Empower your positive vibes

Do you ever get down on the dumbs? Feel like you are worthless and everything is going wrong?

1 – Think about at least 7 things about yourself that you are grateful for

Here is a few tips on how to shift that negative vibe

This can be anything big or small

2 – Think about 5 negatives in your life that you have turned into a positive

3 – Write them all down and say them all out loud one at a time adding Thank you. ..… (add your name) empowering yourself of all these fabulous traits you have and what you have overcome

4 – Take a deep breath in and imagine your heart filling with a golden light and breath out any negative feelings towards yourself

5 – Keep the piece of paper  safe and if you feel low again use it as a reminder to have amazing and grateful you are

Mystic Blessing

Kate May x

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