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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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We start the new cycle of full moons, with the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries.

Aries are passionate, impulsive, fiery beings. They love to speak and can home everything into themselves. Using themselves as a reflection in everything.

This is a time to put your own needs first. To speak out and take a stand.

As the leaders of the zodiac, you are being called to lead the way and honour your own feelings and needs

Aries are ruled by the planet Mars. The planet of wards, destruction and anger as well as passion and drive.

Be careful that you don’t speak in anger, or sign up to anything on impulse.

As full moons bring heighten emotions, this could spark something explosive if you’re not careful.

On a positive, this is a great time to realise what your potential could be, focus your attention on what drives you to succeed, to be the best, what lights your fire and emotions now

This Aries full moon, brings with intense energy, and highlights fears we are ready to move away from

Your appearance may be important now, how you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have realised what works and what doesn’t, and how you can go forward feeling more confident and empowering  

As with all full moon, they show a realisation of what isn’t working, what has come full cycle but now needs to be released, including things that have been hidden or within our shadow side.

Action is required now, huge shifts have been happening recently and  now more action is required from us individually to create a stir but also to allow us to stand in our own power. The mars connection will mean this won’t please everyone, but eh, Aries is about ourselves not others. As with all things, balance is required and you get over selfish now by putting yourself first, so do so in a balanced way

Mars the fearless warrior encourages you to feel the fear and do it anyway, draw on that raw power within ourselves to give us more confidence and transform from old ways that are now not serving into magnificent independent beings

As the start of the Zodiac, this is a great time to do a reality check, check  in on you, are you happy with your choices? Your actions? Yourself? If so fabulous, if not, this will shine light on what you want to change.

Ask yourself if you have made some rash decisions lately that may not have been for the best, perhaps too impulsive

Have you been acting in a selfish way? Do you need to slow down a little and be quiet, allowing others to share their points of views and comments without it being all about you?

Are you happy with how you look? How you feel? Do you need to take some action now?

What is driving you? Keep it positive.

Aries is ruled by the tarot card The Emperor.

A card of Authoritive energy, masculine will power, drive and determination.

Sometimes represent by a father or father figure who supports and encourages you to do the right thing.

Setting strong boundaries connect to the Emperor card and being master of your own destiny

Tarot questions

  • What drives you now
  • Fire in your belly that requires action
  • How can you action your desires now
  • What needs to burn away
  • How can you lead the way now
  • Best way to control your temper
  • Aries full moon message

Use your tarot cards with this spread under the full moon light to give power to the reading. Crystals to enhance the energy, Garnet, Ruby and Diamond and Citrine

Use red and gold candles along with water and earth elements to balance the mood

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x




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