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Diary of a mystic week 17

Monday Week 17

Its magic Monday, which means its my day off! My favorite past time is shopping! So today Im off to Bournemouth with my mum for a Christmas shopping trip. She loves to shop, so I am blaming my entire wardrobe of far too many shoes, bags and clothes on my inheritance of her shopping gene!

We have a successful trip, our dolly trolleys are full to the brim! Thats me almost done for Chrimbo then!

What we didn’t plan on, was the amount of walking we would have to do, neither of us drive so we hauled our trolleys over loaded with gifts from road to road, an hour later finally arriving at the train! My goodness I ache!


Still aching, its back to work at the Mystic Lounge. Very busy day today, we have started our new mystic Christmas menu with gingerbread men, flavored syrup coffees, mince pies with custard and chilli jacket spuds! It seems a hit with all our customers. As tired as I ma, I wake up for the psychic development group tonight, I love this group! Once again the messages they give are awesome and we have some little mediums in the making here


We have the Local news paper in today, he comes in all chirpy and clearly wants to relax us for the photos. Within minutes I am posing with a cake in one hand and Tarot cards in the other! This should be quite a good advert for us, sharing our story and shop with even more fabulous people. The interview will be done separate – as soon as its in print I will share on my site! How exciting!

This eve I am having my hair done, tomorrow I am off to a posh do and my roots are on clear show! Blondes have more fun most defiantly!


Im only at work half day today, and I start late too! I needed to get my nails done!

Busy with readings, then I leave to rush home, while Paula hols the fort!

Anne Picks me up and we drive off to London, we have a dinner party with the Psychic Sisters on the river themes – super excited!

A couple of hours later and we are parking up in the Hilton! Our hotel is down the road but the car is parked in style! Glammed up we head to the station and tubes and make our way to the boat! Its bloody freezing out side, but the boat is warm!

I can not believe how lucky I am to be here! The boat is amazing, there is entertainment from a lady singing, everyone is up dancing, the food and drinks have flowed nicely and its great to meet the other Psychic Sisters.

The boat travels up and down the themes, showing us all the sights, with the Christmas lights, lighting up in the dark night sky. Jayne our, boss at Selfridges Psychic Sisters gifts us all an amazing Pirate heart shaped crystal, and a fluffy new bag for our tarot cards! Truly Blessed!

As the night draws to an end we head back to our hotel room, eventually falling asleep after a few more hours chatting!


Did I actually sleep? Im not so sure! We have breakfast and head back to Portsmouth. So tired but buzzing from last night! I do pop into the lounge but I am not much help and just eat a bacon sandwich, catch up with the girls then leave.

I have a friends drumming party tonight to attend too. Now I am in 2 minds weather to go, because I know there will be a few, that through the tongues of others, feel I am not their cup of tea! However my fuck it attitude wins and I head off with some other friends to enjoy it. ‘

It was amazing, and what was extra great, was that despite the obviuos shitty looks, when it came down to the music, we all played wonderfully together – The power of music eh 🙂

Saturday Photo Shoot day! I have a photo shoot today for some professional work shots and some sexy Boudoir ones! Ive always wanted to have the Boudoir ones and although I am curvier than id like right now, they do come out quite nice. Hoping Mr Flaaa likes them, Ive not told him so it will be a little surprise!


Mr Flaaa is off to his sons for a Catch up, so I am left to my own devices! I meet up with Paula for a few hours at the lounge, just to do a few bits on the admin side of things. We have decided to do some blogs and u tube work – people ask me all the time, how can I do a house clearance, how can I protect myself, whats the difference between a ghost and a spirit? So we have type away with all the answers into different articles.

Its a full day of admin in the end but all my notes, full moon blogs, Tarot Scopes are complete!




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