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Diary of a Mystic Week 7


The response to Ben’s story has been amazing. I’m a little concerned he’s vulnerable and could be preyed upon, so I’m hoping to take him under my wing for a while. I’m unsure why I feel protective over him. Maybe it’s because I’ve just put this big announcement out on social media, I now feel responsible?

Today is our day off. Booked in a spa day with the wife and and my good friend Mandy.

Mandy bought this as a treat for us girls. How lucky are we?

I have a lovely back massage then spend a few hours between the pool, sauna and steam room.

Extremely chilled, we have a yummy lunch at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant before heading home fabulously relaxed.


Well, spirit bloody amaze me! For weeks now, I’ve been seeing a male figure in the shop almost every day. He follows me around and was even in my kitchen at home. I’m not happy about this, as I know he’s connected to the shop somehow. Colin said to communicate with him and ask what he wants. Each week he seems to be getting closer and stronger.

Today a friend walks in, she used to work at the Lounge when it was a barber shop a few years back. I ask her straight away if she knew someone who passed that had a connection to the shop. I describe him and she does! More than that, she actually knew the man personally. He was a barber who passed earlier this year.

He loved spiritual things and he and my friend would talk for hours about them.

I do her a reading and he comes through with more evidence. He even brings his friend through. I’m amazed when I tell my friend that he’s talking about Malcolm and she confirms that Malcolm was the barber’s best friend that passed before him.

I wonder if he’ll still be around now I’ve placed him?


I had a phone call meeting today with a new agent that I’m going to be working with! I share my vision and she sounds like the woman for the job! After a busy few months, everything is now settling down and is much calmer.

I firmly believe that doors open when they are meant to and if they don’t open for you, they’re not your doors!

I see some signs today that confirm I’m on the right pathway.

I always tell people to look for signs from spirit.

I’ve been feeling my late friend Kellie with me lately. She passed suddenly, just over a year ago.

At the time, I was going through some challenging changes involving people I thought were my friends that stabbed me in the back good and proper. Although this was to be a blessing in disguise, going through it wasn’t nice. When Kellie died, I was due to see her that week for a good catch up. After her passing, Colin said to go to the church and see if she was OK. I knew she was OK. It wasn’t about that. It was the realization I wouldn’t be able to speak to her again.

Anyway, I did go to our local spiritualist church that evening and received a message. The medium said I have two nans in spirit (Correct). She then said, “A young girl comes forward saying she was like a sister but she was a friend.” (Correct. She was my ex sister-in-law and we were very close for many years. We shared the 90s together…..lol). After portraying Kellie’s personality to a T and describing how she passed, the medium went on to say, “Shes telling me that you helped her a lot on earth and she wants to help you now. You’re going through a job change due to two particular people that are gossiping and telling lies about you. Just know, the truth will come out eventually.”

This was exactly what was happening.The medium didn’t know me from Adam. It was an amazing message and just what I needed to know. I didn’t need to know Kellie was OK, as I know when we pass we’re all good and dandy. I wanted to be able to have a conversation with Kellie and this was just perfect.

Although the bad situation has passed now and I’ve moved on in so many better ways, Kellie has been on my mind.

At home, I’m looking for some incense in one of the drawers and find Kellie’s photo on top. This is a clear sign to me that she’s around now.


I have a lady in for a reading today, who has a very sad story. Her beloved nan comes through and gives her the much needed evidence and boost she needs. I’m reminded that it’s not the material gains that are important but the emotional ones. The inner peace this lady has, outweighs her financial struggle. Ultimately, the financial security will be there and she knows that. I think it’s more important to feel inner peace than to have a full bank account. Money and security do bring peace on one level. However, I truly believe if you have inner peace you have all you really need and the rest will follow accordingly.

I have a school friend I’ve been visiting recently. He has MS. Hes not well at all. However, tonight I see him and he looks a little brighter and I can understand what he’s saying a little better. MS is so cruel.

Despite this debilitating illness and him being fully wheel chair bound, he still has the cheeky smile and sense of humor he had when I first met him him 30 years ago. We talk about the drunken park times, our parties at another friend’s house and try to remember the good old days. He smiles loads, so I know he understands and remembers them too. His memory doesn’t seem to be affected at all! His wife is so lovely. I just wish there was more that could be done to help.


Busy, busy, busy in the Lounge today, just how we like it! Our weekly tarot share is shared with the Macmillan worlds largest coffee morning – cant really have a coffee shop without joining in that! My good friend, Tanya, comes in early with homemade baked cakes that almost sell out! One of the regulars offers to do mini readings for a donation that goes into the charity box, helping to make the day a success.

Another chilled night indoors. Oh how I love to be indoors nowadays! My party animal days aren’t quite behind me but I do love a cuppa, PJs and the cosy family evenings in.


Up super early today for a workshop that my friend Jackie is leading.It’s on spiritual philosophy. I’m on the train for 7:30am! Once there, I grab a tea and baguette and get to the workshop in plenty of time. It’s a very good workshop. Although not quite what I expected, I learn a lot and pick up a few new exercises for my development group. We work with music a lot today – mediumship and music. I’m paired up with a few different people throughout the day. What I love about the workshop today is that hardly anybody knows me, so there’s no expectations or pressure! I’m fortunate enough to work with some lovely people that can take everything I say from the mediumship and psychic exercises!

I’m friends with one of the tutors here and he kindly gives me a lift back to the station afterwards.


My mum recently had an operation, so today I go and visit her with the boys. Mr Flaaa has his bike back, so hes off on that. My brother picks us up and we spend a few hours at Mums. The weather is amazing for October. My mum lives near some woods, so I take my two boys and my nephew to collect conkers and nuts!

It’s a lovely day and it’s good to see Mum is doing well.

We have a surprise guest visit tonight! Cols best mate, Andy, is back from America for a bit. I’m not sure how long he’s staying and neither is he!




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