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Diary of a Mystic Week 8


Day off and date day!

Both Mr Flaaa and I have the day off, so we have a date at the cinema. Not, however, before we do a little new shoe shopping! We are only two out of four people at the cinema but I make the mess of 100 people with my popcorn! The film was great – we both love these types of films, plus I have a fat crush on Ray Winston!

This evening we are quite busy. First off, Suzette comes over. We have a new venture called The Mystic and The Medium. We have lots planned through this and tonight is our first live reading together on social media. I’ve done it hundreds of times on my own site and with Paula but this is new with Suzette.

It goes really well and we have great feed back!

Straight after that, Mr Flaaa and I head out to a pagan moot held by some friends in Fareham. Col is booked to do a talk on his time with a Native American tribe including his experiences with participating in sun dances, vision quests and sweat lodges. He can talk for hours on this. His passion really shows. I love it when he speaks. Everyone loves to hear his stories and the evening goes really well. It was nice to see a few faces I hadn’t seen in a while as well as make new friends.


Manic day at work! We never know if a day is to be busy or quiet, apart from Friday. Fridays always seen to be busy. No other day is the same!

Andy comes to the group tonight and we have a laugh while we do the music and mediumship exercises that I remembered from the workshop. I teach twice on a Tuesday. In the day I teach a beginners psychic development class and in the evening a circle.

Its a great evening and everyone leaves uplifted


Awhile back, I wrote about feathers, I’m still seeing them in random places.

I take great comfort from the signs that spirit sends.

Five pence coins are another sign I see a lot of. I have my own personal meanings for all these different signs.

I do a reading for a man today. His mouth hits the floor when I say I see an apple tree and a book and the apple tree will be on the front of the book. It turns out he’s writing a spiritual book and the apple tree is significant. He has been considering how he can include it!

Tonight we have the second beginners psychic development class. I show them how the pendulum can work with helping to heal the chakras. I’ve never had this exercise fail me! Tonight is no exception. Everyone loves how it works and now they can use it for themselves.


My eldest son, Joshua has been poorly this week, so we’re off to the the doctors. They think it’s reflux, so I’m going to look for natural ways to help him. Until I find something, they’ve given him Gaviscol. I hope it works! He’s not great at letting me sit and use healing with him but he does let me for a while.

At work today, I have some old friends pop in. I love the fact my job is also very sociable.

This evening, we have a workshop with astrologer and angel man, David Wells. The evening has sold out. Everyone enjoys hearing about the new archangels and getting messages from them. I’m a huge angel fan. Whilst Col doesn’t share this passion in the same way I do, he still listens to what I’ve learnt.


Another busy day at the Lounge! Moving from the Gallery Aracde in Northend to Cosham was one of the best things we did  – can’t believe we nearly didn’t do it!

Busy with readings and the coffee shop today. We have to turn a lot of walk-ins away now or get them to pre-book, as we’re just too full – trying to get it out there for people to pre-book.

The boys are with their dad tonight, so it’s take away dinners for Mr Flaaa, Andy and I.

Some friends of ours moved to Ireland a few months back and I’m missing them loads. So tonight, I’m looking at flights to Dublin!


One of my favourite courses to teach is the Chakra Lotus – heal yourself within. It was created by a lady that healed herself and turned her life around after recognizing how to work with the chakras. Today, I’m giving a talk on the course that starts in a few weeks at the Lounge.

Tonight, we’re back at the Lounge with Colin and Andy doing a trance demonstration. This is where spirits take over the mediums’ energy fields and they take on the mannerisms, personalities and speech patterns of the visiting spirits. Both Andy and Colin have trained for over 20 years in this technique. The audience is encouraged to ask personal or philosophical questions. A spirit called Samuel works with them and answers the questions asked, first through Colin then though Andy.

It is a very good evening with evidence of  a spiritual afterlife.


London, Baby! Up early again. This time, I’m on the train for 8.30am. Off to Selfridges in London to work today . Its a mad day! I’ve no idea what people expect from the cards. Today, I have someone who wants to know if he’s going to get laid in the next two months! I also get asked various other strange questions but I’m far to professional to put them in here! Still, it’s a great day. The girls are all lovely that work here and I’m meeting some wonderful people.

I pretty much crash as soon as I’m home but not before a cuddle with my boys.




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