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Don’t shoot the messenger

How far as a medium do we go with clients? Do we tell them what they want to hear? What do they expect from us? Do they think we are magic and have all the answers? What happens when we tell them something they don’t like? Or agree?

I have many clients that want me to tell them what to do but I don’t – when I explain this, and that I will see whats going on plus look at the outcomes, I make it clear they have to choose themselves, its always fine. Although some still hold on for that hope or slip of my tongue I can tell!

Not so long ago, I was doing a reading for a client over the phone and for the first 20 minutes she was in agreement to what I was saying. She was agreeing with everything until she asked me to look into her ex partners life, now although this is possible and I know people that do this happily, for me its a no no.

I wouldn’t want someone looking into my like without my permission and ethically it doesn’t sit comfortable with me.

So I refused but explained politely my reasons and I could however look into how his actions would effect her – oh dear – she didn’t like that and said in a hurry – actually nothing you said makes sense goodbye and hung up before I could say anything else lol – Now imagine if I was face to face with her?

Would she have caused a scene? Could she of shouted at me? I hate shouty people so unnecessary and gets them no where but a sore throat – totally unbalancing their throat chakra and I cant be part of that!

Recently a fellow medium and friend, was doing a house party readings evening and one of the clients at the end was abusive. Similar to me up until the near end she agreed with everything that was said to her then wanted or demanded particular information. When he refused to give into her demands and rightly so, she caused a disturbing scene that left my friend shaken up.

What people don’t seem to realize is that we are not magicians, we are normal people that can tap into the spirit world and the psychic energy and get information that proves who they are or gives us insight into the situation at hand. Sometimes we don’t get all the information correct, sometimes its not meant for a reason, Sometimes what we get is what is needed, most of the time though we do our best and don’t expect to be disrespected when something doesn’t go their way.

No one criticizes us as much as we do, don’t you worry about that! We analyze, we go through what we said what we didn’t say, what we should have said, the whole thing! You really don’t have to pull us apart, we do that just fine thank you!

Im very fortunate that I am pretty thicked skin, in this business you need to be, and not necessarily because of clients either! Im fortunate, as is my friend, that we hardly ever have these encounters, they are few and far in between but when it happens to one of us, its rocks the boat for all of us.

A good tip from my friend was his 15 minute rule – he offers 15 minutes then if the reading is nit going as expected by the client, they get a chance to close if they continue with the reading, they are confirming they are happy to do so. This makes the whole situation so much easier.

I always start by saying that I will not tell people what to do but I will read their cards in the position and guide them from there – I explain they have free will and quite frankly as I have said before I don’t their responsibility on my shoulders.

All that said, most of the time we are very lucky with our clients, and many of my clients rightly or wrongly have become friends now or not just a client, however there is still respect on both sides.

So if you going to have a reading, particularly if you’ve never had one before – please respect us, at the end of the day we are all human trying to live an earthly life and if that fails. Well there is always the spell book we have to hand 🙂

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