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Full moon in Cancer 2024

Full moon in cancer

This full moon connects to relationships of all kind and may bring issues to light.

Be gentle with yourself. Find something that makes you feel uplifted. Release all that no longer serves you. Find ways to let go of what you cannot be in complete control of. Think of happy past events and reflect on how far you have come this year.

Declutter, clean away unwanted energy, get the sage flowing, have a bubble bath, connect with nature, whatever will make you feel good do it!

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, we may feel a conflicting force that sees us wanting to be at home with the family or helping others, maternal feelings may be increased (moon in cancer) and the need to be successful and determined at work (sun in Capricorn)

With the earth and water mix – this could be a muddy month! But you don’t have to be stuck!

Aligned with the pleiades, this energy will support you in clearing any unwanted vibes you no-longer want for 2024. Aiding our plans for the future. Ruled by the moon, this makes it extra special but also extra sensitive, highlighting our intuition but also our insecurities, especially as chiron the planet of wounded healing turn direct today.

So this full moon will bring massive opportunities to heal. A perfect time of healing any family ties, past from our ancestries, and present. Mercury retrograde will help us peel back the layers, off loading and dead weight, things that get us down, that we need to be rid off.

With Jupiter in Taurus, we have a boost of prosperity and luck in our wealth area. Capricorn sun will support us in our career or achievement goals.

Cancer is psychic energy, that can mean you will pick up extra things in reading between the lines, and underlining vibes. Dreams need paying attention too, as a water sign, expect to be a bit dreamy now!

Ruling the 4th house of mother and family, cancer will highlight where you feel at home and what you want to mother.

Mother nature of course connects here, spending time with her or reflecting on her. Interesting the the Kings speech was very much in connection with earth.

This full moon is the perfect time to set your manifestations for 2024 new year, new you, new vibes!

A few things you can do!

*Check in that you’ve not been over sensitive

*Ask yourself if you have been over reading in-between the lines

*Take some time to heal yourself from past wounds increasing your insecurities

*Enjoy doing what makes you feel at peace

*Surround yourself with people that fill you with warmth and love

*Look at organising your home and family to meet everyone needs equally

*Release any control

*Spend time appreciating the beauty of Mother earth

Tarot spread for full moon in cancer

*Insecurities showing up

*How can you forgive past

emotional hurts

*Best way to let go of negative control

*How can you nurture yourself more

*Cancer Moons message

How can you manifest with this energy?

Aries: Strength – Know that you are stronger than you think! Use this full moon to gather and master your strength, courage and conviction to heal matters of the heart and use love to win.

Taurus: 7 of pentacles – Have patience. Use this full moon to tap into what, who and where you want to put your fabulous time energy for 2024

Gemini: Hermit – Reflect and review. Use this full moon to go on a soul searching journey, reflecting how far you have come and where you want to go. Hopes and dreams can be become true.

Cancer : King of swords – Make smart choices. Use this full moon to be realistic and logical. Seek advice and guidance where you need an unemotional approach.

Leo: 8 of Pentacles – Prioritise what you want. Use this full moon to get your ducks in order, refocusing and supporting your goals to finish projects before embarking on new ones.

Virgo: Page of Pentacles – The potential for material success. Use this full moon to make practical dreams come true. When you need to action important matters fulfilling your security.

Libra: 8 of Pentacles – Prioritise what you want. Use this full moon to get your ducks in order, refocusing and supporting your goals to finish projects before embarking on new ones.

Scorpio: 2 of Pentacles – You can handle this! This full moon shows you that you can handle everything your juggling right now. Prioritise what is important. Practical matters help you weigh up life’s choices.

Sagittarius: 10 of Pentacles – Financial success and happy family support. Use this full moon to bridge the gap in families, bringing you closer. Wealth and abundance can be shared amongst those you love.

Capricorn: Queen of wands – Independence, a strong leader.

Use this full moon when you want to gain leadership status, and independence. Being well liked and respected favour you.

Aquarius: Knight of cups – The romantic dreamer – Use this full moon to get in touch with your emotional side. Trust your instincts and follow your heart. Allow some fun and love to shine.

Pisces: Queen of pentacles – Organised structured and nurturing. Use this full moon to get your financial and home areas in control and ordered. Nurture what is important to you.

Mystic Blessings for this full moon




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