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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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February Tarot/Psychic Scopes

February Tarot Scopes


Check out your star sign and see what card got pulled for your Tarot/ Psychic monthly insight!

                           Guidance – Insight – Clarification


this month you will have to hang around and contemplate what you want.

You will be called upon to see things in a different way and look at the long term picture, not the short term.

Life may see you swinging from 2 different points of view before you make your decision

Luckily it’s a short month, as you won’t like to dither for too long, preferring to push ahead into action, however, trust that this February, you must spend a little time in contemplation and thinking mode

If you choose to stay where you are, your growth may be stunted, but if you choose to step outside your comfort zone your soul will grow.

Be at a crossroads for a while before taking that step.

Look at what is holding you back, what is tying you to your comfort zone or your current belief system? Something needs a fresh look, a different thought, a new way for it to grow.


Change is most likely, whatever has gone on, now things are about to change pattern or cycle. There is a turning point now. You are heading into a lucky expansive phase

Destiny takes part, so although there is action required, aspects are out of control while luck and destiny play out, usually though with a positive outcome

Some action is required first to get things moving in the right direction.

There could be new conditions of work, relationship, home whatever the area, this card says that the movement now is on the positive side of the law of change.

Everything is now in balance, wisdom and knowledge are at your fingertips, the spiritual realms are working in your favor and there is much positive guidance coming from all corners! You may even sense the magic a little more now or see signs the universe is on your side

There is a pinch of unpredictability with this card, so it really is asking you to go with the flow and trust, however hard change maybe for some, this will show it turns around for the better. For those that are ok with change, this is fine, but if you are a person who likes control, although you will be glad in the end, you may find it more of a challenge as the wheel turns!


This February, you may be needing the strength to get through challenging times or where the strength of character is required. You know you have the strength to get through life’s difficulties and that you can fight things off. Your inner strength, outer strength and will power, is required now. There is no need for pushy force, but gentle controlled power. The best way to handle situations now is with tact and underestimated power

You have the confidence to get through something. The fear on the inside may not show on the outside, its best to keep your emotions in check while you surf these times. Whatever your fears are, now is the time to face them head-on as you have what it takes to conquer them. You are stronger than you may realise and now you must draw upon that strength to keep going.

In a nutshell, this month, remember you are to be determined and persevere through life’s challenges. Be there for those that may need your support and deal with situations in a calm mannered way. If you are likely to blow your top, then you may lose your power, holding your tongue, not letting things get the better of you


Personnel responsibility will pay a major fact this month. If you are willing to admit you have done wrong then the action will be fair and without bias judgment. So if your actions leave you with regret, take note that by holding your hands up you will be treated in a more fair manner whatever the outcome. If you have done right your in safe hands

If you seek justice from a situation that you have been wronged, this is a positive sign, that it will be served. There could be legal cases ahead of you or important decisions that you are waiting on a legal representative to make the final decision.

Important paperwork, legal documents may also connect this month, especially when a deadline and a decision is needed soon. Be prepared for some hard graft to get to the truth, and make sure everything is done in the correct way and format fr best results.

Important choices, truth, and repercussions all connect now. Seeking your own truth within and doing things that you know are to be true and right for all for the highest good. As accountability is so strong for you this month, make sure your actions are all accountable deep within your soul.

Balance and harmony will bring light relief from recent challenges


Now signifies spiritual enlightenment and awareness, divine knowledge and wisdom. You are being asked to look within because all is not as it seems, or to use your intuition and go deeper for the answers. You have a stronger connection to all worlds and therefor can seek a deeper understanding. This may also be a time when you are seeking spiritual information, maybe searching for a medium to give you the guidance and assistance you need right now. Connections made by yourself, in journeying, visualisations, and being part of a spiritual group or connections right now would be welcome

Trusting your gut feeling and intuitive senses are what is required, now more than any time to assist you in the right direction. It is not the time to engage in thinking but to feel deeply the right passage. Take the time to meditate and go within, don’t be in a hurry, slow down and be guided by your high self, your guides, your soul as to what to do next. Pay attention t your dreams, your psychic abilities, the moon phases, and all mother nature has to offer on a subconscious level. If you are looking to advance in your spiritual path, the time is now. Embrace your famine side, your raw power inside, create an alter, charge your crystals, set aside some time to draw on the divine feminine and bask in energy to recharge your soul.


This month is about reflection, looking within or looking back in the past, seeing situations that you have overcome or where there is introspection needed. Looking within for answers. A time to do meditation and taking a step back to reflect and be true to all

The time has come for a quiet period. It can be a very spiritual time, with deep inner knowing and meditation to gain more clarification.

Self-discovery and realisation. Retreats, spas, breakaway, anything that takes you out from the usual situations Whatever is going on around you right now, you may want to withdraw and be alone until you work things out in a more clearer way.

Working alone, journeying alone, doing things for your own inner growth and soul searching. This is not the best card for partnerships or teamwork.

Rather find yourself first then reach out to others.

You may be in need of a new direction, to rethink, contemplate what you wish for.

Priorities may now change, as you go in a new direction but your true spiritual self evolving and those hopes and dreams can start to become reality.


You are experienced enough to know what you want, what goals you want to achieve and where your energy is best focused.

