Diary of a Mystic: May

May was a fabulous month! Not only my birthday but also back properly open in the Mystic Coffee Lounge, being able to get out and

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Diary of Mystic of August

Diary of a Mystic August What a rollercoaster month that was! weather wise one minute literally sweating our bits off the next, I’m thinking about

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Diary of a Mystic June

 Diary of a mystic June!  Can you believe we are half way through the year already! As we come into June there is a  small

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Diary of a Mystic May

Diary of a Mystic May Well we have got through another month of lockdown! I had my birthday this month  in lock down but actually

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Diary of a mystic

Diary of a mystic As we start February its rainy and cold! Typical UK weather really. The Lounge has been super busy again, and I

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Diary of a Mystic


After breakfast, we head down to Venice Beach. I’ve not been here yet, so it’s a new experience. The beach is lovely but it’s slightly cooler today. Although, I’m still in my jeans and t-shirt! Alongside the beach are many shops selling everything you can imagine and more! Sadly, the beach is also a home to the homeless. It soon becomes apparent that there are very run down areas within LA. It’s not all glam and glitz.

We have a wander down the beach and stop for lunch and a breather.

After the best carrot cake in the world, we head back, saying our goodbyes to Anne and California. As we drive off to the airport, I’m already looking forward to coming back out in April!


Back home in Blighy! Back to my boys and my fur babies!

Nothing planned at all, other than cuddles and sleep!


As I return, the wife is off to Benidorm for her 50th. I really wanted to go but obviously couldn’t with America in the same week! I’m back at the Mystic Lounge today. It  feels good to be back. Col is seriously jet lagged, so has the day off. We’ve been having major car troubles for awhile now, so he’s sorting that while I’m in my La La Land.

I have eight walk-ins today but I can’t do any of them! I’m a firm believer in being true to myself and the clients. With the jet lag, it wouldn’t be right to do their readings, so I book them in on other days. I do, however, do a massage. This is beneficial to both of us. I can relax into it with no strain on my mental well being!

I’ve purposely not booked any work in for the evenings this week and I’m so glad I didn’t. To be able to spend a little more time with the boys is wonderful. It’s Halloween though! So, we dress up and meet with friends to go round the estate


Back on it with readings today – fully booked at the Lounge. I have my energy back and am in full swing! It’s lovely to see the customers and clients again after nearly two weeks off!


Busy day at the Lounge, again fully booked for readings.

The Halloween decks are down and we’ve had a clean up and move around with stock today, making the place all fresh and gleaming again.

Missing the wife! I don’t like things to be out of routine for too long, typical Taurus. I’m looking forward to her coming back and us rocking the joint together again.


Today at the Lounge, we have a talk on with Ben Hornsby. Remember Ben – the guy I met who used to be homeless, then turned his life around? I’ve invited him in to do a motivational or inspiring talk on his journey. We’re not disappointed. Ben delivers a very touching, emotional and raw life talk. He’s truly humble and we wish him every luck for his future – watch his name though! I’m hoping something special comes from him!


Chill out family day!

My poor garden has seen the summer well and truly over. Both front and back gardens need my attention – lots! I love gardening but need to be in the mood for it! And, today I am. Col takes the opportunity to go out on his bike and the kids help me weed (for extra pocket money of course). Within a few hours, both gardens are autumn cleaned. I always feel like this time of year is the beginning of a new year. It’s similar to the spring time in the cleaning up process. However, there’s a more reflective state of mind rather than the excitement of the springs possibilities. As much as I love California, I do love England too, especially with the seasons, the smells and colours. We’ve been so fortunate this year to have had one of the best summers on record and it continuing to be warm till mid-November.

Feeling satisfied that my garden has had its spring clean, I turn my attention to the home. I declutter drawers, cupboards and rearrange furniture, making it all tidy for my cleaners tomorrow. I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes a tidy home for them!

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