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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius 

We now move into the Full moon in Aquarius! What does that mean though? Well for some it will be comfortable and highlight important transformations, for others it will feel like you are having to step outside your comfort zone and raise the bar! The good news is though with a positive mind set you get to choose!

Full moons bring heighten emotions, extra sensitivity and usually something to light. 

This Full moon in freedom loving Aquarius will shine light on what no longer serves you in the form of any restrictions, restrains or controlling behaviour. Isn’t it strange that freedom day in the UK arrives the week of the full moon!  

“new connections are super important to us now”

This full moon we see lots of endings beginnings and  break through. Depending on where it sits in your chart is what area of your life is affected most. Have a look at what is ending or needs to end, what is not working for your soul now, and what is being awakened for you? What is shining brightly now that you can see more future possibilities. New connections are super important now as to how your life will unfold for the better. You may be aware that something or someone who you had some. Much energy for, no longer feels in alignment, you’ve outgrown this cycle. 

Aquarius are future living souls, connect to where you want to go. They are the humanitarian, check in with your ethics and how you can help the world and yourself in a different way for the bigger picture. 

This full moon there are quite a few opposing planets, so the energy is mixed, trust Aquarius to be different!

This opposing energy is linked to the past and the future all round. You are being called to see the future you and where you want to be longer term starting now. 

Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone, but know that you are also being supported. Your life is being highlighted as it peaks the lunar cycle Showing you new direction to move into. Areas of transformation, growth and goal reaching are all possible with this gorge full moon. 

Look at unhealthy behaviours that you need to be rid off now”

A completed cycle of your past efforts from the new moon in Aquarius 6 months ago. Aquarius crosses Pluto the planet of change and transformation in this week, this will support any changes you make now in leaving old ways and starting new journeys 

We have 2 Aquarius full moons this month, how amazing is that, so if you miss the boat this time, you have a second chance! However the planets surrounding it will be different giving it a different vibe and more of a Leo opposition asking for balance in your life, relationships with children and lovers and creative ventures. 

As we have such a strong connection with Pluto and Saturn this full moon look at unhealthy behaviours  of structure or discipline, especially from the outside world that is effecting you in your inside world. On a positive this may be a release from power struggles, resolving imbalances and shining light on the  healing  process of this especially from past experiences. 

Put your crystals out to be recharged, stand in the moonlight and send a thought or prayer up t the universe and the moon for what you no longer wish to hold you down, and what you wish to free off. Write a note and burn it or bury it safely. Think about adding something different to your Alters or things that reflect your future self. A great time to create your vision board!

Aquarius traits which highlight the energy now

The sign of Aquarius is represented by the water bearer. Governed by the 11th house in the astrological wheel, representing friendships, social circles and organisations. The sun enters Aquarius on or around the 20th January until around 18th February. Ruled by Uranus the planet of transformation, revolution and humanitarian. An air sign, they spend a lot of time in their own heads. 

The quietest of the start signs, the deep thinkers and the eccentrics. Aquarius are intellectual and love helping people. Due to their non-judgemental nature, they make lovely friends and are great at problem solving, 

They enjoy spending times with their loved ones, and social groups of interest, but have a strong desire to be on their own, and take time off to go within or just on a venture alone in order to recharge their power.

Aquarians enjoy different cultures, exploring themselves and the world. 

As an air sign they like to use their mind, in order to sustain their interest, they like to mix with intelligent people and get bored easily with no mental stimulation 

They dislike being controlled and feeling like they are limited in any way. They will stick up for the underdog if they believed it was the right thing to do and need to have freedom of speech. 

Aquarians can be cold and distant one minute and loving romantic the next. A confusing mix for their partners. A defence mechanism to prevent the hurt feelings but one that also pickles their own mind. 

They are known as the rebel of the astrology signs, revolting and rebellion against anything that they think will control them or leave them feeling like they have no freedom to please themselves. They like to have the choice of freedom, then maybe choose to follow suit. 

Aquarius are free spirited, adventurist, loyal, fun loving, independent. 

They observe everything but keep quiet unless they have to speak up. They know more than you think, they are unique loving to be different than the norm. They think out of the box and give you different perspectives on things. They do not like drama and will remove themselves quickly from any. 

Tarot card – Star

Element – Air

Crystal – Aquamarine 

Flower – Orchids 

Colour – Light blue, silver 

Metal – Aluminium 

Planet – Uranus 

Symbol -Water bearer 

Body – Ankles, Circulatory system

The tarot card that connects to Aquarius is the star card – Often people think as this as a water sign but in fact it is an air sign 

When the Star card appears in a reading it is a sign that you are feeling positive, optimistic and full of vitality! If you are not, then you should be! 

There is much to be hopeful for and inspired now. 

The Star card is nothing but positive when it appears, no matter where in a spread. After the Tower it is the light at the end of the tunnel and the new hope. 

The Star card represents a new dawn. Your faith is now being restored and a new outlook on life is approaching. 

When the Star card appears in a reading it shows a time of renewal and pace, both on the inside and on the outside. You may have had a spiritual epiphany or a lifestyle change that sees you in tip top physical shape now. This is a time of growth and new beginnings on every level. You are feeling free to be your true authentic self.

This card is an excellent card when recovery is required, although health matters in a reading need to be given with caution as we are not doctors. 

You are being asked to keep positive and optimistic now. The Star is lighting the way forward and asking you to be open to new blessings. By being optimistic and positive right now, you are allowing the mirror effect to happen. What you send out you will receive. The law of attraction. The Star is number 17 in the tarot deck, the most fortune configuration of 8. When reduced to 8 it is power and strength.

The Star card represents alignment in its perfect form. The stars are aligned for you perfectly now and anything is possible. This shows a prosperous new start for you now and where you really can dream big and reach for the stars.

Your dreams have hope, your energy is high and you feel ready to achieve your goals and desires. 

The message of this card is to shine as bright as you can by knowing everything is perfectly aligned for this renewal. Express yourself in truth and in light. A new beginning with hope and optimism is shining brightly now. 

If you have an alter things to place could be Aquamarine crystal, Clear quartz crystal, the Star card tarot, a letter to your future self, scissors to cut the ties of the past or items that you wish to enhance the energy this next 6 months 

A great time to give your home a good clean up and be rid of old things, ex partners  photos or belongings, old paper work from previous jobs, and anything that reminds you of past outdated energy. Bring in fresh energy, futuristic photographs, fresh flowers, new bedding, new work accessories and a vision board would be a perfect must now! 

(On my youtube channel Kate Mya Modern Day Mystic I have a vid on how to create one)

Things to think about this Full moon 

*What past unhealthy influences, emotion’s do you need to let go off and heal 

*Where do you see your future self? 

*How can you regain your personnel power without limitations and restrictions

Things to ask your tarot cards now 

*What is the Aquarian full moon energy around me now 

*What do I need to release from the past that is now old and dated 

*How can I reach my fullest potential

*What will benefit my future self 

*How do I follow my own true path without restrictions 

*What is the best way for me to inspire others now 

*Where do I need freedom most

*Aquarius Tarot message 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 




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