this week. It’s great to be working together with Paula. However, it’s great to know we can do our own thing with others without any problems between us as well.

I’m working on a new idea with another friend, Suzette. It’s called ‘The Mystic & The Medium’. It’s very exciting! We plan to do interviews with well known mediums plus hold demonstrations both here and in California, where we’ve both built up work already. It’s something a little different to what others are doing. We like to be different. 🙂

Wednesdays are always hectic for me, as the boys have football after school and need feeding first! After a quick turnaround from the shop to home to doing dinner, I get them to football and rush back to the shop for my class!


The week is taking its toll on me. I’m so very tired but have a lovely day and some great readings. I meet with some skeptics today. They’re always handy, as they’re fresh blood for me to work on. The cards don’t disappoint and they’re amazed at my accuracy and how I know so much about them when we’ve only just met.

What made this even more fab was that they are walk-ins. There’s no way they can accuse me of looking them up. They get proof of the afterlife when their nan and grandad come through from spirit and give me accurate dates to confirm and details that I couldn’t possibly know. When I work with the cards, I say what I see. I use my psychic ability and the cards to see what’s coming up and then usually, I get another layer with mediumship connections. It’s a very strange feeling to be pulled away from the cards to do mediumship then drawn back to the cards again for insight – almost like a yo yo!

I’m so tired at my class tonight but it’s an easy one with them doing most of the work!  After it’s over, I literally fall straight into bed and crash!


We had our tarot share coffee morning today. Lots of people came in and I was able to sit with them for almost a full half-hour before we got busy again! I’m not complaining  by any means. Its good to see the shop buzzing!

I had an event booked in tonight but had to cancel it. I’m just too tired.

Although it would have been great to meet new people and get my work known in new areas, I have to be true to myself and to my clients. My energies may well have picked up by the time I got to where I needed to be but I wasn’t about to take that chance. Being realistic is a must. I wouldn’t have been able to give my best for those clients, which isn’t fair on them, the organiser or myself. In all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve only had to pull out a small handful of times.

I went to bed very early!


It’s amazing what a goodnight sleep does for you!

Recharged, I take the boys to football. I’m so grateful they have good team mates and coaches to help with the travel. Not driving has its disadvantages and my broomstick just won’t fit us all on!

Very excited! We have Cosmic Carol in today doing an astrology talk.

I love adnstrology – and so does everyone else it would seem!

We have a full house and have to close the shop. The talk was, as expected, very good. People stayed to chat for quite awhile after.

In preparation for the new pre-loved children’s cloths/toys shop, I clear the loft of the boys’ old belongings. As expected, I’m up in the loft much longer after finding old photo albums. They take me back to the old days! I spend awhile remembering those no longer with us and all the fun we had in the 90s! In a funny way, I feel like I’ve just reconnected with everyone in the photos.

Good times.


No football today, so I have the idea of taking the boys swimming. Shame I didn’t have the idea of calling the pool first! It was closed! My psychic radar must be off today!

The loft contents go down to the shop and I’m able to spend a few hours with Mr Flaaa and the boys chilling.




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