Feathers – Butteflies – Its a sign!

Signs and Symbols by Kate May  Modern Day Mystic


Signs and Symbols from spirit are all around us!

Do you often see thinsg as signs? Do you even take notice?

I am forever seeing random white feathers, coins and different signs around me.

When you become spirituality enlightened, you will find you are more open to seeing or feeling them.

Signs can come in all manner of forms. You may be thinking of a loved one in spirit and then you turn on the radio, only to hear their favorite track or you might be feeling at a low point, confused and unsure of your direction, and a few words from a track really stand out to you. It may signal that a loved one who has passed over is safe, well and letting you know just that

Feathers are a common sign, and you may find you have a different meaning for each colour.

For me a white feather is a sign that every thing is in the right place, that my Angels are near and guiding me, It may signal that a loved one who has passed over is safe, well and letting you know just that

A black feather for me signals times of change. It acts a warning that you are being extra protected now and to trust your intuition. It may also be that you need a break, some rest and recupriation time. I recently saw a black feather in the pool while I was on holiday – a perfect sign to say that I am doing the right thing by having the break

A brown Feather for me, indicates the need to be grounded and pay attention to areas such as home and family – it acts to remember that getting a balance between work and home is important. maybe needing to spend more time with them or within the home. When you see a brown feather, ask your angels or spiritual influence as to which area needs your attention, you may be pleasantly surprised at your inner knowing response

A Purple feather shows higher spiritual awareness, you may be wanting to develop your psychic abilities or enhance them even further, if this is in your mind and you see a purple feather, trust that yes you should be working or acknowledging your spiritual path way

Yellow Feathers for me, represent happiness, fun and not to be caught up in any drama or lower vibrational energy. Be focused and take opportunity’s as they come in , be cheerful and luck will follow you. They serve as a reminda to look on the positive side of life. If you see a yellow feather after going for a job or changing your health , see this as a positive sign to go for it

Grey Feathers are neither a yes or a no to me, but a time of pause and reflection. Being neutral

It shows the need to stay impartial and go within to find the peace and solitude thats needed right now. This Colour feather may be showing you that there is an alternative action, and so by going within and pausing you may just see that.

Blue Feathers, to me represent a calmness of a situation, that things will calm down. It connects to communication and healing for me also. So the need to be better at communication or where communication is the answer. Its a reminda to think before you speak , or to gain as much input as you can to communicate well. With communication comes truth and speaking clearly. Blue Feathers can also represent the need for healing, or that your healing prayers are being noticed.

Pink Feathers – I love a pink feather, they are for me about Love, peace and harmony. They show the need to love yourself, love others and love life. They can appear in any shade and for me the deeper the colour the more intense love will be! This colour Feather can show that the Angels are there surrounding you in love right now or a loved one. They are saying that love is all you need right now and to be gentle with yourself. Its a sign for me to let go of the past and past hurts – learning from them but healing also

Green Feathers are great when you are looking for extra abundance in your life, finanacillay or ferily or for health. When I see a green feather, I know that the Angels are looking over me and will show me the way to gain abundance in my life in the area I have been thinking about. Its a sign for me that financially and creativity all is going to be well and that the right action is required to bring it about

Red Feathers for show a sign of increased energy its a sign to trust that thigs are where they shpuld be, to make sure your base is secure and then to move forward with confidence, similar to a deep ink, they also show a sign of passion and love. To some red is seen as anger, but for me with Feathers, there is no anger only positive affirmations showing you guidance. A red fFeather to me would be bring it on, bells and all! Go for it

Orange Feathers to me are a sign to be playful and enjoy the lighter side of life. Anything to do with fun creative projects, this would be a good sign, whatever shade I would see this as nurturing and self discovery. The more vibrant an orange feather he more fun & action is needed around work or creative projects and the more browny, would be fun in the home and family life. If you are about to have a night out or a trip away , this is a message from your Angels saying to enjoy it, you deserve it

Coins are another way of receiving messages from Spirit. They can appear as aports quite often in my case. I have my own meanings for different coins.

For me, when I see random 1 penny’s they indicate a tough time financially, but  to make the most of what I have got or it could be worse

5 Penny’s are a sign that money is coming and things are going to improve in a financial or material area. These are the most common ones I see, they pop up in any room  or out of the blue. There is an inner knowing that my financial prayers have been answered when I see a 5p

1.00/2.00 coins plus notes, For me these show a very good money influence, maybe a windfall and where money will flow quite easily

10ps – strangely, I never find 10ps! So I have not built up my connection with them as yet!

Road signs, books and number messages are another way they will communicate with us,  I know a lot of people work with numerology and seeing 22- 11 -33 or such like are quite common, however for me I don’t often have this, but I do have a lot of clients that ask me about these numbers when they see them. Often it is signs again that we are on the right pathway, or that we are more aware that are Angels and guides are close by

Road names, number plates, words in books that jump out at me however I do resonate with. When I was in America for the first time, I was a little nervous and it was the furthest id been without my children with me for like forever! On our first tea stop I noticed a van with the name Winnie on it, this was my nans name – I felt some comfort – on our second stop we stopped at a road called Osbourne Road, my friend Jo had recently passed and this was her surname. Another road we passed was called Kenny Lane – My Uncle Ken passed during that trip and I saw the name Ray on several numberplates, that was my step dads name, all these signs made me feel great comfort and I know for sure they were all there with me.


Butterflies, Robins, and ladybirds, Crows – They are all seen as signs of some sort, a Robin is often that of remembrance to a loved one that has passed, Butterflies also, and may mean transformation, Dragonflies are seen for me as endings, Crows to me are a sign to be aware of others motives.

Like dreams, signs and symbols can be interpreted in all sorts of ways, but I find its best to have my own meanings With most signs, its down to our own personnel interpretations, and feelings and we must go with what feels right to us.

Next time your out and about,just be open to the wonders of signs that spirit will show you


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