February Tarot/Psychic Scopes

February 2019 Tarot/Psychic Scopes

Tarot scopes for February 2019 Its the new year!

What will this month bring for you? Available for one to one readings general readings, 12 month forecast, looking at areas such as Love, money, relationships, career, family, health and more. Want to learn the Tarot? New course starting soon


7 CUPS – You may find you have too many choices this month, there could be a little much to think about and not enough information to help you make those decisions.

This card has the influence of not making any big decisions just yet, wait until you have more facts and findings. All is not how you first think!

This card is great for thinking about what you want for the future, so this month Rams, think about what is your vision? What are your dreams? And then from there working out how you can make things work for you rather then against you

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Be true to your hearts desires


8 pentacles – Your hard work and efforts need to be tied up a little more this Month Bulls. The more projects you have going on, the less likely your focus on an area that may need a little more attention.

This card encourages you to pay attention to detail, get things smartened up and put all your eggs into one basket for a while, Focus on what is really important and you will see the financial or practical rewards paying off

You might be feeling tired and under pressure but you are almost at the end of these projects, so finish off, finalise then start your new ones later.

Completing study is also indicated – with achievements, if not immediate then def later on

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Apply your attention to detail, stay focused and you will be glad you did!


Judgement – A great card signalling an awakened moment. You may have a penny dropping moment this Month, clarification comes clearly and that ah ha moment! A great time to be re awakened to a situation or life in general, you should, from this feel some release and renewed energy starting to stir you.

You may have been waiting for a message and finally have it, allowing yourself to be moved forward now in a new direction.

From this month on you can go forth with a better understanding of a situation that may have been challenging.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – On wards and upwards – you have what it takes now to be awakened


10 wands

Busy Busy Busy, do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you feeling over burdened with work and responsibilities? This card serves as a reminda not to give up, you are almost at the end of this busy, responsible time, then you can off load and be more focused. Try to delegate or not take on too much more, while you are in this month at least.

The work may be extra hard right now and hours extra long or feel that way, but its not forever.

If you are letting other worry s over burden you, try not to let their issues get you down. Over worrying in any form will put unnecessary pressure on you right now

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – Keep going you can do it and will be fine


10 swords – You are coming to the end of a difficult time, both mentally, psychically and emotionally. You may have felt like giving up or that others have let you down, how ever know that there is light at the end here, there is a new dawn from which you can rise

As all 10s they come when a completion is near

Mental stresses are at the forefront of this card, karmic change is unavoidable, but from this we grow.

Shedding of old believes and system that have held you back are also indicated with this card. A door id in need of closing but it is easier said then done, once you can finally close a chapter you will begin to heal.

Mystic Mays Message of the Month – As hard as it is, the end is near and a new dawn will naturally begin – trust the universe


With The full moon in your sigh this month, you have an extra bonus of energy! Any challenges or transitions will be easer for you. Things coming full circle or coming to light will have a more positive outcome or influence then at any other times.

Strength card – You may have to hold your tongue a little more than usual, virgos, known to be blunt and down to earth, you may find this a little more challenging then usual however you certainly have what it takes to be able to do this for now. This will allow you to remain in any form of control, which you will feel happier with. You have amazing strength this month, inside and out and can g=handle what ever gets thrown at you.

Mystic Mays Message of the month – While you think of others, be mindful of taking some time to think about your own needs and health matters


Queen of pentacles – This could be a person that surrounds you ow as a positive influence around money, work and or practical matters. She is wise and in control of her shit! She will help , support and nurture you, guiding you to a better place, especially where practical matters are concerned

As yourself, this card asks you to know, that you can do it all! Work, home ,family, friends, relationships, this card says you can master them all very well. You will need to be practical with your dealing this month and may see financial situations improving. Helping others will come second nature and they should appreciate your efforts

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Resist the urge to over spend, act wisely where finances are concerned


The Star – Your dreams are coming true! This is a great month to put your hopes and dreams out there, A fresh start with new ideas and a brighter outlook is yours for the taking. You are able to go with the flow a lot more this month, there is a natural flow to the energies around you and things generally look a lot brighter.

You seem to have your spark back. With a positive outlook nothing can hold you back this month, aim for the stars!

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Keep a positive mind set and people will follow in your footsteps – Good ideas can become a great reality


Justice Card – Legal matters may play a big part in your life this month, other wise it could be important documents that need attention. The justice card implies that Justice will be done, cause and effect. Actions have repercussions and this card is about those repercussions having influence highly this month. No need to worry if you’ve been doing good! Truth will cone out to leave a balanced and harmoniums feeling, allowing peace to begin. Spirituality speaking, this card indicates that you may be looking at the next step of your development, keep am eye out for teachers and development classes to improve your ability’s

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Pull back a little, always rushing around, take a break and relax, re group and start being more focused on your goals


8 cups – There seems to be quite a muddle in your mind this month? Normally a practical down to earth kinda vibe, this month sees there to be many choices and decision that might leave you feeling a little vulnerable and without much clarification to your decisions? So what does this mean? Its means until you can find some clarity and get more information and guidance, now is not the best time to make such choices. Sometimes we are shown the answers, sometimes we have them hidden and sometimes they are not quite what they seem! This card is all about that. Wait a while before making important decisions, dig a little deeper into areas of concern

Mystic Mays Message of the month – Your mind is over stretched right now, dont worry what you can not control – enjoy the simple things


3 Wands – Perfect timing for planning your come back! Have you been over thinking and not doing much action of late? This month is is a great time to action those dreams, make things happen, great things start to come together when you work in small teams this month.

Planning what to do next and actioning it, sets you in the right direction for successful projects Travel plans come under way well to this feb, seeing further afield and realising your potential of accomplishment and desires are totally within reach, and more importantly, you should be able to feel it too! How exciting! No more talk talk think think – much more GO GO GO

Mystic Mays Message of the month – you’ve had e bough rest, mow the time is for action, don’t waste a second planning the big come back!


7 pentacles – You may feel a little bored or disconnected this month, just while you wait for the movements of better things to come along. You have almost put grown a situation, and the only way to go forward now is for a movement of growth. As luck has it, you’ve done very well, and this next transition is of benefit to you, its just the timing is off! Have some patience and you will see the bigger picture is looking good. For this month, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, keep your options open. Growth is happening all around you leading to bigger and better thing

Mystic Mays Message of the month – look back on your past efforts as successful, reap what you sow. Stand back and be thankful for what you have