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How do I do a sitting?

How I do a face to face sitting

Kate May

To begin each sitting, I make sure the area is clean and well presented. Including myself. Lippy and hair in place! I like to have a cup of hot tea and glass of water to hand.

I do like a few crystals on the table or a little candle and a nice table cloth, I can work perfectly well without all this, but if its there I just like it, and the clients seem to like something sparkly to look at! Tissues are a must, and a drink for the client also.

One of my first ever readings was done by a locally well known psychic at the time, and although she was amazing, I remember most her smoking and chewing gum throughout with a coughing fit!

I don’t say a prayer or mediate here, I leave that to when I am in peace at home!

Where I work,at the mystic River Lounge, I can be serving coffee and lunch one minute then reading the next, and if im doing back to back readings I don’t have the time to prayer, meditate, cleanse the cards with a full ritual ect. I simply put the intent into the preparation.

What I do, do though is have a mantra before every reading, this sets the scene for the intent, clears the vibrations from any other clients and covers me for insurance purposes!

As I sit with the client opposite me, I will explain I am not a trained Councillor, I am tarot readers, that can give guidance, I explain, that I do not tell people what to do, I simply say what the cards mean in their positions within the layout. Leaving them to have free will and myself with no responsibilities on my shoulders.

Despite saying this people still ask me what to do and I still almost tell them! Almost!

I explain that with mediumship, it is not guaranteed , nore is it, that the person they want to connect too is guaranteed either.


I once gave a lovely reading to a lady, she had about 5 family members make contact with her through me, her parents, her brother a cousin and an aunt. They all gave me lovely information which she confirmed, when we had finished, I asked her if there was anything else within the reading that she wanted to know more or look into more, by now I was thinking more of the tarot cards I had read for her on a psychic level, She said no everything had made sense , while she was happy that her family had come through, although clearly not as happy as she could have been it was noted, she had actually hoped her beloved dog would also make contact! Bless.

I never did make that contact, and I was honest to say it. As much as I would have loved to have been able to have done that, I couldn’t. So I always explain clearly, this is sometimes the case.

As I shuffle the cards saying this, it is my Intent here that I open up psychically and mediumisticley and aim to work at my highest best for all. As they shuffle the cards next I ask them their Star Sign, this is simply to get them to focus on themselves for a minute, instead of me, or the way they are meant to shuffle or the 100s of questions they have spinning around their mind. Just a short focus for both of us to connect.

What happens then is, of course the reading, I usually start by laying the cards out in a particular format, as im doing this, im also picking up the essence of my client and starting to work with my chakras ,solar and sacral mostly to start. Sometimes the spirit person can be so powerful I start with the mediumship until I feel a drop into my psychic, sometimes I build from the cards and layer it with information as it drops in.

I can switch between the cards and the psychic and the mediumship throughout, depending on what I get, and what influences there are.

Once Im finished ,im done, I don’t need to find out what made sense and how, as long as the client says yes, and can understand , im happy with that, its not my business, its theres and the least I know the better, especially to begin with. I like to know as little as possible to start with.

When finished I say a mental Thankyou in my head, and lead the client out, Ready to work straight away or not.

I Don’t keep my cards in silk to protect the energies, that’s an old fashioned story, just to stop them disintegrating when they were made of paper. But if you believe in that, you do what feels best. I keep mine in a little bag on the side in between sittings. I do keep crystals in the bag, I like a bit of bling, and I do believe in the properties of crystals. I don’t sage them or cleanse them as a rule, but if the thought drops into my mind I will do something to bring them back to life, but I actually feel they work well being well used and not to pure!

I try to keep things real, simple and true. With the tarot cards, I try and get to the nitty gritty of the situation and not be to airy fairy with things or give them a reading I believe they should have,rather than what they have come in for. Its would be very easy to say well that must be what you are meant to hear, and doesn’t really work for me.

I try and look at what they want looking at. If a client wants a working style reading and I get mainly cups, im not going to turn that into a relationship reading just because it would be easier too. I will work harder at interpreting those cards into the area they have asked for.

I believe we have a duty of care within our delivering of readings and do my best to make the client feel at ease, and leave in a positive mind set. Obviously I wont lie or make things up but there is a way in which challenging situations can be delivered in a sensitive way.

This is all just my opinion, but I think it a good one!





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