Diary of a Mystic Week 6


Up bright and early for all of us today, I get the boys to school a little earlier then usual and I head to the station for London – Shepherds Bush Studios.

Super excited about what today will bring. I have matching shoes,nails,lipstick and scarf. I’m all glammed up, until I drop tomato sauce down me on the way from my on the go breakfast! Talk about keeping it real! Luckily, I have my scarf to cover it up. Only I can go on camera with ketchup down my front!

The interview was a success and good fun. I was real and to the point with a few added funny stories from my past!

I do a reading for one of the ladies in another office live on camera and seem to hit the nail on the head with quite a bit.

Fingers crossed she wasn’t just agreeing for the camera!

On my way home, I’m drawn back to reality with the week’s plans to organise. We have a new logo for The Mystic & The Medium venture, so I need to work more on that. America is only a few weeks away and tonight I’m in talks with our friends there about our work schedule.

My heads buzzing but my body needs a rest. At the end  of the day, I spend the evening chilling with the family.


Another busy day in the Lounge. Massage and reflexology treatments are picking up. As much as I love doing readings, I do love to give reflexology. There’s something very special about being able to touch peoples feet, a trust that their whole body and soul are in your hands.

Mr Flaaa takes the psychic development group tonight because my hair needs doing! If you didn’t know, I’m not a natural blonde. It takes a bit of effort!

Blondes do have more fun, so they say!


Funny day today. I start the day in a silly mood, telling jokes and mucking about with the customers and the wife!

A good start to any day brings a positive vibe into any place.

I’ve started to create my own oracle cards. They’re not the usual style of oracle cards. Would you really expect me to be normal?

They’re fun, lighthearted, truthful and to the point. Remind you of anyone!?

I’m really looking forward to working with a friend on this project. I can’t wait to see the fun images!


The day starts off a little quieter, which means I can catch up on the admin work for my personal website and the Mystic River Lounge website. We have lots of fab talks and workshops booked in for the rest of the year and some into next year already! So exciting!

The admin catch up didn’t last long, another rushed off our feet day with lots of walk-ins to get readings. It’s so lovely to be meeting so many lovely people.

I’m truly blessed to be in the space I’m in (physically, mentally and emotionally with Mr Flaaa).


Fridays seem to be our busiest days! Today, we have a full house for tarot share and lots of people in having lunch and readings. Some days, I think we need a bigger shop!

The funniest things happens in the shop. There’s one particular thing I just can’t write about! Mystic Towers …

It’s my friend’s 40th birthday celebration this evening. I’m expecting a mad night out, one I could do without after today’s business. So, I’m more than happy when it’s changed to a wine and curry evening in.

As much as I love the spiritual work and side of things, I’m always grateful to spend time with friends that aren’t into the same things.Its a great balance and grounds me perfectly.


I have an angel workshop today, I love the angels.

It’s a small group but I always think the right people should be there. More intimate groups allow more focus and attention.

Tonight I have another friends 50th birthday celebration. As it’s Saturday, I’m intending to let my hair down and have a few well deserved drinkies! I don’t disappoint myself and get rather merry before I leave the house!

The night is good fun. The most amazing thing happened on the way home. I met a guy named Ben.

After being assaulted as a child, Ben started taking drugs. This lead to him becoming an addict, living on the streets and giving up on life.

One day, when an eight-year-old boy gave him a bottle of water and £3, it turned Ben’s life around. He reasoned that if an eight-year-old could see some hope then so could he. 

He got off the streets and got himself clean. Three years later, he searched for the little boy through social media. Amazingly, he found him! Through the media catching on,the now 11-year-old boy was given an award and a family holiday.

Ben has been all over the papers and on TV, sharing his story and empowering others.

Ben is a huge fan of Louise Hay. After reading many of her books and finding the benefits of positive living, he has shared her books out to hundreds of people on the streets as well as to recovering addicts. He hopes they will use them to turn their lives around as well.

A year ago, Ben came into our healing centre and had a treatment with one of our healers, who then became his friend. It was her that introduced him to me! #random She inspired him to get this amazing tattoo that represents the continuation of life and being free.


I’m still buzzing from last night and the random meeting with Ben. I’m also a little hungover! Nothing a fry at our local cafe up won’t cure.

I aimed to have an admin day. The boys are with their dad and Mr Flaaa is watching Westham, so it could have been easy enough. Sadly, the Saturday night wine sent me back to bed for a few hours! Shame!

When the boys came back, we headed off to my favorite restaurant in Emsworth for dinner. This was a family occasion with my aunt, cousin, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and Mr. Flaaa. Fully stuffed, we rolled home to chill for the evening. However, I did get some admin work done.

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