This month reflects control and stability. Everything is under control. It is your hard work, boundaries and discipline, self-control that has you in a powerful position. No one is going to threaten you and will fight to protect what is yours but by using rules, regulations and order. There is no chaos with you t You are under strict control of your actions and advice or are called to be now. Principles and guidelines will be important factors now. Be strategic and super organised, stick to plans and procedures

Leadership and authority are what’s called for. If you work in the public eye, this is a very positive month for getting more acknowledgment and power.

If your life is lacking direction, you have been out of control of late, you are reminded this month to take charge, pull up then socks and take ownership of the situation.

You may have to set boundaries and order now to gain respect and authority, although this should be done in a way of control not force


Family matters are a high priority now, and putting your self first. After a rocky few months, now things should be looking up, especially if you have your good family and close around you

Abundant times ahead. This month looks to have you in a comfortable position, a happy and content lifestyle. A time of growth and pleasure with all life’s luxuries on offer now. From what you have nurtured you are now seeing the benefits. Be grateful for your abundances now, as this is what you have been creating. You can continue this great creation with more nurturing. Spending time with family and loved ones, nurturing them, paying attention to your partner and your downtime, bringing excellent news linking harmony to romantic or working relationships alike.

This month you are encouraged to show a softer side, a more gentle, less harsh side of your personality. Deal with things or people in a more nurturing way if you are to get what you want.

Spending time in nature, country walks, or gardening, anything that lets you see the wonders of nature and to soak up the positive energies. Treat yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself.

Within work or business situations, take a look at what you want to grow, what needs more water, more attention? Apply this now, this month, keep it going and you will have a very abundant time to come


This month it’s all about relationships and choices. It is indicative that are choices surrounding emotional matters right now. Decisions, temptations or a choice within partnerships are likely. the choice may of huge importance.

There could be some sacrifice at play here, from a person to another or from a lifestyle to another.

As with all choices, there are positives and negatives, this Feb asks you to put your cards on the table and be open and honest about the whole situation, pros, and cons, good and bad. As this will have a lasting effect, it’s important that you are super honest with yourself.

This does not always have a relationship triangle theory. It may be something as simple as choosing a new home or change or job that presents temptation that will nee dot be talked about and weighed up on all angles with your partner or important someone.

If you are looking for love, this love month, indicates that it is not only coming but could be the real deal! However choices, and as said above may need to be taken into consideration. You may have found your twin flame, soul mate, call it what you like, but someone you have a real deep connection with.

Being open and honest with all relationships now is required.


A fabulous month to create what you want! You are encouraged to action and manifest all your desires. The message is to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something.

Having the self-confidence to master what you want, indicating self-confidence passion and drive which allows you to put your ideas into action. Being practical with your ideas now is the best way to bring them to fruition.

By using your strength and will of determination, success is likely due to your manifesting magic! This month, you have all the perfect ingredients to bring you success in all areas. On the table by his side is everything g he needs to magic up whatever he wants. There is the spiritual wand,(fire), physical pentacle, (earth), mental sword, (air) and emotional cups,(water) well within reach to bring ultimate power if used correctly.

By bringing everything together, synergistically that the impact of what you create is greater than the separate parts. This is alchemy at its best!

This is the perfect time to go for it with ideas and seeds you want to grow. Action is quired now, you have the skills, confidence, and power to bring into your life anything you want to create – dream big and big things could happen!


Some of you would have had your birthday, some still too, whichever way, this month is all about new ventures and new cycles. It represents new beginnings, adventures, and going into the unknown. You may be a young person about to embark on life’s journeys or someone that is about to act in a care free way.

This is a time of taking risks and a leap of faith in a situation that encourages you to be open like his arms, ready to embrace what is about to begin, leave any worries or cares at the door as the new experience and personnel growth is about to develop!

Representing a new beginning, so an ending would have occurred to some degree. Depending on what is the most important factor for you now, what area is about to changes with perhaps important choices to come that may be a challenge to make and involve an element of a risk

Approach the changes with optimism and care to gain the most positive outcome.

Do it Do it! There is no time like the present to take this leap of faith and enjoy some fun! Sometimes the best journeys are those that are not planned – you know those spontaneous nights out that turn out to be the best! Generally, it is a very positive sign that says you will have all that you need, your essential belongings to go for it. If ever you have been waiting for yes, this is it!


This is a month of order and rules, regulations, tradition and honoring values. Doing things in a conventional way, not rocking the boat and bringing order to situations. It can represent marriage in an arranged setup. A spiritual teacher or guidance may connect to you. Someone who will help in teaching an orthodox structured way of learning. This card is great after upheaves as it shows order will be resumed. Having an established set of spiritual values and beliefs, ones that may strongly connect to religion and groups/associations. Learning the basics and foundations.

Spiritual quests or pathways may open up to you this February. You may already be the teacher or seeking to be one, one that is respected and honors tradition, one that is willing to share in a formal Orthodox way Keeping to what you know and feel comfortable with will work better for you this month. Groups, organisations will also feature, and there may be possibilities of joining them or like-minded people forming a new circle of friends. Not the best month to take risks but keeping at your own steady pace, and doing things where you feel comfortable, for some, it is your birthday month, you may want to do lots of new and exciting things, as you enter a new age, but prepare the groundwork first so you know what you are getting involved in


Mystic Blessings For February

Kate May xx




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